Buddha’s stir fry

Are you trying to go vegetarian? If so this might be a great dish for you. This would be a great Meatless Monday dish.

This stir fry has the Chinese wood ear mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, Chinese mushrooms, bean sprouts, tofu, ginger, snowpeas, and the like. You can have it with rice. This video is from The Art of Cooking on Youtube.

You can get the Wood Ear mushrooms and the Chinese mushrooms from your local Asian grocery store. They come in the dried form so you might have to soak these for a few hours before using.

You would have this dish with rice or noodles.

Things to do with mushrooms

This article was written for Mushroom Day which is on the 15th of October.

It is mushroom season and mushrooms are full of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need. Here are some ways with mushrooms.

How to prepare mushrooms?

Mushrooms are really simple to do. With the dried Asian mushrooms that you buy in the Asian stores, you probably do need to soak them for a little bit in a bowl of water

There are many different types of mushrooms from the Japanese shitake, the Australian mushroom to the Chinese mushroom that we have during Chinese New Year

Mushroom salad

This is really easy to do and you can do it with just about anything you have at home.

Udon noodles with mushroom

This recipe is from Cooking with Chef Dai

Homemade mushroom pizza

Here you can use truffle oil for this. You can buy the pizza-making kit from supermarkets and I got the recipe from Heidi Larsen

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms

Just simply sauteed them in a pan and put it with scrambled eggs for breakfast. And then you add toast with your scrambled eggs and mushrooms.

RSPCA cupcake day

We all can’t be there for cupcake day, so why not bake your own and post it online. The day itself is on the 26th of October and you can register here.

The RSPCA is a charity that looks after animal welfare and this year like other charities have been doing it tough due to COVID.

In Victoria and the rest of Australia you can have a picnic and post it on Instagram. This way you can get people to support the cause.  Or you can do a virtual cupcake party and everyone donates to you.

Baking your own cupcakes is easy as and it’s a good way to stay at home and get rid of the boredom blues. You can even get your kids involved in this. We got this recipe from In the Kitchen with Matt.

You can use some of the things in your Basics box such as flour, milk, and sugar. You could use the canned fruit if you have. But you still need eggs and butter.

This is a fun way to get the family involved during the lockdown. You could even do Halloween themed cupcakes.

Asian inspirations

Asian Inspirations are a company about Asian food and cooking. They host brands like Lee Kum Kee, Julie biscuits, Obento, and lots of other brands. Here they provide many sauces and other ingredients for Asian cooking. In recent years I have been to many of their festivals in Crown where they do lots of cooking demonstrations with their items. At these festivals, they have a stall where consumers and visitors can buy items and try them out at home. Usually, they sell show bags for about $10-$20 depending on when you buy them. If you buy them on the last day of the festival it is cheaper.

We got the recipe for Vietnamese Vegan crepes from their Youtube channel.

I have tried some of their sauces at home and liked them. Every festival that I go to they often give out free sauce sachets.

Do check them out online. Each year before the Chinese New Year festival they have a Cook, Snap and Win competition where you can win some awesome prizes

Homemade hummus

fresh hummus and pita bread
Photo by Naim Benjelloun on Pexels.com

This is so easy to do using a Nutribullet and with canned chickpeas. We love Edgell’s chickpeas as they have no oil and no fuss. You can add yogurt to it if you like or you can leave it without. If we were to use yogurt it would be a low-fat Greek one. You only need a small clove of garlic that needs to be chopped up. Add some water and then blend away.

And there you have it.

This is so much better than the outside ones which are calorie laden and do not have a lot of flavour in them.

If you are losing weight I suggest for you to leave the yoghurt.

Chilli crab

Singaporeans love their chilli crab and as such we can’t go out and celebrate National Food Month in Melbourne due to the lockdowns that are happening.

So we brought Chilli crab to you. You can buy a mud crab in Footscray Market or Queen Victoria Market (yes, travel for food is essential and is allowed)! And the mantou and shallots you can buy them from an Asian grocer store.

Video courtesy of My Guide Network

How do I eat the Singapore chilli crab?

Eating it is really messy and you have to use your hands. Most restaurants will provide some sort bowl with warm water and a towel to wash your hands. They will also give you the other utensils such as the utensil to help crack the shells so that you can eat the meat.

If you are at home you need the utensil to crack the shell. You can buy it at many Asian groccery stores (they would be open under Stage 4 in Melbourne). And you would need some sort of bowl of warm water to wash your hands.

Most Singaporeans like it with mantou (which again you can buy it in Asian groccery shops). Mantou is stamed bread. They use the bread to soak up all the sauce.

Char siu buns

We love them when going outside for yum cha. But did you know that you can make your own? You just need the tapioca flour that you can buy at most Asian Grocery stores and you need the BBQ pork that you can buy at most Chinese restaurants.

Vidoe courtesy of Chinese Cooking Demystified.

You can make them small or big.

Now that we are at home for the foreseeable future, making your own is easy. We cannot go out to yum cha anymore for a little while.

Breakfast ideas from the Woolworths box

We have gone back to isolation times which means that people are poor. So we wanted to talk about the Basics box and give you some ideas for breakfast with it.

plate with tasty breakfast placed on edge of white table
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Woolworths’ Basic Box Ingredients




Toilet paper

Soap (or other hygiene products)


Long-life milk (or a dairy substitute)

Fruit juice

Weet-Bix, oats (or breakfast cereal)

Crackers (or similar)

Spread (jam, Vegemite, honey or peanut butter)

Lunch and dinner

Pasta (or rice, lentils, noodles, quinoa, couscous)

Pasta sauce (or similar)

Canned tuna (or other canned meat)

Canned items – soup, vegetables and fruit

Baked beans (or similar)

Tortilla bread (or similar)



Biscuits (or chocolate wafers, sweet snacks)

Muesli bars (or dried fruits)

Listed above are the contents of the box. It is $80 but Woolworths get no part of the profit. And the delivery is included

Some ideas for breakfast

  • Breakfast crepes
  • Baked beans on toast
  • Oatmeal with milk and dried fruits (or canned fruits)
  • Toast with jam and tea
  • Plain pancakes with just jam
  • Weetbix and milk
  • Waffles

Chocolate cake for World Chocolate day

World Chocolate Day is on the 7th of July and I know that we can’t all be together. This is an annual event and last year I had great fun celebrating it at San Churro with their free hot beverages. So I was thinking of a simple chocolate cake that you can make at home. The cake that I was thinking of was the chocolate mud cake which is cheap, yet satisfying.

And you don’t even have to leave home to make this and enjoy your day. People these days are bored of being stuck at home.

Recipe by Nichomecooking

The day is all about chocolate which we all love and love to share with people.

Even though there is great sadness in the world and we all can’t be together, we can still enjoy chocolate from the comfort of our own home.

I enjoyed a brownie outside in support of a favourite cafe Wolf and Hound. We should all do our part in supporting our favourite cafes.

Fried rice

This is a good dish to do in lockdown when you don’t have much. This is good for those that are time poor as it doesn’t need a lot of time to cook.

Video courtesy of Binging with Babish

It is really easy and cheap to do. All you need is some rice (day old rice would be fine, in fact perfect), some bacon or ham (or if you prefer to do vegetarian its fine), spring onions and egg. Some people prefer to add shrimp to their fried rice.

And you do need a wok where you can toss everything in there to cook.

Hope you enjoy the fired rice now that we’re home.