Crumbs Organic Bakehouse

This place is in Ascot Vale and they are known to do the best pizza. They are on a tram line and you can catch the 57 tram from the city to this place.

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Everything here is under $15 and most of the food is under $10. It is cash only. Their coffees are huge and stellar. Service is really friendly with a smile and they are happy to answer any questions you might have about their food.

Here their vegetarian pizzas are made on site. They are square and big for $4 per slice. Outside you would buy a slice and they won’t have much nutritional goodness in there.

I really love the olive and red onion one as that is the best pizza in town. And they don’t use a lot of wheat in their breads. Rather it is rice flour.

I have had their buns before too and they are lovely.

I have had their spinach and feta filo pastry and it is just divine. Here the pastry was piping hot and just like the way my mother would make this at home except bigger and it was $5.

Do go and visit this little gem in Ascot Vale and take home some baked goods as well.

Find them at:

170 Union Road, Ascot Vale, Melbourne




Noisette is a French bakery in Port Melbourne. Here they do the finest bread and I have been to the one in Prahran Market. Because I am on the quit sugar month I could not have any of that sweet stuff. So instead with my Scoopon I bought a loaf of raisin bread for people as well as a salted caramel pod for someone.

The Scoopon was $8 for $15 to spend.


The bathrooms are just behind the counter and they are clean. The service there was very friendly and the lady smiled. There is an eat in area.

The bad was great and it was not too sweet. Here it was thick to cut and it still stayed fresh in the fridge after a week. But boy it was heavy to carry.

Do come to Noisette for your baked goods.