Should I exercise when sick

This question gets asked a lot year after year during the winter months.

I have only a very mild cold and no COVID19 symptoms. I have no races in inter thank goodness. My cold is only a snuffly nose and a small cough.

But if you’re sick from the throat down you may want to spend the day at home. Also if you have a fever you shouldn’t exercise. You should just rest and hydrate.

Mild to moderate physical exercise is ok so long as its not a really long run out in the cold. One to two hours is fine.

Exercise and the Immune system

Exercise helps to boost the immune system so you may only get a very mild case of COVID19 or just a cold. But even still you might want to get tested for this. If you’re negative and its just a cold it would be alright to exercise.

The immune system is the body’s defense to fight off viruses. The more immune your system is the better you will be at not catching COVID.

If you exercise a lot you would have fewer colds and sickness. People that don’t exercise much are more at risk of COVID19. Thus this why we are fighting for gyms to be reopened as soon as possible. And for them to fall under the exercise category in the Stay at Home orders

In short listen to your body. If you’re ok and feeling good, go right ahead.


Our stats for June

We talk about our stats for June.

We got about 426 views on our website and 426 visitors which is great. Here everyone is impacted in some way or another by the virus so they look to us for inspiration. Most of our visitors come from the US where it is the worst hit. Most people are bored and frustrated by the lockdown. We got about 2 more followers for the site. The most popular posts are the losing weight ones.

Hence it’s also why we have 40 new followers for Instagram. It is a really big number so we thank you for following us on Instagram. The spanakopita got 20 likes as people wanted to dine out again. The Garmin watch got 15 likes as people wanted to exercise again. The Carosello picture with the calamari got 12 likes. The social distancing video in the park got 22 views. The Little Mylk Bar video got 41 views. Fitness first video got 26 views as people needed to be able to exercise. Another Body Attack one of mine got 40 views.

Mental health has been a really big issue for everyone as the numbers in Coronavirus cases surge. As such Black lives matter was really popular during June and the video from 7news on Instagram got 29 views.

Hopefully during July things will pick up again and we might be able to live normal lives. Hopefully the hospitality and fitness industry will be able to recover from this small setback (yes, we are in lockdown again!) soon. With all the reposting online that’s going on, the hospitality industry may be able to reclaim some of their lost profits and return to normal by the end of the month. But who knows.

Coronavirus and the Economic recession

The Covid19 has left many struggling to pay their bills on time. Here it has left many people in America out of a job and on to the streets. About 2.2 million people in America applied for benefits at the start of the pandemic. The streets are not kind to people and on the streets people can catch Covid 19, even though they say stay at home, people don’t have a place to go to. This has led to America’s rising rate of Covid.

In Australia, we have the same situation too. The lines at Centrelink were long. And with Melbourne’s harder lockdowns it is hard for people to pay their debts on time. Most companies offer some sort of a solution of you can’t pay on time such as paying installments.

During this time we looked up paying debt during Covid19 and it had 42,400,000 results. Most people pay it off on time if they can. But the Covid19 has left many people out of work and there’s fears that a long recession will come.

That we don’t know yet. The stock market crashed on the 20th of February and that was a good sign. Since then everything went downhill. says “Yes we are in such one”. We don’t know how long it will go on for. The BBC says that we are facing a depression that is greater than the Great Depression.

What should people do now that we are in a recession?

Be frugal if you can. But don’t skimp out on your nutrition and meds. Make sure that you budget them in your weekly spend.

If you have earnt some gift cards during the pandemic then now is a good time to spend them on the things that you need.

Try to earn a little bit of extra money. That can be doing surveys and the like.

The WHO’s stance on Coronavirus

And why we think that being socially distant is important.

The WHO has declared that Coronavirus is a huge health pandemic and an emergency at that. Right now the USA is on top of the Coronavirus list with about 2300000+ cases worldwide.

Each day the number of cases worldwide increases about 100000-1600000. We now have over 11 million cases worldwide. Today was one of our saddest days. Most countries are in their second peak as they let this get away from them. We as Australians are in a good position. But that does not mean that we can take our good position for granted and think that this is all over. Its not. We still have to take all those social distancing measures into account and into place.

We still have to practice social distancing and staying home when we can. I know that its boring but it must be done.

If we all keep our distance and stay home if we can and just be patient for a vaccine then one day it will be over. Till we find that vaccine which is some 12-18 months away we must be patient and find that new Covid normal. It will take time to find and adjust to the new Covid normal.

If we all keep our health in good shape then we can limit the spread of the virus.

We also know that research into a vaccine takes time and money. Hence we are asking people to be patient.

How to live frugally during Coronavirus times

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The Government has given you about $3000 per month to spend on the necessary things you need to live on. In Australia its the Jobkeeper payment. There are many things that have been closed due to lockdowns so you need to live frugally now. You don’t know whether you’ll have a job by the end of this and the payments are due to end in September.

Rent eats up most of your budget- Its around $1310-$1500 for just a one bedroom place.

Pay all the things that you have to pay on time like your rent and bills. If you pay them late they will charge you a late fee. Thinking of cutting down on the cost of your electricity? Cut down on the things that you don’t need such as leaving the light on all the time. Ask to pay for everything annually as you’ll save some money.

As for the washing, I like to do mine just once a week to save on water.

Go on a $120 grocery shop challenge. Buy everything on special or at the manager’s special as they are usually cheaper. Buy instant coffee and just enjoy that at home. If you earn Coles gift cards why not use those?

Don’t go out much for dinner or cafe food. If you do see if you can buy a Groupon or two. Remember you only have $300 to spend on dining out and takeaways and coffee out. You can always use the gift cards that you have for dining out.

Do extra tasks for a bit of cash. Who knows you might need it for this year’s Christmas as by that time you might not have a job.

July 4th- Independence Day

July 4th is Independence day. We cannot spend Independence day together because of the coronavirus restrictions.

It is normally celebrated with fireworks and parties all over the US. In Australia it is celebrated at TGI Fridays with some themed specials. Of course this year at TGI Fridays there would be no such thing.

“Independence Day (colloquially the Fourth of July or July 4th) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain, King George III, and were now united, free, and independent states. The Congress had voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2, but it was not declared until July 4”

(source: Wikipedia)

But luckily there is apps like zoom and Facebook where you can spend time together virtually. I feel for you. I’m lucky to be in Australia but I feel sorry for you.

So here is something from Australia to cheer you up. We would love to give you some Tim Tams to help you celebrate July 4th.

If you really wanted a small meal with just your household, you could go with a classic hotdog where you buy the bun (or you can bake your own) and buy some frankfurters. And then you could have it with potato salad and ketchup, mustard, onions and cheese.

Happy July 4th guys.

What could you spend your Jobseeker/Jobkeeper money on

The Jobseeker/Jobkeeper is the Government support stimulus package in Australia. You get it once a fortnight. We don’t really know when this is going to end, so you should really spend it wisely

The Government stimulus is supposed to be the money that you live on whilst you are not working. Therefore expensive and excessive spending is discouraged. You don’t need the latest Bulgari perfume, expensive skincare (such as Kiels), makeup (you’re not going out), alcohol, iPad, and other expensive electronics, designer shoes and clothes, and the latest handbag.

But what you spend the Government stimulus is on food, homewares, some crockery (we don’t need the expensive Royal Doulton crockery unless it’s on special and yours is no good), medicines, basic toiletries, some work shoes, work clothes, pajamas, underwear, runners, activewear, pay your bills and your rent, etc. It should only be spent on the basics. You could buy some stationery and a laptop from Officeworks if that’s what you need for work at home.

You could also buy shares if there is enough money.

You could use that money for some DIY home improvement like buying plants for the garden, crosstitch and picture frames.

You should only be spending 10% of your government support income on restaurants, bars and cafes. I.e if you earn about $1500 a fortnight then $150 can be spent on cafe/restaurant food. You should not be going out to eat everyday.

Now there is no excuse to be going to Chadstone and shopping all day. You would most likely be in breach of the Coronavirus restrictions. I read online that in one weekend people did just that and it was 70,000 people, Never again.

Could where you live be a risk for Covid19

The BMJ opinion says that people that live in low socio economic areas are more likely to get Covid19. In the past week alone we have seen an increase in Melbourne and the six hotspots are all low socio economic areas. In the world it is India, USA, Brazil and Peru that are the highest low socio economic areas with the highest rate of Covid19

So what is a low socio economic area?

That would be an area that is affected by people who are low-income earners (they mainly earn welfare). They would also have a lot of homeless people living in those areas. This area would be drug-affected. These areas have lots of fast food places due to everyone being able to afford these kinds of food.

Could obesity have a part to play in this?

The answer is yes. People from these suburbs are likely to be obese and are likely to access more junk food than those in wealthier places. Also exercise has a role in being healthy and if there are no walking paths and tracks then people will be more sedentary.

We see it in areas like Broadmeadows, Airport West, and the City of Casey. Wealthier suburbs have access to a walking trail or two.

So what should governments do to make it better?

The City of Casey said that they were looking at giving people more access to fresh, healthy food. But Governments could make access to fresh and healthy food cheaper for those that can’t afford it. Back to basics is a volunteer run programme in Melbourne where those that are disadvantaged can take some free food and other basic needs.

They should also put in more walking paths which are accessible. Then that way everyone will be a lot healthier.

Doctors and stress during the pandemic

During the pandemic many people have put off going to their GP’s for routine checkups and other things that needed to be done.

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Doctors are trying to fight this pandemic and so they are feeling the stress of it all. In Germany doctors have had to deal with the influx of patients due to the pandemic. But they all had each other who motivated them to work hard.

Many are experiencing burnout at the moment. They don’t know what’s coming next. They work long hours just to keep us safe.

How can doctors and nurses manage their stress?

They can make sure that they are not working long hours, eat a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep. And no that does not mean in the waiting room in the hospital. It means a proper bed.

And doctors and nurses need to make sure that they get their rostered days off. If you don’t you should speak up about this.

How you can help doctors to manage their COVID stress!

We recognise that the pandemic is long and therefore we encourage everyone to be patient and not put off a routine visit or a normal visit. If you do that your chances of getting Covid19 would be higher.

Also do practice social distancing and staying at home when you can. I know this is painful but we will get through it. Just be patient. Don’t go out to the shops and buy unnecessary things.

Do go out for exercise each day. Exercise helps to soothe the mind.

Eat a healthy diet and don’t skimp on medications and other supplements that you need. The chemist is always open. If you skimp on the things that you need just because you’re trying to save money, you’ll hurt yourself in the long run and who knows? you might even get Covid19.

The new way of flying

Note: I haven’t been on a flight yet but I did some research online about what flights are doing to protect their customers

During the Coronavirus period, most of the flights and boarders have been shut. During that time airlines have thought about ways to keep Coronavirus out such as extra sanitization at the airport. Now that everything is almost opened up people around the world have been traveling a little bit (note that in Australia our borders are still not open and that might be the same for New Zealand and Europe, I think)

People are encouraged to check in digitally rather than queue at the kiosk. At the security screening there are hand sanitizers and the trays are clean each time after a passenger puts their bags down

Qantas is invested in their passneger safety. They want to get people working again and the airlines in the air as soon as possible. After every flight they will clean the aircraft.

Before you board, the airlines will hand you a face mask and wipes and maybe hand sanitizer. Some of the airlines insist that you wear a face mask at the airport and for the duration of the flight.

On most short flights there will be no food or drink offered but on some of the long haul flights there might be a snack or two and water. This is to minimise contact between staff and passengers.