Rustica Sourdough

We write this as part of our Febfast where we gave up on added sugars! Rustica Sourdough is a bakery in Melbourne and here they are really popular with the locals in Fitzroy. So much so that there is another store in Melbourne central. This store would suit International students and locals just fine asContinue reading “Rustica Sourdough”


Choosing the best coffee machine

Melburnians and other people love their coffee and are very particular about it. If you were to buy your coffee each day it would be about $28 per week or $1456 per year. That’s a lot of money and paper cups used if it is a takeaway one. So most people prefer to buy aContinue reading “Choosing the best coffee machine”

First press coffee

First Press coffee is a cold coffee company and they were at the Fitness show. It was here that I tried the almond milk coffee and it was really nice. Their coffees are Melbourne Made and Melburnians love a good coffee, so you won’t be disappointed. They are also sold at Fitness first in RichmondContinue reading “First press coffee”

Giving up coffee and how to do it slowly

We talk about giving up on coffee which has a lot of caffeine in there. Cutting down on the amount of caffeine is a great idea. Coffee is a great source of caffeine. But some people just get too addicted to it and that’s where problems start. Office workers are prone to have more thanContinue reading “Giving up coffee and how to do it slowly”

making your own coffee vs buying it

Melburnians love their coffee and so does everywhere in the world. Melbourne has a lot of good cafes and so does America with their Starbucks. We can’t live without it. So we debate whether buying coffee everyday in a cafe is so worth the money. Or whether people should make their own. Office workers loveContinue reading “making your own coffee vs buying it”

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