The Bloody Long Walk 2020

The Bloody Long Walk is an annual event to raise funds for Mito. The funds will be used in researching a cure for this disease. In previous years it used to start at Fairfield at the Boathouse and then finish in St Kilda. Walkers would go past the city and Southbank before going into St Kilda.

What is Mito?

“Mitochondria are the power houses of the cell providing the body with over 90% of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondria take in sugars and proteins from the food we eat and produce energy called ATP that our bodies use to function properly. Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until eventually whole organ systems fail and the patient’s life itself is compromised.” (definition from the Mito site)

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, The Bloody Long Walk has gone virtual! This year its taking place on August 1-10th. It is a 35 km walk and is a lot of fun to do. In past years people ran that 35km. You can do it anywhere and record your walk with a Garmin or a Fitbit. I have a Garmin.

Over that week I ran 35km but over a few days due to the Government’s Stage 4 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne saying that we can’t go out for more than one hour per day.

If it is run again next year they should organise it just like they did in previous years but with a charity sausage sizzle at the end for people that did not partake in the walk so that they can raise even more funds for Mito.

From now until the next time they run the event they could organise some bake sales and cooking competitions to help spread the word and for them to raise more money towards finding a cure for Mito.

July 4th- Independence Day

July 4th is Independence day. We cannot spend Independence day together because of the coronavirus restrictions.

It is normally celebrated with fireworks and parties all over the US. In Australia it is celebrated at TGI Fridays with some themed specials. Of course this year at TGI Fridays there would be no such thing.

“Independence Day (colloquially the Fourth of July or July 4th) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain, King George III, and were now united, free, and independent states. The Congress had voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2, but it was not declared until July 4”

(source: Wikipedia)

But luckily there is apps like zoom and Facebook where you can spend time together virtually. I feel for you. I’m lucky to be in Australia but I feel sorry for you.

So here is something from Australia to cheer you up. We would love to give you some Tim Tams to help you celebrate July 4th.

If you really wanted a small meal with just your household, you could go with a classic hotdog where you buy the bun (or you can bake your own) and buy some frankfurters. And then you could have it with potato salad and ketchup, mustard, onions and cheese.

Happy July 4th guys.

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer

The High Country fundraiser

This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to get in. They had heaps of good food and drinks. Alcohol was sold by the glass and there were no alcohol tastings.

Here I had the vegan burger in a bun and it was really nice. The chilli jam was lovely. If I wasn’t doing Febfast then I would have loved to try the sweets. There were sauce stalls and they were amazing. Bright brewery was there and they were popular. Cans were $7 each

Fed Square Beach pop up

For the last month of summer Fed Square has a beach pop up where we can enjoy movies outside. Here they had free food during their launch and I enjoyed their Poptastic ice cream. Remedy had a kombucha stand. I think because of the Coronavirus people stayed away

St Kilda Festival

This was fun and free and lots of live bands and samples! Lots of people came after 3pm and the trams were packed. Here people enjoyed free drinks and free indomie

National Margarita day!

National Margarita day was on the 22nd of Feb and here many people celebrated it by enjoying a Margarita in their favorite bars. TGI fridays advertised it to members for $5. But bay city burrito does the best ones at $8. Here i had the jalepino one and it was fingerlickly good! I enjoyed the jalepino kick!

You can sip with us event in Ella

You can sip with us was a three day event in Ella. You can sip with us was all about the cocktails which uses Australian native ingredients. The cocktails were from Byrdi and were divine. Here we enjoyed the sorbet one and the berry one. The sorbet one was really popular and that sold out within two hours. Although the tickets were $32 each for two cocktails there were huge lines on Friday night. What the organisers should do is organise some priority lanes and people that want these should pay an extra fee (ie say $20-$30) to be in the lane.

Chinese New year 2020

Chinese New Year is on the 25th of January, a day before Australia day. Many places celebrate it by having some special menus for this time. It is the year of the pig. Crown Casino often has their Hawkers Bazaar on. But this year it is on from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February.

Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov on

Also Chinatown hosts their activities over the two week period. There is always lion dancing and firecrackers at these events to ward off the bad spirits and bring in the new year. In Melbourne there is no holiday for us. People visit friends and family at this time and all the unmarried people get the red envelopes with money in them.

At this time there is no shortage of food. The Chinese love their dumplings and noodles. Asian Inspirations has many ideas on these. There is also yee sang which is a type of salad that has salmon in it and you toss it with chopsticks. The Chinese also love their fish as it brings good luck

During the days before the New year period we clean the house as cleaning during the New year period is bad luck. It’s also bad luck to wear white and black as it is for funerals. The Chinese love to wear red as it is prosperity. Cutting your hair at this time attracts bad luck.

Anyway do enjoy Chinese New year as it is awesome. This is a good time to spend with friends and family and just relax.

Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved

We talk about giving back to charities

Feed Appeal will be having their shout lunch event on the 12th of December and it’s a potluck style lunch in your workplace. Here you donate the cost of what you normally spend outside for lunch to Feed Appeal so that they can keep up the good work in supporting the charities that support the homeless

What is Feed Appeal?

Feed Appeal is a charity that supports other charities to make the most of rescued food.

What have Feed Appeal been doing this year?

They issued grants to a few homeless charities so that they can buy the neccessary equipment to better serve the homeless community. This community is growing by the day due to rising rents and low wages.

What do I bring to this potluck style lunch?

Anything you like and a donation that you would normally spend on lunch. You could bring salad, chips, a meat dish, anything really.

How do I get involved?

You just simply sign up online or at your workplace if they are running one.

The Fitness Show 2019

The Fitness show was on at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and it was $30 to get in. But if you work for the health and fitness industry its free.

Here I learnt lots of new ideas that I can bring back to my gym and also got a new skipping rope to play with. And I also won lots of freebies by simply scanning in the QR code from your ticket.

I learnt that sleep and recovery plays a big part in losing weight. Here everyone got a free yoghurt and a free Halo top ice cream. The Halo top was 110 calories and it was awesome. I enjoyed the strawberry one. We need about 6-8 hours of optimal sleep every night. Also everyone gets stressed at some point in their lifestyles, hence stress sabotages your recovery.It takes about one year for the body to get used to a new training regime, especially marathon training.

The moves by Dan Conn were awesome. They were so awesome that I began to implement them at my gym. In fact Dan inspired me to take up boxing as another activity and game changer. We need to have a few game changers in our exercise routine so as to not get bored by the same thing.

We should also get a body scan if you can as they can tell you about areas to improve and where you did well. The guys at Evolve 360 were there and they did an amazing job doing everyone’s body scans. You can download this app online.

Of course there were all the muscle beaches and body physique awards, but we weren’t here for those. Instead we were here for all the new technologies and foods as well as learn some new moves. There are these protein meals and protein waters but I never like them much. Oh and this year they gave away lots of free protein bars, something which they never did in previous years.

The ROB Forte’s competition was fun to watch. Here I aim to do this next year. You have to do handstands and lift about 70-95kgs for females and more for males.

The market project and the BBQ

The last BBQ of the year was held in St Kilda and I was invited by the Couch. Actually, for all it is $10 for food and $3 for the wine. This event attracts a lot of keen International students and workers as they always love trying the amazing food.

I contributed something and for that, the aim was to do something different. For that, I went to the markets.

Since the market did not have bread or my vegetarian sausages I had to buy them from the supermarket. I chose ciabatta bread with olives. It worked well with the cheese and quince jam. I bought three pieces of cheese for $10. Here I chose brie, cheddar, and blue vein. Everyone at the BBQ liked them.

I also chose three dips for $10 whilst at the market. This time I got a smoked salmon dip, an olive tapenade, and the usual tzatziki. I decided not to go with hommus this time and try some new ones. Everyone loved the olive dip. In fact, some of the International students and workers did not know.

I also tried a chardonnay which worked well with the cheddar. Chardonnay is a type of sparkling wine and this tasted like apple

I tried something new whilst at the BBQ and that was the baby octopus. I had never tried this before and when they are grilling they move around a fair bit.

The veggie sausages were good too. I normally get the burgers, but when I saw vegetarian sausages I wanted to try these. They were great and people liked them.

Many thanks to the Couch for the invite.

Our August events

Here’s a roundup of what happened in August. August saw some new openings and some events. It is also the last month of winter.

International beer day

This day was really fun and I enjoyed sampling a beer at the Richmond Club hotel. The place is really close to Richmond station and the MCG that it was filled with footy punters. Here they were $7 a pint. This beer was just awesome. And then I continued it the following week with another $8 Mountain goat beer.

And at the end of the month and the start of September I went back there with a friend.

Daffodil Day

Daffodil day was on the 23rd of August where it was a really nice and sunny day to sell Daffodils! Here it was run by the Cancer Council and their volunteers do a lovely job of selling flowers and merchandise to help raise money for research.

The Opening of Ella

Ella is a new dining hall in Melbourne Central and they had a one week party to celebrate their opening. Here they gave away free food and beer. It was 200 serves of food.

The lines were long at Chilli Everest last night.

I wasn’t here for the food. I came to see the new bottle shop and they did not disappoint. I loved the chocolate flavored beer and it worked well with my chocolate brownie.

The live entertainment was really good and they have it every Friday night during happy hour

I tried the coffee from Reverie. It was really lovely

The Winter Village


The Winter Village was on during the winter, but I didn’t have a chance to go there until August. Here you can have lovely intimate parties so long as you book an igloo. The pizzas are $20-$30 and they are a cashless system. You have to buy your pizza online on this website that they post throughout the venue. I had the truffle pizza and it was amazing.

Also, their partners are Furphy beer and the beer is $10 per cup. The wine is from St Hubers.

You can go ice skating but I never got a chance.

They are on until the 29th of September

Hari Raya in Melbourne

We talk about this free community event for everyone in Melbourne.

Hari Raya means Open house in Malaysia and all the food and entry is free. This year like recent years, Hari Raya is held Malaysia Hall in August.

The event is run by the various Malaysian student’s society. It was sponsored by My Colonial cafe- a really great cafe in the city. So I expected some great food. The food was made lovingly by the student volunteers who had prepped it the day before. I had to bring own water though as the drink there is the rose tea and I’m trying to quit sugar.

I ran to the event knowing that I’d be served lots of different Malaysian food. From the city it is about a 6km run. This was not hard to do and there were not many trams on Sunday.

At 1pm, of course, there were many people but after 2pm it died down a bit. When you registered at the front they give you a ticket for the food. Of course, I got two as I wanted to try all.

Of course, there was the nasi impit and the curry chicken with rice. I really liked the rice and pickles and wanted more. During the time that I was there, they went through so much rice and pickles.  The Nasi Impit for some people was spicy and the sambal that came with the curry chicken was also spicy.

The Soto Ayam really disappointed me. The Soto Ayam is the Malaysian chicken soup with rice lumps. This one was rather lumpy and the chicken soup tasted like it was store-bought. It had waaay too much salt in there.

The tofu fa dessert was great. I picked the ginger syrup as that one didn’t have a lot of added sugar in there. The other brownish one looked like it did.

The organizers used a lot of plastic for the event and it was such a waste. What they should do next time is to ask everyone to bring their own plates, containers, and cutlery and that would save on the amount of rubbish produced. And they should have plain water for those that don’t want the tea. They can buy this water things from Officeworks and places that sell office supplies and its worth the money. I have seen so many people go for that tea and cendol because they were so thirsty from all the salt.

Many thanks for putting on this event and they should do this next year with these things in mind.


Free form show

The Free show is about being free from all allergies especially gluten, added sugars, and lactose. It was $17 just to attend but it was all worth it as we learned so much that we can write on the blog. And we enjoyed the sugar-free ice cream from Bulla.

Here they talked about gut microbiome which develops at an early age and the parents of the child help to influence it. They can help to influence it by giving the child good nutritious foods that are not full of processed chemicals. They can also help by bringing a pet into a child’s life and also bring one sibling or two. Nowadays the modern world is full of added sugars, junk foods, chemicals, stress, and single parents- all of which can damage the microbiome early on in a child’s life.

FODMAP friendly foods was another thing on the agenda today. These days not many people are on a FODMAP diet hence the insensitivities. There are apps such as the Monash University one which rates foods that are low and high in FODMAP. But that one is $9.90 for just the app. But the app has so much on there.

Many of the bread that we have today are not gluten-free but at the show, they showcased some from Bakers Delight and other brands.

IBS was another one on the agenda today and it’s said that women have a greater risk of IBS due to hormonal problems. Also, our western foods are a trigger for IBS and for some people caffeine is another. Ice cream for some people is one.

Added sugar is a major one of my food insensitivities due to the fact that I barf that sugar right up when it is around my period time. Just recently I had a Butterbing which had 38g of sugar and it was around my period time. Of course, I barfed that one up and felt a bit of discomfort. Luckily for me today the ice cream that I had the expo was sugar-free.

Stress is another one of those IBS contributing factors. People with IBS can experience diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, etc. And constipation is another one. Women especially have a lot of hormonal changes during their period and that in itself is stressful.

Food allergies and intolerances are from early childhood and can go on into adulthood. Results of food allergies can involve eczema, rash, and other things. You should see your doctor about these food allergies. If you are intolerant you should see a specialist dietician who can help you plan some FODMAP friendly foods and show you which ones to avoid.