Week 2 training for Melbourne Marathon

This week was a sunny one hence training was a little bit easier. I burnt around 400-500 cals per hour of running. It was a little bit more intense. I went to the coast for a change of scenery.

This week I have noticed my toenails bruising- this was due to all the hard running I have been doing. Luckily though I have had a few days of proper rest and lots of calcium for strong bones. In fact I have had two glasses of milk a day and some yoghurt.

I have also noticed some dehydration- my skin looks fine but I feel it at times as I am sweating a lot. It is winter afterall and I have the heater on as I am writing.

After a few 9km runs done in a few short splits I was tired and this is only week two. The worst is still yet to come.