Easy vegetarian frittata

This Frittata is perfect for four people and it includes potatoes and eggs. There is no meat in this and it can be a perfect side dish with meat. This recipe would be great for the Coles Cook with Heart campaign which aims to reduce the risk of heart disease. This recipe was from ColesContinue reading “Easy vegetarian frittata”


Easy Apple pie using the pie maker

Now that we are all stuck indoors and with not a lot of takeaway going on, I wanted to bring this easy Apple pie recipe. We have this pie maker at home which is from Sunbeam. It was given to us as a gift one Christmas but we never got to use it until now.Continue reading “Easy Apple pie using the pie maker”

Soup for Vinnie’s soup van

Vinnies (St Vincent De Paul Society) is a charity and they operate op shops as well as free food for those that cannot afford it. Vinnie’s soup vans have been around for a while and they have been serving the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas. They are a charity that feeds the homeless and every winterContinue reading “Soup for Vinnie’s soup van”

Pasta with just tomatoes and salmon

This recipe is for Live Below the line challenge. This recipe can do about 3-4 meals for one person. You need one can of salmon and one tomato as well as one thing of spaghetti. You can buy homebrand spaghetti which is about $1-$2. A can of salmon homebrand is about $1.50 and a tomatoContinue reading “Pasta with just tomatoes and salmon”

Homemade sticky rice

The Chinese Zongzi is the one that I mean. You have this at the Chinese Yum Cha. But now that the restaurants are closed due to Coronavirus, you can make it at home This is a great winter dish. Here it takes a few hours to make and doesn’t cost much. You can make manyContinue reading “Homemade sticky rice”

Chicken curry with Masfoods

I got this packet of Vegetarian curry for free at one of the Asian festivals in Crown last year and it had been sitting in my pantry for quite some time. During this coronavirus lockdown we decided to use it. The curry is non spicy and has a bit of msg and oil in there.Continue reading “Chicken curry with Masfoods”

Banana cake with low fat Philadelphia cheese

We like to make our own banana cake. I hate going outside to a cafe and ordering banana cake from there as it tastes lurid and its full of calories, carbs and starches of all kind. The icing outside is always too sweet and full of fat. Here we have one which is not fullContinue reading “Banana cake with low fat Philadelphia cheese”

Phillips Airfryer by Akira

I have got mine a little more than a year ago and I have enjoyed the fat free takeaway food that I have made at home. The airfryer costs about $200 at Harvey Norman but it lasts for a while. We can cook many things in it This is a no mess and no fussContinue reading “Phillips Airfryer by Akira”

Cooking without limits Weight Watchers meeting

Cooking without limits is something that we all must do to utilize the Weight Watchers zero points food. So far I have. But as I’m a vegetarian this is much easier to do. My coach said that I need to eat a lot more carbs and vegetables have carbs in them.   In their cookingContinue reading “Cooking without limits Weight Watchers meeting”

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