Kensington Community Neighbourhood house

I first found out about the Community house through Facebook on the Ascot Vale Little Free panty group. So I went to check it out on one of my runs.

Its just behind the school on Epsom Road in Kensington and here they are in a lovely brick house which is like one of those old cottages. The house was established in 1975. Here people look out for each other and many donations have been received. Here there was lots of canned food and lollies and snacks.

They offer free cooking classes online now that people are isolating in their homes. Just recently they offered free signing of documents during certain times.

They do have a Facebook page where people can connect with each other through chat and other things. We need it during this time where we are the most loneliest. They too have a free pantry in which you can donate items or access it if you need. And they have been cooking meals for the needy.

Do volunteer for them if you can.

The Welcome Dinner project by Akira

Now I love to cook and cook lots I have. Therefore the Welcome Dinner Project is a great idea. It was started a few years ago by Ellis when she wanted to welcome new people into her home and her Australian way of life. Others were looking for the same thing. Hence that is how the Welcome Dinner Project started.


And it is successful. So successful that they have organised events in Footscray and Carlton. I went to the one in Carlton and I didn’t know that I had to buy food (as I thought that my partner owed me food and thought that they were coming). Normally I would have cooked a Japanese dish but bread and dip had to make do instead.

It is like this: everyone brings a dish from their home country and then they explain what is in that dish and the story behind it. It starts off with a few get to know you activities, then introductions to the food brought and then eating.

Everyone sits at a large communual table and these events attract 20-30 people, most of which are migrants but there are some that are students.

And sharing. I love Meld community’s nasi lemak. I have always been a fan of this dish since they introduced it a few years back at one of their twirlight market days. And Malaysia house makes it for their Hari Raya sometimes.

And then there is dessert for those that love to bake. But for some people they can’t have too much sugar. The facilitators will bring the drinks and the snacks such as popcorn and pretzels.

I enjoy trying everyone’s dishes and do sign up to the Welcome dinner project here. Its free to join it. But the Welcome dinner project would love a donation to cover the cost of these events.

Harvest festival by Akira

This festival was in North Melbourne’s Language and Learning centre which was introduced just last year. The festival was free and people had a lot of fun whilst there. There was lots of food to try as well as making your own smoothies by bike.

The Language and Learning centre is for newly arrived migrants and people to help them with their English skills and IT, among other things. The place is welcoming and they do have a prayer mat.

Well I’ve already had my smoothie for the day so no Bike and blend for me. Instead there was injera, dumplings, sri lankan curry, rice and much more. This event was held during Cultural diversity week. All the foods were free, however many people donated to cover the costs of these foods.

Cultural Diversity week is a week in Melbourne where all cultures come together over food, fun and community.

The Chinese Dance group did a really stellar dance and they were in harmony.

All the foods were homemade and made by local not for profit migrant charities. There was Ethiopean coffee being made but seeing as it was too late it was not such a good idea.

Many thanks to North Melbourne Learning and Language centre for having us.

Sugar free September 2016

Have you ever wanted to lose weight? If so then a month of no sugar might be good for you. We report on our month of being Sugar free. Yes we did want the odd sweet treat here and there but our body thanked us for not having sugar.


We discovered that all those sugar cravings were due to either a lack of good nutrients or water. On the odd occasion we wanted a  lemonade or two but we didn’t give into those cravings.

Oh and of course we still had our homemade sugar free desserts such as tofu cheesecake. we had fruits too and that was alright. But we skipped the free muffins at the free breakfasts and instead had plain yoghurt or other snacks on offer.


The outcome of that was a 2% in body fat decreased and 0.5 kg of muscle added. The hydration stayed the same pretty much throughout.

If this is on again next year I suggest you do it as it is easy to do. It is easy to replace sugary stuff with water or other savoury homemade snacks.