Our stay at home Instagram movement

Due to the Coronavirus we have a Stay at Home movement on Instagram. Not enough people are taking this thing seriously. They think that “oh it might not happen to me and even if it does, then I’ll recover because I’m healthy!” Well it can happen to anyone and it has with NSW well overContinue reading “Our stay at home Instagram movement”


The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo

The Government has banned all restaurants and cafes from dining in. But they can still do takeaway and alcohol sales online or you can go there and pick it up. People in the hospitality industry are feeling it right now. The hotels may not be feeling it as they are getting people who will beContinue reading “The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo”

Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign

Fitness Australia is a not for profit organisation who advocates for gyms, personal trainers among other staff that work in the gym. They have about 20000 members. During Stage One of the lockdown the health and fitness industry was hit the hardest. During the Covid19 times it is important to move when you can. FitnessContinue reading “Fitness Australia’s Keep on Moving campaign”

National nutrition month

March is National nutrition month. This is a month that happens in America and not so much in Australia. I was hoping to do this month in order to promote national nutritional standards in Australia. Standards in Australia are quite low. We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and hydrate properly. Hence the obesity rateContinue reading “National nutrition month”

Why businesses and households should give away toilet paper and other toiletries

These days due to the Coronavirus there have been more and more people left without toilet paper and other basic essentials. More and more people are losing jobs due to the recession. More and more business are struggling. During last week there was a bit of toilet paper craziness which meant that low income earnersContinue reading “Why businesses and households should give away toilet paper and other toiletries”

Sam Wood’s article about the gym

And why we disagree with it. Yesterday Sam Wood has an article in the Daily Mail about people going to the gym and he urged those to stay away from the gym. He says that its due to the Coronavirus and the fact that they can spread germs easily when they cough and sneeze andContinue reading “Sam Wood’s article about the gym”

What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?

We’re not talking about the toilet paper business! Instead we are talking about the rest of the businesses that are impacted by the Coronavirus! The Coronavirus is getting worse by day. Italy and Spain are in lockdown at the moment. People are scared to go out and eat. The economy has gotten worse due toContinue reading “What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?”

Coronavirus and the no need to panic

People in Australia and all over the world are stocking up on essentials, due to the Coronavirus. People buy more than they need to, leaving the poor, disabled and elderly people behind. Some of the supermarket shelves are left bare, especially of toilet tissue. Now Coles and Woolworths, along with Aldi have put measures andContinue reading “Coronavirus and the no need to panic”

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