Crisis Fatigue: are we emotionally overwhelmed

WebMD reports that in the US cases are surging and more and more people are going out in droves. The same thing has happened in Australia and then we have gone into a much harder lockdown in Victoria. In NSW it is similar to all the news reports of overcrowding in some places.

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People are angry at the Government for not controlling the virus. People are pretending that this is all over with 60-155 fines issued per day in Victoria. With the mask law now in place in Victoria, there are about 20-25 people not wearing them every day and are being fined for that.

It is natural to feel some anxiety and grief . But we shouldn’t take it out on staff who are just there to do their job, whether it would be in retail, food and other essential services.

Most of us feel hopeless that we can’t earn enough money let alone lose a family member due to the COVID19.

How do we deal with the mental health struggles on a day to day basis?

First of all you can’t control what happens in the world around you. You can only control what you want to do and how you feel

Practice self-care. That could be reading a book and going out for exercise. Seek support if you need to.

Talk to someone if you can, whether it would be online or face to face.

Remember we are all in this together and we will get through to the other side.

How to handle criticism

We all have some criticism in our lives. From our family members, to co workers and our boss. But how do you handle it?

Some people run away from facing the truth. But that’s not going to get very far. Getting feedback from something that you did is how you learn from your mistakes.

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Criticism from people

People will give your criticism sometimes especially when it is at work. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Do it better next time. Ask for feedback. Work out whether it is constructive or not. If it’s not constructive, just ignore it. But tell your family members or co workers as to why.

Do accept the feedback and take action on it.

Online criticism

We sometimes have online criticism. People leave negative reviews online for all sorts of reasons. Find out a bit more about the person that posted it and then see if they are a troll or not. If they have been to your business and didn’t like it, ask them why! Ask them if they think you could have done something better.

If you are the manager don’t be afraid to ask your employees about the negative reviews. Verify with them what really happened and if they are a troll you can delete the comment or review

How to deal with online haters

Online haters are everywhere and the health and fitness industry is immune to this. Tiny Buddha has written about this. Whilst I get mostly positive vibes, there are a few negative ones where I’ve commented on other people’s things- particularly diet and nutrition posts that are controversial.

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I live and breathe fitness and health and out there in the online world it can cruel and tough on those that want to lose the weight. Online hate can be quite stressful for people so here’s a few ways of dealing with the hate!

Ignore them

Ignore them if you know that you are right and they are wrong. But in saying that also know which criticism is constructive and which is not.

Also are they an Internet troll? Many times the Internet is filled with these trolls as they simply have nothing better to do.

Block them or request that they be blocked

On Instagram there is such a request to block them and let Instagram deal with this. On Facebook you can report them to the admins or unfriend them if they are you friend.

But if they are your colleague or family this might be a little bit trickier as first of all you don’t choose who you work with or are family. At work if they are bullying you, you can report them to your boss. If they are family you can choose not to see them

Joke about it.

They say that laughter is the best medicine for things like these. You can make a joke about it to your fellow colleagues and friends about this person.

Open up about it to your community

Don’t be afraid to ask for support from people whether it would be the group fitness manager. If it is online in a group you can talk to the admins about the person.

At school I was bullied a lot for being different. When I was I would open up about it to my parents and they’d tell the teachers at school.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and family if you are really close as they can help you out.

Week 19 of Marathon training

Another hot and humid week meant more breakouts on my skin as well as rashes. But by Wednesday my rash went down and all was well again.

Now onto a psychological issue that I have tried to look up online and nothing was found. It is how to deal with family members who won’t support the running a marathon goal. I know that it is tough and that you have to be a really dedicated person to do so. I know that you have to give up some of the family time to do so and I have done so.


Their reason: running a marathon does not get you anywhere. In actual fact not true because you can learn so much from running one such as motivation, learning to complete goals and learning to deal with lots of curve balls. I’m not much of a goal completing/setting person so that will be a challenge for me. Many organizations would want someone who can complete all their goals on time and is focused.

Running a marathon also shows consciousness in yourself and others.

How do you deal with family members who don’t see that running a marathon is great?