Caffeine and sleep

Caffeine and sleep are related. When we don’t sleep well we tend to have more caffeine. I know I used to have more before the 30 days less caffeine challenge. Caffeine brings out the stay awake feeling as it is a stimulant. But it tends to create more problems for those that can’t sleep so well with caffeine.

After 15 mins of drinking it, you’ll feel the effects. Mayo Clinic says that many of us rely on caffeine to keep us going throughout the day. How much you can tolerate depends on the person itself. Saatva says that we should know our intolerances and tolerances to caffeine. Some people are jittery and wired up, whilst others relax.

Caffeine brings about disturbed sleep for more people. And when people are sedentary and have caffeine they don’t sleep as well. Caffeine is a whole buzz of activity and hype. We, the Melburnians love our caffeine and we would have lots if we could not sleep well. Coffee and energy drinks are the worst offenders with about 100-500 mg of caffeine.

Have a few of these and you’ll be buzzing. The Sleep Foundation says that caffeine cannot replace a good night’s sleep.

When I found that I drank less caffeine I slept much better at night and had not many PMS symptoms.

So if you want to have caffeine, don’t have it late in the afternoon and if you are sensitive don’t have too much of it. A little bit of coffee is ok as it is an antioxidant.

Do cut back if you are having too much.

Coffee cake for International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day was on the 1st of October. Whilst we couldn’t be together in a cafe (well in Victoria anyway- it’s still takeaway coffees) we thought of a coffee-flavored cake that you can enjoy with your coffee at home.

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the world’s most loved thing and that’s coffee. Its a day where we recognize the efforts of those that produced and made our coffees from the coffee growers to the baristas. It first started in Milan in 2015 and from there it has grown steadily. Many coffee chains give out free coffee. But we chose not to support them this year because of the Coronavirus and the fact that the small hole in the wall cafes are losing out. The hole in the wall cafes has already lost money due to the virus.

As Melburnians, we love our coffee and our cafes. We also love to sit and drink our coffee with our friends. Like the British, we enjoy it with cake and biscuits.

For those that have Nespresso, you can try out their recipe. I love their coffees and they are in Emporium. Whilst they are not open now you can buy their machines online. Their coffees are just like the ones made in a cafe.

We first heard about it last year when things were pre COVID 19. Its all about celebrating all things coffee. This cake is any cake flavoured with coffee. Earlier on this year we did do a chocolate cake. It is similar to that except you add coffee instead of chocolate.

Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars!

Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine as it is a healthy eating cafe.

The staff are lovely and down to earth and at 3:30pm when we went last time they were happy to serve us even though they have worked a long and tiring day. It’s always busy with people

I really liked their vegan breakfast bar as it is a good way to start the morning and they were Instagram worthy. Here they were not too sweet and aimed at 160-200 calories this bar is a must for those that want to lose the weight.

Also I love their teas and relaxed environment! It is in a shopping centre and it has some seating outside its store as well as inside. They also have a great range of coffees and I enjoy their cold brew.

If you are in Melbourne central do come by and check out their awesome coffees on Level 2 where all the clothing stores are.

Choosing the best coffee machine

Melburnians and other people love their coffee and are very particular about it. If you were to buy your coffee each day it would be about $28 per week or $1456 per year. That’s a lot of money and paper cups used if it is a takeaway one.

So most people prefer to buy a coffee machine and their capsules which can save them a lot of money over time.

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How much am I willing to spend? Am I willing to spend a lot or a little bit. Most Nespresso machines cost between $500-$1000. Where as a machine in Aldi costs about $90-$150. And don’t forget the capsules which cost extra


A coffee machine can last for years if you use it properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Do clean it after every use.

Most machines have a warranty period of one to three years. If there is a part that is not working properly and you did everything that you were supposed to, then you can take it to the manufacturer or retail store and get it fixed at no extra cost.

Try out the coffees before you buy.

This is a good idea to see how your prospective machine works and how to use it. Does it make good coffees or do they make crappy ones? A good cup of coffee is what matters to most people. Do you have to press many buttons to make the coffees. Does it make a lot of noise?

Most places will have test coffee machines and sales reps and you can see how they work. You can also ask them questions about their machines.

Do shop around for the best one. What works for one person might not work for others.

First press coffee

First Press coffee is a cold coffee company and they were at the Fitness show. It was here that I tried the almond milk coffee and it was really nice.

Their coffees are Melbourne Made and Melburnians love a good coffee, so you won’t be disappointed.

They are also sold at Fitness first in Richmond and it was there that I first heard about them and wanted to give them a go. They have that nice energetic feeling and that lovely flowery aroma.

The one with the almond milk was quite strong and it powered me through my workouts.

This coffee is quite nice when it’s cold. So do enjoy it during summer. Here is where you can find them.

Giving up coffee and how to do it slowly

We talk about giving up on coffee which has a lot of caffeine in there.

Cutting down on the amount of caffeine is a great idea. Coffee is a great source of caffeine. But some people just get too addicted to it and that’s where problems start. Office workers are prone to have more than one coffee a day including a three pm pick me up. Developing good habits say that the average person has about three coffees a day. Telegraph says that coffee is the world’s most popular drug. Once you stop you cannot give up. It’s an addiction.

For some people, coffee causes anxiety and stress.

Giving up helps with sleep and balancing hormones as well as losing weight. For women, we should try to not have as much caffeine as this will help cut down on PMS symptoms.

What happens when we give up coffee?

Erin Larosa has a lovely write up on Buzzfeed about this and its basically:

  • Sleep is much better- when we drink too much caffeine our body goes into adrenaline mode meaning that we are awake all night.
  • Skin looks much better
  • We lose some weight
  • Your blood pressure will go down as caffeine is a stimulant
  • Your teeth will look much better
  • For women, some of their PMS symptoms will go away.
  • Incontinence goes away as caffeine is a diuretic.
  • Anxiety goes, as a result, just look at Victoria’s piece in the Telegraph.

So you want to give up coffee but don’t know how?

It’s hard to give up coffee straight away so what I suggest is giving it up gradually and cutting down on it. In the first week, you can expect mood swings and irritability. Mannino tried and it was really hard. She eventually went back.

Decrease the amount of coffee by half each week and go from there.

Say if you have 4 cups a day decrease it to just two. And then gradually go from there.

Substitute coffee for other things such as tea. Stevepavlina says swap instant coffee for grain coffee which does not have as much caffeine in there. Twinings Asha tea is a great way to substitute as there is not a lot of caffeine in it.

Its hard at first as you’ll keep going back to the same old ways but it just takes time and determination.

And then, later on, you’ll be rewarded for this by better sleeping patterns and for some people, they may have lost some weight. For the women, their PMS symptoms may have gone down a notch.


making your own coffee vs buying it

Melburnians love their coffee and so does everywhere in the world. Melbourne has a lot of good cafes and so does America with their Starbucks. We can’t live without it. So we debate whether buying coffee everyday in a cafe is so worth the money. Or whether people should make their own.

top view photo of coffee near tablet

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Office workers love to drink their coffee and Melbourne is known for it. According to Moneysmart Australians spend about $1.6 billion a year on tea and coffee. Foodservice says that 47% of coffees in Victoria are lattes. Now that has to be bad for the waistline and your wallet. Some of the baristas can be dodgy, burning your coffee.

Most of the office workers are time poor. So of course they just rush out the door just to make it to work on time without breakfast or a small up and go type breakfast. Most people get to the office around 8 or 9am.

Making your own coffee is cheaper than buying it. Buying it works out to be $28-$35 per week from a cafe or a fast food place. Each day coffee is about $4. Making it is a lot cheaper. Here you can buy a jar of instant coffee from the supermarket for $8-$12 depending on what sort of coffee that you want.

Or you can buy a coffee machine from Nespresso for $700-$1100 depending on the type you want. But there’s also one in ALDI that’s under $100 and it makes fairly good coffee too at home. They often have specials on their coffee capsules and one time we bought six packets of them. These last for a few years.

Most offices have coffee making supplies for their employees to make a coffee or tea. So there’s no need to buy one.

Milk costs anywhere between $3-$5 for 2L. Your supermarket will stock your favorite type of milk

You just need to get up earlier to make your coffee at home. Oh, and while you’re at it you should think about having breakfast at home with it.

Its also healthier to make your own, but a treat or two doesn’t go astray. And there’s no need to wait in a queue if you are in a hurry, but of course apps like Hey You often make life easier and they often have deals.

If you want to buy one in a cafe, get it. But let it be just a treat and not an everyday expense as it can stress you out in the long run.  Oh and don’t go for the cream at Starbucks; it just adds to your waistline.