Juice plus

We talk about Juice Plus and discuss some of the cons. 

Juice Plus is a Multilevel Marketing company that sells Juice diets and bloggers all over the net have been slamming them. This diet has been really popular for some time now. I was conned once into selling them, but I decided to decline the offer. I was conned on Facebook by someone from the Tribal Wellness group

In today’s modern society weight loss is everything for some people, but it does not need to be.

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What is the Juice Plus diet?

Its just-juice replacing 2-3 meals a day. They come in capsules, smoothies and juice powders and you buy them from a distributor. Like Herbalife, they are not listed on the site.

What do they have in them?

They have soy, folic acid and lots of fruits and vegetables.

How many calories can one expect to consume over a day on it?

1000 calories. That’s way too little for anyone. We need about 1200-1500 calories a day (that is to lose a lot of weight) even more if we are really active. The average active woman needs about 2000 calories a day and a man about 2200 calories in a day.

I would be hungry if I ate just 1000 calories in a day. I tried that once before and it did me no favors. I could not sleep.

What plans do they have?

They have two-week plans and then after that, you have one cheat day. They are quite rigid with their diet.

What is the price?

It’s $315.30 (price is taken from their website)

But you can pay in monthly installments. The shakes are $70 per month.

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Because it’s not right to just have a juice diet to lose weight. You need to have food and exercise. By that, I mean real food. We should be eating plenty of vegetables and plenty of fruit as well as drinking water. There is no real education as to what a healthy meal should look like and for some people it may encourage eating disorders.

I don’t believe in rigidity in diets. I believe in eating whatever you want so long as it’s healthy. I don’t like clean eating. And you can’t go out socializing whenever you want.

And it’s expensive to follow. You may as well just eat good food and drink plenty of water for that price. The shakes are more than what I would pay for Herbalife. For Herbalife, I would pay $60 for the month.

Don’t get me wrong I like supplements but I like them even better as an addition to real food and exercise.

Too much soy and folic acid can lead to some serious health problems later on. It may lead to kidney disease and heart failures in some people.

Should diet products be regulated in Australia?

And the answer is yes. Diet products should be regulated in Australia.

Need to lose weight quickly with just that diet pill or shake? Then think about this issue carefully.

We see these weight loss programs everywhere. They are on billboards, TV, everywhere. And people sell them on the street sucking people into money. I was in Herbalife and trying to sell it. It was tricky. You had to go to all these meetings and things and it was draining. Not only that it was hard to convince people as to what is in the products.

For such a time I was in the weight watchers program and whilst it was awesome and I made a few friends the points were hard to calculate

And that program did encourage little exercise each day and not the 150 mins of vigorous activity. I then found out through my health profession.

What is in these so-called diet pills and shakes?

We really have no idea what’s in them. I know that Maltodextrin is sugar and so is dextrose but other than that there is no clue, except for whey and protein. Some of them have green tea extract! And some even have caffeine in them. We would only review the ones that are safe and that are used properly with exercise and a good diet.

These health and diet products can be dangerous for us all if not taken the right way. The ABC warns that a man in Western Australia who lost his liver after taking supplements. In Hawaii, a woman dies after taking diet pills.

Thus Fitness Australia bans anyone recommending supplements to clients. Instead, if clients ask about supplements we would tell them to do their own research and consult their doctor about it.

Some of the snack foods that these diet companies like Optimum Nutrition and others have are perfectly harmless. In fact, they are fun to eat after a workout. But some of the amino acid drinks must be used with caution.

Food and exercise is the best way to lose weight as well as patience. And 1200 calorie meal plans don’t work in most instances. No one diet is the same, everyone is unique. Everyone has their own way of eating and doing things.

So the diet industry should be regulated to say that if you do enough exercise or are an extreme marathoner you can take supplements to help with your diet. But supplements don’t replace your diet like they say that they do. They just merely complement your diet.

Endurance athletes will always need supplements and thus is why I recommend the Precision Nutrition course!


Should personal trainers sell supplements to clients?

This one’s a controversial one. Its been asked a lot on Facebook!

The weight loss industry is a popular one and people want to know about supplements from their personal trainer. People want to know about what sort of supplements can help with their weight loss.

Every year the supplement industry makes billions of dollars from their sales. But if people don’t use it correctly it can have some major ramifications such as illness or death.

Technically it’s against the guidelines of Fitness Australia as they are not nutritionists. Here they can only recommend the five food groups unless they are a nutritionist. Those that give the wrong advice can be subject to legal ramifications.

But if someone asks about protein, I would tell them that Herbalife works for me and if they are interested then I would give them the website and they can research their options. I would also ask about their goals and how much weight they are looking to lose. I would also ask if they are training for any major events as this can change their protein and supplement needs.

What works for one person does not work well for everyone. People should research their options and see what’s best for them.

As for me. I take Herbalife to enhance my performance. It tastes great and it has no artificial flavors. But I would also have real food as well and my water. I am training for the Melbourne Marathon at the end of the year, hence my needs are different.

Why diet shakes are bad for you

Diet shakes are supposed to be meal replacement drinks and for some people, it is the end all. For people, it is the quickest way to lose weight. Diet shakes are calorie controlled and all you do is add water or milk to it.

They are about 200-300 calories in each shake.


There are so many on the market out there such as Celebrity slim. Now Celebrity Slim is really artificial and you might be hungry afterward. Most of them are devoid of minerals and nutrients making you more likely to become sick!

In one way you don’t learn to eat real food and how to prepare them. They also can damage your liver and kidneys making it more susceptible to failure.


But protein shakes are good for us athletes though. We need it to build muscle. The ones that I love are Herbalife and Prana as there is nothing artificial about them and you can add ingredients to your shake. And you can add it in yogurt. You’ll still get your minerals and vitamins in.