The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo

The Government has banned all restaurants and cafes from dining in. But they can still do takeaway and alcohol sales online or you can go there and pick it up.

People in the hospitality industry are feeling it right now. The hotels may not be feeling it as they are getting people who will be in 14 days self isolation and the Government is paying for their stay.

But people in the food industry need your love as they are closed except for takeaway and Ubereats. On the first day of the ban I had fish and chips takeaway. In the subsequent days I looked for the ice cream shop and they were not open until 3pm. I had really wanted to support them and show them my love.

Gastrology on the other hand has supported the Save Hospo movement by buying and promoting all their meals online. I was a fan of their Papparich posts. Pity that there is no Papparich near me and I don’t have a car.

But do support the hospitality industry as like everyone they are going through some tough times.

Vapiano by Akira

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant in Melbourne and its in Flinders Lane. Here they are a big place and are near the corner of Queen and Flinders Lane. But you can also enter via Collins st.

I have been there waaay too many times. And every time I am given a card which you use everytime when you order a meal. When you order a meal they scan your card and then you go downstairs or upstairs (Collins st side) to pay. The staff there are very friendly.

Back in 2010 things were a lot different. RMIT Newintstudents didn’t like their pizza or pasta much and there wasn’t a fanatico club then. Now the pasta is a lot better and their truffle pizza was too salty. Nowadays we are both members of the fanatico club so we either receive meals for free or at a discount.

With their pizzas you order it and then they swipe your card and then you are given a buzzer. When it is ready then they buzz you. It is the thin crust pizza. I have had their vegetarian pizza before and it was yum.

They also have a good range of Italian wines for you to choose from.

Here I have enjoyed their pastas and they even do takeaway ones. Their bread is pretty good. Its souradough and its soft on the inside and crusty on the outside. Their oils are also great. These are the good extra virgin oil. Their pastas always fill me up. But their linguini always gets stuck together.

You can add toppings to your pasta or pizza for an extra $1- $5 each. Sauce is free.

Do come on by for your pizza and pasta fix after your race or training


Poynton’s by Akira

Poynton’s is a nursery which has a café inside of it. Here they have the largest range of plants and seedlings as well as some indoor furnishings. I have always loved going to their café which serves some of the best afternoon treats for a post run/walk snack. They are opposite the park hence the lovely view from the cafe

They don’t do the best coffees but I do like relaxing in their café and enjoying their snacks.

They do the best apple crumble which is soft, warm and lovely for a winters day. It is $4.95. It was not too sweet either.


The café sells wine by the bottle for people to take home.

I have had breakfasts here before but they are not as good as their cakes.I have had their scrambled eggs which were creamy but not great. Sometimes they were a bit dry. The toasted bread is usually tough.

Do come by for a  cake if you are walking around the river

Week three of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira

This week was really wet and I came down with a bit of a cold. But still kept going. My friend Katherine is also joining it too and her period had stopped due to the lack of fat and more calories burnt. I have learnt the women need about 70-90g of fat each day if they are training for a marathon. Katherine only had 30-40g of fat per day logged in her myfitnesspal. But in her latest scan she had about 18.2% body fat. So I wonder what is going on.


This one is a raw cacao chocolate which is covered in RMIT Newintstudent’s blog post. It is said to be less sweet and more milky which is good for my bones. As a runner you would need a fair bit of calcium

Myfitnesspal is a free workout and food tracker. It will tell you about what you have eaten and how many calories in there.

Anyway I logged about 7.5km average this week and no new tracks are covered. Training wasn’t too hard this week as it had been in some of the previous weeks. Although I did lose a little bit of motivation due to the cold weather.

I really hope I can get my spirits up in the next week

Lets move 365: Middle Child

Middle Child is a healthy café in Maribyrnong across the road from the park. It is run by a north Melbourne supporter and here it is dog friendly. They have Puppycinos and dog friendly treats just for dogs.  They have many dogs and people over the weekend enjoying their coffees and brunch.


It was open three weeks ago and already they are seeing many of the Boathouse’s unhappy patrons. Patrons don’t like to wait 45 mins for their coffee or a table hence they come here and they can borrow a rug or two and buy coffee to enjoy in the park.

The barista is friendly and knowledgeable. They support many AFL teams over the weekend and many gym patrons during the weekdays.

Unlike the Boathouse where they burn their coffees, here their coffees are stellar and you can choose the milk. Unlike the Boathouse they treat their pets well. The Boathouse does not have puppycinos.

They have vegan pies which I would love to try one day.


Do come by for the coffees rather than the Boathouse as you’ll love the friendly service and the lovely coffees and biscuits.

Snippet: Annoying Brother



We visited this place twice for breakfast. Here they have great burritos as well as good coffees. We really liked their coffees last time.  For both times we bought the Groupon which is $8.



We enjoyed a great short black as well as that breakfast burrito. This really filled me up and I enjoyed this very much. The bacon was cooked well and the salsa on top was really good. Here it was oniony but not too oniony. This is a good option for breakfast if you want to gain muscle.

The service was great and the guy that served me smiled.


This is outside a tram line and the tram stop is a few metres down the road.

Do go to this amazing healthy place in North Fitzroy and you can buy the groupon

Customs House and Restaurant

WP_20160107_15_31_32_Pro WP_20160107_15_33_10_Pro WP_20160107_15_42_20_Pro

We were invited by our Herbalife business and did not have to pay for this. Customs House and Restaurant is in Geelong and its right on the waterfront in a lovely old courthouse building. Here it has a lovely library where cafe goers and restaurant patrons can enjoy the good ole fashioned books.


I loved the waffle which was crunchy but worked well with the homemade ice cream. The cookies and cream shake powder worked well with this dessert and you can order it off us. I loved the blueberry on top as it was a nice touch.

To go with it I had a tea. It was $4.50 and a good green tea enjoyed in a library.

Rating: 14/20- agree with Kenny about the top notch food.

Why are Lord of the Fries sweet potato chips are healthier for me

Lord of the fries has been around for a few years now and I have always enjoyed eating their sweet potato fries as it is sweet and less starchy. They have loads of other offerings such as their vegan burgers and fries. I am a pescatarian by nature and enjoy these things.

Outside the Prahran store. Image courtesy of RMIT Newintstudents

I have been to their stores in Melbourne many times and enjoyed these visits. I was a bit sad though when their Elizabeth st store shut last year. But oh well these things happen. However I loved visiting their Prahran store as they had plenty of good offerings. And their store was clean. The staff there welcomed me.

These fries are healthier because they are vegan. They are freshly cooked everytime you order them and it tastes good. I love the thought of eating vegetables without all the added fat and sugar. They say that animal fat is bad for you.

Sweet potato fries. Image courtesy of RMIT Newintstudents

Sweet potato is said to have much more energy and its low in GI. Afterwards I felt full. As a healthy nutritionist on a mission I enjoyed half the pack as a snack without sauce. I believe in eating more vegetables and fibre. This did not disappoint me. I went to the store in Melbourne Central after my appointment as I was a little bit peckish from just salad and fat burning tea.

Do try it as a snack and in fact we have attached a homemade recipe from which shows you how to do this

Mr Ed’s

Mr Ed’s is a place in Flemington near Newmarket station. Here they do great coffee and breakfast and it was here that I came for a breakfast burrito which was without bacon.

The cafe is really laidback. I came here once before for their sweets. And they do stellar sweets. But this was before the team at Healthy International students was formed.

WP_20151124_09_36_32_Pro WP_20151124_09_44_45_Pro

But the breakfast burrito is a much healthier option and it was really small for a mere $8. This was good for me as I was trying to lose weight and be healthier. I added the tabasco to the burrito and it increased my metabolism. I really love spicy foods.


They also do stellar coffees too but I was not there for that.


Do come by for your health kicks