Stationery bikes vs Spin bikes

We talk about the different bikes here!

It is coming close to Christmas and many people after Christmas are looking to lose the weight. Most people may not want to spend on a gym membership.So which would you buy?


The spin bikes cost about $300-$1400 depending on which brand you want. But do shop around and don’t just buy them online. Have a look at a bricks and mortars store and go in and check out the bikes. You may have to search on Google for your location.

A normal exercise bike is around $100-$700. Again do shop around for a great deal.

Make sure that you have enough space in your home for your bike. You may have to measure it out, using a measuring tape.

What is a spin bike?

A spin bike is more like a regular bicycle but its stationery. A spin bike doesn’t have as many gadgets and isn’t as clunky as a normal bike.

A normal stationery bike you can fold it and put it away. The spin bikes are not so easy to stow away.

Before you buy a spin bike it’s recommended that you go to a spin cycle class first to get a feel for the bikes.

The advantages of a spin bike

  • higher heart rate
  • calories burnt- you burn more calories on a spin bike than a stationery one
  • more stimulation and you can climb on a spin bike. A stationery one you just sit on it
  • on a spin bike there isn’t a lot of joint pain
  • There are a lot less things on a spin bike- ie no tv screen
  • You can do LesMills on demand on your bike (currently known as RPM)

But what about a stationary bike?

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Stationary bikes are good for just starting out or if you’re an older person as you don’t need to do any climbing. With older people it’s harder for them to balance and their joints are a little bit weaker, ie their bones are prone to brittleness.

A stationary bike for a younger person might give them some joint pain and there isn’t much that you can do on a stationary bike.

Rapha meets Moots

Moots is all American bike brand which has been around since 1981. They originated from Colorado and all the employees there ride bikes. So the owner understood what the people wanted from a bike.

And the people wanted a cool bike that can do a lot. They wanted the finest bikes around. Hence these titanium bikes. Their bikes are silver and a bit on the noisy side.

The bikes are huge but lightweight. They weigh about 28kg.

I was invited to their launch at the Rapha club in Melbourne which also sells bike accessories and books and was well suited for them. The bike accessories and books were cool. And there was a cool one about eating right for the bike.

The food and the beer at the launch party was really cool. I enjoyed all the food even though there was a bit of a wait for it. The bridge road beer was cool and worked well with the food and the bikes on display.

Many thanks for the invite Rapha club. And do check out the Moot bikes at the Rapha club soon.

The great cycle challenge

I aim to do 250- 300km this month.


Here the cycle challenge can be done indoors or outdoors. I chose the latter.

The Great Cycle Challenge is all about helping find a cure for kids cancer. It is free to join and easy to sign up. Some people go all the way and do 650km in a month. Now that is hard for me as I am also doing the Melbourne Marathon.

I am doing this challenge in order to start training for Ironman as you need the stamina for the 90km bike ride.

So far it is going good. And I am feeling great completing it. Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation but I get there in the end.

In the end I have finished and now want to do 300 km in November. I didn’t raise any money but I felt great doing it.

If the opportunity arises again next year, I would do it and I suggest you do too.

Lets Move 365: The new RMIT Bike Hub opens

There is some good news for RMIT students and staff who love to ride their bikes into uni. The Bike Hub is now open. Healthy International Students was given a chance to take a look inside this new and exciting space


The Bike Hub is a secure place to park your bike. There is no need to worry about your bike being stolen out in the street as it requires a swipe card to enter and exit it. Here they have all different sized racks for different sized bikes. The heavier bikes are to be on the ground where as the lighter bikes can be stowed higher up.

For new and old users there are instructions on the wall for the different bikes and how to stow them.

There is a spacious locker and shower area for the ladies. Like the gym lockers you can stow your bike stuff away and your colleagues won’t know that you have ridden your bike in. There are also hairdryers and ironing board.

Every Wednesday lunchtime there is a free bike fixing session for all RMIT bike users. This starts at 12:30pm.