Paying with Afterpay

Ever needed a new pair of shoes or an outfit and can’t wait for payday? Well here is the answer.


Afterpay is a system whereby you pay in four installments for the item that you want but haven’t got all the funds to pay for. I first heard of them via Melbourne Central’s shopping and ever since then I wanted to try it.

Afterpay works on your phone and everywhere that accepts it. But you have to over 18 to pay for things with this system.

But it is easy to sign up online. All you have to do is have a credit card to do so. It is fast and easy and your payment is approved within minutes. The item is then shipped to your house. You then repay the money in four easy installments over a fortnight.

If you forget one it doesn’t matter, they just add the money on to your next installment.

I picked out my shoes in store and then placed the order online. The shoes were $129 ($32 in four easy installments). After you pay you then get the email from Skechers. The shoes came a few days later and boy did I like them. They were light weight shoes which is great for a runner as it means that they can run faster.

My housemate signed for the package.


It is god darn hard to do so in store as not many stores are on board unlike what the website says.

Do sign up and use Afterpay if you want stuff quicker but don’t have the money to afford it straightaway. You will pay it back eventually.

The Big Design market

This market is held in the underground car park and here it was quite busy with people. Here they had Billy Van Creamy ice cream which people say that it is quite good and they were right. Except the sorbet was on the bottom and it kind of fell apart by the time I got there. I paid $7 for good ice cream on a warm day.

The Big design market is full of designs but it also features food items like Sticky Balsamic and Prickly by nature as well as Tin Shed Charcuterie which have all their really nice duck pates and rilettes. Prickly by nature have some yummy sauces on offer. Sticky Balsamic are a Geelong based company and they also do great sauces. Most of the market had many good specials. But of course knowing me, no money to buy things.

This market only comes around once in a blue moon so check the Facebook page for updates