What is your writing process like?

I got the idea for this article from Mental Health at Home who says that we should be writing most days to combat COVID madness.

Where I write?

I write in my study where it is nice and cozy and a good place for me to work. I write on my laptop as that is easier to type and write fast. Grammarly helps with spelling errors and the like.

Do I write drafts on the go?

Yes absolutely. I write when ideas come to me from research and doing things. And then I spend a few days going over it and making sure that everything is fine before publishing it.

How often do I write?

I write mostly every day when I can. Sometimes the articles depend on the demand for information and mental health things. Right now I’m trying to adapt my blog to the COVID times. I know that there have been many deaths and infections all over the world particularly in the States.

Mental health is one of the biggest topics right now and I’m trying to find out lots about it. I signed up to the Global Wellness Institute a little while back and they send out stuff to my inbox about the latest trends.

When do I publish?

I publish when I can. There are no set timelines as to when I publish. You have to remember that COVID is an unprecedented time. We don’t know what will happen the next day or the day after or what the demand will be.

Over to you, when do you write and publish?

101 days of writing

I got this idea from Considering Out Loud. Whilst we are in some sort of a state of emergency and been stuck at home, writing is a great idea. It’s frugal at its best and you can write about anything you like.

Its’s a weird and stressful time to be in right now. People are dying and just barely surviving lockdown around the world. People in the world that we live in now are doing their best to try and help us to survive the crisis. SO it’s only fair that we play our part and stay home.

Each day you post something on your blog, anything you like. It can be about any topic. Even it can be about what you feel during the day. It’s nice to write about that. Or you can make some lists of stuff, just random stuff.

Don’t a have blog?

Starting one is easy. With most blog creating sites it is free. WordPress is a great site. They have tonnes of stuff for free for you to use.

Social Media during the Coronavirus

People are using more and more social media to connect with the outside world. There are dating apps like Tinder and What’s App. So we wonder has social media usage gone up during the Coronavirus and what do people think about this new thing?

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

According to TIME people are using it to react to the strict measures that the countries have put in place. Take for instance the US. The Americans use Facebook and Twitter to facilitate conversations relating to the virus. But this sort of information can make us more anxious about what’s to come ahead.

The Listwire says that we can learn about what the other parts of the world are doing about the pandemic. Social media gives us a glimpse of what is going on, on the other side of the world.

So has the usage of social media gone up in the pandemic?

The answer is yes as we are confined to our homes. People are selling more and more of their stuff online (Yahoo Finance). People are blogging more and more and many of them are applying for IZEA’s influencer marketing program.

People are also seeing their friends online as well as doing live workouts.

So what should we do in the months ahead?

  • Use social media as a way of catching up with friends and limit the time on social media, unless you are an influencer
  • Limit your time with the Coronavirus news- this is a crazy time for people and people will get anxiety.

The WordPress business plan and why its awesome

The WordPress business plan is awesome for most fitness and health professionals as it allows us to do lots of things to attract clients. It is only $396 per year but they have a lot of stuff including free domain in the first year that you sign up. This is great for online businesses as you are found more easily on Google and other search engines.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

WordPress are quite helpful for online businesses as they give out lots of tips and advice to get started.

The SEO feature is awesome in that you get to add in your own search terms for items. Here you’ll get noticed even more on search engines such as Google. Within one week of signing up to this awesome plan I got more site views. From there on it keeps growing day by day. There has not been a day where I have not been busy with views. One day I got 65 views. There are some tutorials on SEO but I haven’t done any of them yet.

With the business plan you can do e-commerce. On the free plan you could not do that. As such personal trainers and health professionals can now sell plans to clients.

Another feature is the video thing. You can add lots of videos with this plan. I enjoyed doing this. Here I uploaded one of the Salvos and it got a few hits.

Now that I have my WordPress business plan, in the new year I plan to analyse my results more closely and tailor my articles more towards my customer needs and wants. For now I am learning about SEO and analytics and once I have that sorted I can tailor my results more closely.

Do get the business plan for Christmas. Its an awesome way to start the new year!

How to start a blog

Ever wanted to know how to start a blog. Ever wanted to put your business on a blog?

Many people ask me this question.

If so here’s how

You need to come with a meaningful title

A meaningful title should be about what your blog is about. You should also think about a problem statement and how you can solve the problem statement. To make SEO easier for search engines, your title should be about 70 characters long.

Which platform: WordPress, Wix, blogger, tumblr? You name it. They are all free.


How do you want your thing to look? There are so many different layouts and formulas that you can use and some of them suit you. Play with a few different ones and then you’ll find the right one for you. Think about where you’ll place pictures in your post.

You should also think about how you will share your posts. Will it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc?


Does the content provide some information to your readers about solving a problem. Does it relate to your problem statement. Is it addressed for your target audience?

Your domain

Your domain should be something which is unique to you. There are plenty of domain hosting services and some of them are cheap. WordPress includes free domain hosting with their business plan.

Google Analytics

You want to know who is reading your blog, whether its the elderly or the young office workers and what time they are reading it. You’d also want to know where they are from.

You’ll also want to know what search terms they used as this will help you create meaningful content.

Your about page

This is the page that people first go to when they click on your blog. They want to know what your blog is about. And they will want to know a bit about you and what your qualifications are.

Bloggers vs Influencers

We talk about the issue of Bloggers vs Influencers which has been going on for some time.

Almost anybody can be a blogger these days. But some people are also influencers. Influencers are those that influence others to buy their products. Influencers have to say that they like a product in order to get money. Influencers usually do the high-end stuff which usually no one can afford.

The macro influencer would be some celebrity or someone who is well known for their niche.

The influencers are the macro ones that usually have about 500,000+ followers on Instagram and Twitter. The micro guys like myself have less than that number on both platforms and Facebook altogether. The micro guys are mainly bloggers.

But we don’t like that influencer style. We like to get our products ourselves as I love to tell the truth about something. And I love to do bargains as people can afford them. We love healthy products that are affordable.

The micro guys are the brand ambassador that represents brands that they love (refferalrock.com). We might receive money or free products as part of our job of spreading the word. But we never try to push clients to buy our products in order for the company to make sales. According to a report by Influence.co it is said that we earn anywhere between $258-$1000 per post depending on the number of followers that we have.

I would love to be trusted by all my followers and not be fake just for the money. People prefer to hear real opinions from people according to Shane Barker. They are likely to trust recommendations from a real user and not a celebrity.

Some of the posts that I find on Instagram are often fake and just ads which I and my users hate to see.

Who do you believe? The micro-influencer or the macro one that is paid big bucks to advertise? Let us know in the comments.

Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts

We talk about this important change and what it would mean for users.


Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Instagram is now getting rid of those diet product posts in order for users to become more body positive. Under Instagram’s new rules miracle health claims will not be allowed as this encourages disordered eating

This is good for us as we have been fighting this for a while. This was one of our goals. Used to want to sell Herbalife but after we saw some of the damage we got to say that it’s not great for us and our users.

This week on Precision Nutrition we have been learning about disordered eating and how bad it is for us human beings. We sometimes see clients at the gym with this sort of eating. They want to lose the weight fast because they see these really thin people on Instagram and they want to be just like them.

Instagram has called out on Kim Kardashian’s lollypops saying that under the new rule it would be banned. This is a huge win for the mental health and real health industry as we want to take a stance against such behavior.

So far this week we reported quite a few and they got rid of one. So don’t be scared of reporting a few that you think are quite fake. You can just right-click on their posts on your phone to report them. Instagram is great at responding. Here’s how to look for the fake ones.

  • If they are posting just about their diet products or cosmetic surgery without real proof
  • If they are posting really skinny people and how they lost weight so fast
  • If they are cutting out whole food groups. As a rule we should aim to have about five food groups a day and a little bit of sugar.
  • If they have some sort of miracle claims. If you’re not sure just ask your healthcare team.
  • If they have more followers than postings, ie. 10000 followers over 100 posts. Its likely that they bought their followers somewhere.

People under 18 years old

They will restrict these sorts of advertising to these people.

But what about those that want to promote this stuff?

Once they hear of the news, they will panic. We don’t feel any sympathy for them whatsoever. They will always find new ways of doing this and might use Instagram less often.

Ever evolving health and wellness influencers

I got this idea from Health Bloggers community

I have been actively involved in the Health and Wellness space for over four years now. In 2015 I started learning the ropes when I was at the gym and then in 2016 I started learning marathon running.


I was in the food blogging industry but that was encouraging me to gain more fat and less muscle and more PMS problems.

In the health industry, I am looking to educate people on the right balance of nutrition, going out and gym. The health and wellness industry is tainted by all these diet scams.

The content that I create

I like to create How-to posts, event posts and some discussions and debates about issues and things that affect us all. The events that I attend should be relevant to my industry of health and wellness

The person who I’d be most thankful for:

Is my mum. She understands what goes on behind the world of health blogging. She is a pharmacist so she understands the need to learn. She also understands the need to rest on the day before my long run.

Blogger or Instagramer?

Ever since late 2019 I have been more of an Instagrammer focussing on all the likes. But then Instagram removed the like feature and now I’m more of a blogger.

Some wins that I had:

Getting a little over 1290 followers on Instagram. Having the number of likes removed makes it so much easier to post meaningful content online and focus on the blog.

I have gained about 233 followers over that space. It means a lot to me and the fact is that health and wellness are starting to become more important to us all.

It was through this journey that I started learning about the different health days such as RU OK day and the various rules that Fitness Australia has.

Some challenges as health bloggers

  • Earning money is one of the hardest ones- we don’t earn enough money as a health blogger
  • We always have to learn about Fitness Australia’s rules and adapt to changes
  • Mental health is such a huge issue that gets underfunded by the Government and society.

Some failures that I had:

Not knowing how to spin cycle in my first year of the gym and being told off for that. And coming late to gym class. That was back in 2015. Not cool. Nowadays as a marathoner, I understand the importance of being on time. Now I come fifteen minutes early and learnt to rely on myself and not the public transport system.

Also wearing jeans in my first gym class. Not acceptable. Now I wear three-quarter pants.

Ideal partners to collaborate with

I’d like to collaborate with universities to give students some working experience in this field of health journalism

I’d also like to collaborate with brands that can understand being truthful as opposed to money.

Some lessons to take away from this industry if you are brand new to it

Never stop learning and never stop trying. Watch Undercover Boss. Read lots of books. Do lots of online courses. Be prepared to spend some money learning new things.

It won’t come overnight. It takes months to work at it.


Our Voice

I got this idea from Mental Health at Home


We never gave much thought on branding but now we should as more and more weight loss blogs are popping up. We have a lot of competition out there.

We are all about weight loss and being sustainable. We are not about diet pills and shakes. We are all about hard work and good food. Oh, and we are about happiness.

Our aim is to provide information and reviews for office workers without the expense.

It took us a while to find out voice and when we did it was all good. In the beginning, it took us a few years to find it.


We didn’t really want one as health is what matters the most. People are what matters the most.

We wanted a lot of white space to show that we are inviting and that we are serious about health and happiness. White means calming for us and white is also professional in many health clinics.

Connectivity with people

We mainly talked to people online and at various meets. We see them at the gym. We watch a lot of these Undercover boss shows and we really learned a lot about customer service and management. Also, Hotel Hell taught us a lot as well. We are there for our people.

Working in health is all about people. Yes, we can earn a lot of money from doing brand sponsorships and collaborations. But people are really our main focus. We do what people want us to do within reason.


A lot of people are fake on Instagram. All those fake #fitspos are not really doing themselves any justice. We are all rounded bloggers. We don’t like to take photos of ourselves because we believe that people should be beautiful just the way they are and not be pressured by some skinny person. We love food as well as exercise and losing weight the right way. We are not about gimmicky diet drinks but we do love our supplement teas and protein shakes with exercise.

To all the fake fitspos you will be blocked as Instagram has a new feature now that you can report them.


Facebook is going fine. We have a page called Healthy International students where people can like the page. It’s simple and we have an application that posts stuff to our Facebook page.


We use it fairly often to promote posts.

How to deal with setbacks

Dealing with setbacks is an important part of life and its an important part of marathon training. We deal with setbacks a lot and we give some advice here.

american back view burial cemetery

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In life and at work you will face some setbacks. But its how we deal with them. Inside Success says that people should expect setbacks from time to time. Engage Coach agrees with this statement.

Working in the weight loss and health industry people don’t always expect a plateau with weight loss but it does happen. And they blame the trainer for it or their hormones. And both are not good. Most failures according to Pereira are opportunities to get back on your feet and start afresh.

This week I didn’t run so well and had to figure out why. Normally I’d get around 160-175 beats per minute but I think it was a bit cold this week. So the intensity was not there.

But then I bounced back on Friday and Sunday and got up to 337 intensity minutes which is double the 150 minutes that we’re supposed to get. I learned that I should get the potassium levels a bit higher and wear more clothes for the run. I don’t run so well in the cold.

Oh, and I was also battling a little busted leg in a couple of weeks before that.

But then how do you deal with the setback? Pereira says to expect it. For me, I just brush it aside and start afresh. But for others, they dwell on the past and it’s bad for their stress levels.

And then when my period came there was another setback. It was raining that day at the end of the long run and I only did 262 minutes of running that week. Fortunately, though it was sunny the following week and I was able to recover.

The Subtle Art of Fuck mentions having a positive attitude. Divyblog also mentions this and mentions joining a group of like-minded people.

According to Tiny Buddha we should eliminate blame and move on. Inside Success says that we should think about what happened and learn from it. We should also challenge ourselves moving forward. Tiny Buddha also suggests meditation as a way of dealing with things. The Subtle Art of Fuck also talks about challenging yourself and moving on.

So bloggers how do you deal with setbacks as it comes?

Do you ignore them or do you learn from it?