Sushi Sushi and why it is not good for you to eat it all the time

We talk about the good and bad about Sushi Sushi.

Sushi Sushi is a franchise which focuses on just sushi. Some of them have hot meals. But I have never tried their bento boxes.

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Like most franchises, they are only there to make money. Hence some of their stores are never clean. And if you have allergies well forget it as most of their gluten-free sushi would be mixed in with their not gluten-free sushi.

They are usually in most shopping centers where the food court is. So don’t count on too much cleanliness and seating

The sushi there is not great. There are a couple of them which I don’t mind going to with my Herbalife, but other than that the rice is always bad and its made badly.

Normally I go there on a voucher. And if you buy the Entertainment book from us there is a buy one get one free voucher.

Some of the Sushi Sushi are just ok. The one in QV is not bad. I have been to the one in Melbourne Central and that was pretty terrible.

The QV one has seating and its not in the food court which is awesome.

In 2015 when I went to the Sushi Sushi they were pretty bad. But four years later and standards have lifted a bit. If I want to go there I would go when they had just opened as their sushi has been freshly made.

I don’t expect good things from the wait staff. I never have.

Now they also have loyalty clubs. Four years ago this never happened.

They do have a good range of sushi though. They have a lot of varieties depending on what you like. The price of the rolls ranges from $3-$4 per roll and the sushi boxes from $10-$14. The deluxe boxes don’t have a lot of sushi in there for that price.

Don’t go to Sushi sushi all the time as its a waste for your money. You could go sometime though

Do you have any good or bad stories about Sushi Sushi? If so let us know in the comments below!

Gifts for Dad

This post brought to you by the Entertainment Book for the Salvation Army!


Father’s day is next Sunday on the 1st of September. All the gifts in the shops are usually expensive. So we’d thought that we’d list some ideas here. That won’t break the bank and that will help him to be healthy. A healthy dad is a happy dad that wants to spend time with his children.

We didn’t want to do the socks and underwear idea even though it seems popular with people.

WW Flava bean special- 4 for $20.


Has your Dad put on weight over Winter? Does he need some snacks that are different from what he usually has? If so you’ve come to the right place.

You buy this online and they will send it out to you. The beans taste really nice and they don’t have a lot of salt in them. This is a good snack for Dad to take to work and for him to get serious about being healthy.

Melbourne Marathon race entry for 2020

They aren’t on sale yet but you can pledge to buy him one and make sure that he sticks to the training all year round. It’s a good way to keep him healthy all year round.

Donate some money to his charity if he has one.

If your dad volunteers for one or likes one, why not donate to this charity instead of giving him an actual gift?

The charity could benefit from the money you donate and Dad would be happy

Buy him an Entertainment book

You can buy one off us and they are $65 each. You can also buy it as an app and they have hundreds of things and places for Dad to try with the family or his friends. At the same time you’d be supporting the Salvation Army

Instead of buying him an actual gift, why not an IOU?

An IOU can be a task that you’d be willing to do for Dad such as painting the fence or gardening or other things that Dad dreads

The IOU can be in a card

Instead of buying him a gift, why not take him out for a day?

Gifts are usually meaningless and expensive. He’d enjoy spending time with you and that’s all that matters.

You can even take him to a place that’s in the Entertainment book that’s heaps of fun. The Entertainment book has lots of fun places to hang with Dad

Movies your thing and Dad’s thing? Then why not take him to see some of the latest Blockbusters including the new Fast and Furious. And it doesn’t have to be on the day itself as the cinema would be packed. Why not try a mid-week session?

Hope these ideas help you in choosing the best Father’s Day present? Remember its not the money that counts but the thought!

Help the Salvos help the homeless

This September Grill’d are giving away 1900 burgers free over a few weeks and in each of their six Melbourne stores on a certain date. Every week the day will change and it is only for people who are in desperate need for food and shelter. But you need to get to the Hamodava cafe for your voucher. The Hamodava cafe is open for lunch and breakfast on the weekdays.

Everyday we see a lot of homeless people around Flinders St station and outside the gym and Woolworths. That is how bad things have got.

Do you want to do something to help the homeless get back on their feet? For a start, you can buy the Entertainment book off us as it has some great value offers and 20% of profits from each book sold goes to the Salvos.

I am running for the City to Sea for the Salvos and need your support and encouragement. This event will be in November and it is a 14km run.

The Salvos do their Christmas appeal every year and you can give generously.