Three ways to spread kindness online

This is an ad supported by the Red Shield Appeal I was inspired by Creative Impact Co to write about spreading kindness online. During the Covid season millions of people have lost their jobs and charities are stretched to the brink with needy people. So here are three ways to spread kindness Compliment someone. AContinue reading “Three ways to spread kindness online”


Soup for Vinnie’s soup van

Vinnies (St Vincent De Paul Society) is a charity and they operate op shops as well as free food for those that cannot afford it. Vinnie’s soup vans have been around for a while and they have been serving the Fitzroy and Collingwood areas. They are a charity that feeds the homeless and every winterContinue reading “Soup for Vinnie’s soup van”

Australia’s Biggest morning tea with Coles Buttermilk scones

Australia’s Biggest Morning tea is on and it occurs every year. For the past few years this event has been at RMIT University and other places, but this year most people would be holding it virtual. This is due to the Coronavirus. It is run the Cancer Council and they aim to raise as muchContinue reading “Australia’s Biggest morning tea with Coles Buttermilk scones”

AIME’s new hoodie

AIME is a not for profit organisation that helps young people get on their feet. They are about helping the wider community for the Greater good. They help the poor with education and entrepreneurship and growth mindset. During the Covid19 many people have lost their jobs and now are struggling to pay the rent. SoContinue reading “AIME’s new hoodie”

Why donating to the Salvos this year is important

We have set up online donation page at everydayhero. This year more than ever the Salvos are busy with the fallout of the Coronavirus and bushfires. Even though the bushfires are long gone, people need money to rebuild their lives. Due to the Coronavirus things are becoming more and more expensive and harder to comeContinue reading “Why donating to the Salvos this year is important”

An open letter to councils

Here is a letter to the council should you wish to start up your own pantry for the homeless. Homelessness is growing more and more each day and its about time that we put an open food pantry in most councils and cities. So here is a sample of a letter that you can useContinue reading “An open letter to councils”

Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved

We talk about giving back to charities Feed Appeal will be having their shout lunch event on the 12th of December and it’s a potluck style lunch in your workplace. Here you donate the cost of what you normally spend outside for lunch to Feed Appeal so that they can keep up the good workContinue reading “Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved”

Sacred Heart Mission

I was given a $25 voucher for this place Sacred Heart Mission is a charity that helps the homeless. Here they provide meals and housing for those that are poor. I was given the voucher to spend in their stores where the poor and vulnerable hangs out. But I collected my voucher from the StContinue reading “Sacred Heart Mission”

Do help the Salvos now

There are bushfires in NSW and Queensland in the regional areas and people have lost their homes. SO far about 150 homes were burnt and about 4 people died. The Salvos are trying their best to help those that have been affected by the bushfires and since it is nearing Christmas are looking for $3.5Continue reading “Do help the Salvos now”

STREAT report

STREAT has just released their latest report. We talk about their report and why you should support STREAT and buy your coffees from them! STREAT is another homelessness charity which helps young people get back on their feet. They have a few places in Melbourne and just last year they opened another place in RMIT.Continue reading “STREAT report”

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