The Bloody Long Walk 2020

The Bloody Long Walk is an annual event to raise funds for Mito. The funds will be used in researching a cure for this disease. In previous years it used to start at Fairfield at the Boathouse and then finish in St Kilda. Walkers would go past the city and Southbank before going into St Kilda.

What is Mito?

“Mitochondria are the power houses of the cell providing the body with over 90% of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondria take in sugars and proteins from the food we eat and produce energy called ATP that our bodies use to function properly. Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until eventually whole organ systems fail and the patient’s life itself is compromised.” (definition from the Mito site)

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, The Bloody Long Walk has gone virtual! This year its taking place on August 1-10th. It is a 35 km walk and is a lot of fun to do. In past years people ran that 35km. You can do it anywhere and record your walk with a Garmin or a Fitbit. I have a Garmin.

Over that week I ran 35km but over a few days due to the Government’s Stage 4 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne saying that we can’t go out for more than one hour per day.

If it is run again next year they should organise it just like they did in previous years but with a charity sausage sizzle at the end for people that did not partake in the walk so that they can raise even more funds for Mito.

From now until the next time they run the event they could organise some bake sales and cooking competitions to help spread the word and for them to raise more money towards finding a cure for Mito.

Premiers Active April

Premier’s Active April is a free month long event that you can sign up for online and win some great prizes. This year though they ran it differently due to Covid19. Instead of the gyms, it was more of a solo thing. But still, I had fun doing it and fun is all that matters

As Australians we are not active enough and this time around with the COVID19 thing we wanted to showcase more outdoor activities that you can do around this uncertain times. We want to showcase more challenges and trails that you can run during these times as well as some strength stuff.

During this month we took up walking, running and Body Combat and other Les Mills workouts from the comfort of our own home. I have a Les Mills subscription which I have not used much until now. We ran to lots of new places like never before from home and trained that way. It was really fun trying these new places which are close to home.

Body Combat was new to me at the start but after a few sessions in I started to get the hang of it. Now I’m really enjoying all the hooks and the jabs and the jumps. Am learning it bit by bit. The kicks were really hard to do at first because I was so uncoordinated.

I also did a bit of skipping as well. But that depended on whether or not my flatmates were home and whether or not they wanted to hear me skip.

Body Attack was also a lot of fun to do. There was a bit of running and lots of jumps. It took a while to get used to as its so quick and there are not as many workout videos on Youtube as there are on Les Mills Demand.

Our March events

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we couldn’t do four events- we only did three.

So here is what went on during March and before the shutdown of essential services

Vamff at Myer

Vamff at Myer was a wonderful time for shoppers. There was Champagne and whiskey, but no catwalk show. It was free and there was many offers on the night which shoppers took advantage of. We tried the champagne and it was nice and sweet and it worked well with the arancini. The whiskey was also nice but a bit of coke could have been added in there to give it that sweet touch.

Stout Shout

Stout Shout is an event where you get a free pint of Guinness for St Patrick’s day. St Patrick’s day is an Irish day full of fun and Guinness. A Guinness is an Irish beer which is dark and stormy in flavour. Here I got mine at Bridie o Reilly’s and I really enjoyed my beer.

It was my first time doing Stout Shout and you had to sign up for the free beer online.

The launch of Fortress

Fortress is a gaming place in Emporium and they just launched. They have a Irish tavern, two bars and two levels of gaming. At their launch party they offered free games all day and no free alcohol or food. At a launch I would expect free food and alcohol at that place. But the Superdry clothing shop offered alcohol and the Glue store offered free popcorn and soft drinks to assist with their launch.

St Patricks Day

We talk about St Patrick’s day which is celebrated in Melbourne with good food

St Patricks Day is an Irish day and its on the 17th of March. It is a celebration of Irish culture and it is a day where St Patrick was born. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s saints. Whilst in Ireland it’s spring in Australia its Autumn.

Here it is all green and many of the pubs here have their St Patrick’s day parties. This year due to the Coronavirus there aren’t many St Pat’s celebrations. People celebrate it in Irish pubs with Guinness and Irish food. Guinness is an Irish beer which is dark and fruity in flavour.

If you choose not to go out this year, here’s how you can celebrate it at home with cake and Irish food.

In Melbourne many pubs would offer specials. The pub that I like is called Bridie O’Reilly’s and its on Chapel st in South Yarra. Here they are lovely and vibrant. In the days before St Patrick’s day they would have their free beer days.

I have had their food and its equally delicious.

Find them at:

462 Chapel Street, South Yarra Victoria 3141, 03 9827 7788

The High Country Fundraiser and why you should support this

As health bloggers we are all about supporting the businesses in need. During the summer the High Country and other country towns have had bushfires and so they suffered quite a lot. They lost a lot of business and so now they are trying to recouperate with what they lost.

They are doing this by having series of fundraisers in the St Hotel and 107 Fitzroy st St Kilda. They are having it until the end of March. These businesses and wineries want to attract people to visit their townships as well as earn some money for what they have lost.

On the opening weekend the fundraiser was a huge success. The apple juice I had on the opening weekend was really nice and many people came to opening weekend. Here they have some samples of some of their goods.

At the Port Melbourne one I had their vegetarian burger. I wished that they could do this here along with their awesome smoothies.

Note: the fundraiser is card only.

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer

The High Country fundraiser

This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to get in. They had heaps of good food and drinks. Alcohol was sold by the glass and there were no alcohol tastings.

Here I had the vegan burger in a bun and it was really nice. The chilli jam was lovely. If I wasn’t doing Febfast then I would have loved to try the sweets. There were sauce stalls and they were amazing. Bright brewery was there and they were popular. Cans were $7 each

Fed Square Beach pop up

For the last month of summer Fed Square has a beach pop up where we can enjoy movies outside. Here they had free food during their launch and I enjoyed their Poptastic ice cream. Remedy had a kombucha stand. I think because of the Coronavirus people stayed away

St Kilda Festival

This was fun and free and lots of live bands and samples! Lots of people came after 3pm and the trams were packed. Here people enjoyed free drinks and free indomie

National Margarita day!

National Margarita day was on the 22nd of Feb and here many people celebrated it by enjoying a Margarita in their favorite bars. TGI fridays advertised it to members for $5. But bay city burrito does the best ones at $8. Here i had the jalepino one and it was fingerlickly good! I enjoyed the jalepino kick!

You can sip with us event in Ella

You can sip with us was a three day event in Ella. You can sip with us was all about the cocktails which uses Australian native ingredients. The cocktails were from Byrdi and were divine. Here we enjoyed the sorbet one and the berry one. The sorbet one was really popular and that sold out within two hours. Although the tickets were $32 each for two cocktails there were huge lines on Friday night. What the organisers should do is organise some priority lanes and people that want these should pay an extra fee (ie say $20-$30) to be in the lane.

Chinese New year 2020

Chinese New Year is on the 25th of January, a day before Australia day. Many places celebrate it by having some special menus for this time. It is the year of the pig. Crown Casino often has their Hawkers Bazaar on. But this year it is on from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February.

Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov on

Also Chinatown hosts their activities over the two week period. There is always lion dancing and firecrackers at these events to ward off the bad spirits and bring in the new year. In Melbourne there is no holiday for us. People visit friends and family at this time and all the unmarried people get the red envelopes with money in them.

At this time there is no shortage of food. The Chinese love their dumplings and noodles. Asian Inspirations has many ideas on these. There is also yee sang which is a type of salad that has salmon in it and you toss it with chopsticks. The Chinese also love their fish as it brings good luck

During the days before the New year period we clean the house as cleaning during the New year period is bad luck. It’s also bad luck to wear white and black as it is for funerals. The Chinese love to wear red as it is prosperity. Cutting your hair at this time attracts bad luck.

Anyway do enjoy Chinese New year as it is awesome. This is a good time to spend with friends and family and just relax.

Black Friday fun

Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving and here they have loads of deals. And a fun treasure hunt at Melbourne central!

The line for the hunt was long and some things such as fresh and co they charged for the juice, when everything should be free as it is about businesses promoting things

Here they also have free drinks and black foods. We tried Gyoza Gyoza welcome drink with Asahi and agedashi tofu. We bought the asahi ourselves. The welcome drink was a mocktail. And then we tried a red pinot from Aesop.

Lastly we tried a chocolate tart at The Strand. It was sweet and decadent. But you had to sign up for their newsletter

Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved

We talk about giving back to charities

Feed Appeal will be having their shout lunch event on the 12th of December and it’s a potluck style lunch in your workplace. Here you donate the cost of what you normally spend outside for lunch to Feed Appeal so that they can keep up the good work in supporting the charities that support the homeless

What is Feed Appeal?

Feed Appeal is a charity that supports other charities to make the most of rescued food.

What have Feed Appeal been doing this year?

They issued grants to a few homeless charities so that they can buy the neccessary equipment to better serve the homeless community. This community is growing by the day due to rising rents and low wages.

What do I bring to this potluck style lunch?

Anything you like and a donation that you would normally spend on lunch. You could bring salad, chips, a meat dish, anything really.

How do I get involved?

You just simply sign up online or at your workplace if they are running one.

Our October events

Although October is the Spring racing carnival it was jam packed with other events to promote mental health and wellbeing.

International coffee day

It was free or cheap coffee that day at most places to recognize the farmers that grows our beans. And to celebrate all things coffee.

Here I had a coffee for $3.50 and some of the places promoted this by having free coffee. These places promoted their free coffees in a takeaway cup which we do not approve as it is not sustainable practice

Drink for Mental Health

It is Mental Health month and what better to celebrate it with a drink or two in a Richmond pub. We celebrated most Friday’s with a drink or two.

Mental Health affects everyone in some way or another, hence it is important to recognise this issue.

Canali Launch event

This event happened on one Friday in October in David Jones in the menswear department. Canali is an Italian suit brand which is all about being designer and chic. The brand launched their Spring/Summer suit collection in time for the Melbourne Cup. Their suits range from $300-$3000. Its because the suits are made out of the finest fabric there is and customers can select the fabric. There was also a master tailor in store to fit suits for the guests in time for the race.

Guests were treated to Aperol, Prosecco and other wines as well as a smorgasbord of food. Here we really enjoyed ourselves a bit too much.

Myer After Dark launch

Myer had decided to do an after dark thing with Afterpay. On the first day of the launch there was catwalk shows showcasing the latest spring wear for the Spring Carnival. Shoppers can now use Afterpay in store to pay for goods.

Guests were treated to Champagne and fairy floss as well as the beauty bar. The champagne was from Seppelt Wines.