Foodbank’s food insecurity report

Foodbank is a charity that receives food and distributes it to other charities in Australia. They receive donated goods. During Covid19 like many other charities, they have been hit hard. So when I got their report I wanted to find out more.

During COVID19 everything changed. There was no more social life within the charities and the demand for food went up by 47%. People had lost their jobs. It’s the women that bear the brunt of job and food insecurity. More than 1 in 4 women have experienced food insecurity in the last twelve months. Anxiety is one of the major concerns as a result of food insecurity. Mothers are likely to feel embarrassed because they cannot provide food for their families. Domestic violence is a factor of this food insecurity. They feel embarrassed about talking to their friends and family about it.

Single-parent households are likely to have food insecurity. These households may have a pension or they might have casual work.

What can food insecurity do?

  • It can result in a decline in mental health for someone
  • People do skip meals regularly because they cannot afford a meal
  • Results in malnourishment in children and adults
  • People cannot focus or concentrate on what they need to do
  • People can feel more tired or stressed

We should be donating to these charities to help those in need during these times. I know some of the businesses donated to them but we can do more. More and more free pantries would be a great idea to help those that are hit hardest. Hopefully, Good Food and wine shows in the future will feature Foodbank.

Now that the Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments are being wound back more and more people will go hungry and charities will be quite busy. Christmas will be quite different this year with many families struggling. 

Could the coronavirus cause more people to go hungry?

As more and more people lose their jobs due to the pandemic, we wondered if the pandemic could cause people to go hungry!

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We read this report by the UN nations saying that global hunger has increased this year. They predict that 132 million people would go hungry this year and rely on Foodbank. Food Politics also writes about the food insecurity issue.

The Government gives us money but is it enough for the poor people? This pandemic brings out the inequalities in people. We have seen in the housing towers situation.

We see many charities that are at the brink as many people go to them for food. The Big Umbrella on their Instagram says that many people turn up on Wednesday and Thursday nights and the demand is quite high. The Government allows for these charities to run as an essential service for the homeless and they should. In a Facebook group that I’m in called “Free food Pantry only” there have been quite a few requests for food.

The food banks are quite low on food and donations. We have seen the Ascot Vale Little free pantry always busy. Its the same for the Kensington side.

How to help those in need?

  • There are some charity groups such as Free food Melbourne and other groups on Facebook
  • You can donate money online to your favourite charities
  • You can run for your favourite charities at their events in 2021 and get people to donate money to your charity
  • If you can (and Government allows it) do donate your local free pantry or foodbank
  • If you are a business you could set up some free food days to help those that are struggling

Beef stew for Streetsmart Australia

Streetsmart Australia have their winter appeal going on now. They desperately need your donations to feed those that are homeless. They do this by supporting other charities and by giving them food which is from various restaurants.

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During the Covid19 many more people became homeless due to not being able to pay rent on time. Many peoplehave lost their jobs.

What came to mind for me and seeing as its winter was Beef stew. Now you can do Beef stew with rice or potato. Usually we get our chuck beef from Woolworths. You can also red cooking wine from Woolworths at BWS.

This will take a few hours do to as it would be done in a slow cooker. You can find the recipe here.

Then the restaurants could serve this one up without the rice to the homeless. A bit of bread will be just fine for them

Periods don’t stop for pandemics

Last week was Menstrual Health day and I got the idea from Bethan Taylor-Swaine who talked about this day on her Facebook page.

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Here in Australia some of the vulnerable and poor people don’t have access to period products and at the Kensington and Ascot Vale little Free Pantry people have been getting these products. In March Share the Dignity does these drives. The price of period products has been going up. Per year they would cost between $400-$700 altogether. Factor in food and rent and bills and some people would not be able to afford them. Last March people went crazy stockpiling pads and tampons and left none for the poor.

Periods don’t stop for those that are poor. Those that are poor risk staining their underwear and outer clothes. This in turn embarasses them and people think of them as dirty.

Poor people also don’t have access to clean water. Poor people also don’t have access to health services in the world right now.

Actions needed right now:

  • Donations would be appreciated everywhere. If you can, put some pads in a little free pantry somewhere.
  • Ongoing interventions to tackle period stigma. We need more free access to health services. Hopefully during this crisis the Government would spend more money on the homeless and this can be a part of the money that they spend on women’s health.
  • More access to clean water and washing facilities all over the world. In third world countries people don’t have access to clean water. Hence they always smell.

Coles Cook with Heart Campaign

This is a campaign that just started by the Heart Foundation and here they are trying to raise money for vulnerable Australians. They also are trying to get Australians to eat healthy as during isolation people ate more takeaway foods and desserts that are not heart healthy.

Do sign up for the campaign here and do spread the word so that your family and friends can donate to the cause. The Heart Foundation would like to raise some money towards research for heart disease and advocacy for health professionals

I have seen the ad pop up on my feed and I was thinking of homemade pizza.

You have to cook 5 to 10 healthy meals in ten days. For our pizzas we used the Coles pork loin which was $8 but we only used a quarter of it. The rocket is homegrown and the cheese and tomato paste is from Cheaper Buy Miles.

We used the pita bread from Aldi and we have a convection oven. We preheated the oven for 10 mins and then we cooked the pizzas for 10 minutes each. Whilst the oven is preheating we put all the toppings on the pizza. On it we drizzled olive oil which is good for the heart.

Don’t forget to share your creations with #coles and #cookwithheart

Three ways to spread kindness online

This is an ad supported by the Red Shield Appeal

I was inspired by Creative Impact Co to write about spreading kindness online. During the Covid season millions of people have lost their jobs and charities are stretched to the brink with needy people.

So here are three ways to spread kindness

  1. Compliment someone. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. It could just make their day.
  2. Spread awareness about your favourite small business and show your support. I have been doing this on Instagram. There is a sticker called Support Small Small business and there you put the name of small business in your story.
  3. Support your favourite charity if you can whether that would be sharing their posts or supporting them financially. For me that would be the Red Shield Appeal and you can donate to the Salvos. Another favourite one is the Ascot Vale Little Pantry. They are doing it tough at the moment. Many charities also have some form of cooking competition where you can enter and people donate money to the charity.

Soup for Vinnie’s soup van

Vinnies (St Vincent De Paul Society) is a charity and they operate op shops as well as free food for those that cannot afford it.

Vinnie’s soup vans have been around for a while and they have been serving the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas. They are a charity that feeds the homeless and every winter is where the charities are tested. During the Covid19 the homeless have been hit hard. This is where your donations come in

This year the Vinnies soup challenge is all online. You make a soup and you post a picture of your soup online with the hashtag: takestock and you tag Vinnies in your post. And hopefully people will donate online to the soup challenge

This time we would do pumpkin soup as this is my favourite soup during winter. During winter I enjoy it with some sour cream and chives from our garden. A piece of souradough bread top the lot. At the market they use the big bread and they put a big round hole in there and they fill it with soup. It is fun to eat like that and I wish that Vinnies could do that. It would save some of the plastic and the homeless would enjoy a good meal. Vinnies would not need to use the plastic bowls if they just used the big bread rolls and put the soup in there.

Video courtesy of BronfmanCenter

Australia’s Biggest morning tea with Coles Buttermilk scones

Australia’s Biggest Morning tea is on and it occurs every year. For the past few years this event has been at RMIT University and other places, but this year most people would be holding it virtual. This is due to the Coronavirus. It is run the Cancer Council and they aim to raise as much money as they can for their life saving operations.

This time I decided to suggest that people buy a packet of those Coles buttermilk scones and make it themselves at home. The packet of buttermilk scones costs about $4-$5 and they can make about 50 little ones. A scone is about 160 calories each, therefore a mini one is about 80 calories. Pair that with jam and cream and its about an extra 40-80 calories depending on how much cream you consume. The scones when freshly baked are yummy and moist. You just need to follow the packet directions.

Here is a traditional scone recipe if you don’t have a Coles near you.

Do sign up for the virtual morning tea here and you’ll be supporting the Cancer Council through this very tough time

AIME’s new hoodie

AIME is a not for profit organisation that helps young people get on their feet. They are about helping the wider community for the Greater good. They help the poor with education and entrepreneurship and growth mindset.

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During the Covid19 many people have lost their jobs and now are struggling to pay the rent. So AIME has come up with an idea to help renters pay their rent. AIME has a new hoodie initiative which will help renters to pay their rent. Renters apply to sell them and then if successful they would sell them for $30 each.

The hoodie idea was the best idea since it is nearly winter and already we feel the chill. You can wear the hoodie to the gym or to uni in the second semester.

Do buy the hoodie online if you can and you’ll be supporting the poor in having the best education possible as well as supporting those that cannot afford to pay rent.

Why donating to the Salvos this year is important

We have set up online donation page at everydayhero.

This year more than ever the Salvos are busy with the fallout of the Coronavirus and bushfires. Even though the bushfires are long gone, people need money to rebuild their lives. Due to the Coronavirus things are becoming more and more expensive and harder to come by.

We get money from the Government but its not much so people are forced to go on welfare if they lose their jobs. We have seen an influx of those that have become homeless and had to turn to services like the Salvos. The Salvos provide food and water for people and other services. But they can’t run without your help. They also have an op shop for people that need items.

In the last few times that I have been to the Hamodava cafe there has been a steady increase in people. The amount of homeless people that are out on the street is beyond belief. By day we are confronted by these people and we want to give money but can’t. We do give food and sometimes stop to talk to them.

But you can make a difference though by donating to our thing online. Every little thing that you give counts.