Why are two minute noodles bad for you

Two minute noodles might be the quick and easy way to eat a meal. But did you know that without any extra things they can be bad for you. Eating it everyday is also bad for you.

They are precooked noodles and all you do is just cook them over a stove or pour boiling water into the bowl and enjoy

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They are relatively cheap and very easy to find in supermarkets and some convenience stores.

Where can I find them?
At the Asian grocery stores they are about $0.60-$2 each. At the supermarkets they are a lot more expensive. Larger packs are between $3-$5

RMIT Newintstudents did a blog a little while ago and found that they have some side effects for you such as dehydration. If you eat them everyday then you are likely to gain weight. Two minute noodles have 300 cals and 8 grams of protein. They are fried in oil and then dehydrated. The sauces that you add to them that are in the packet also have lots of oil.

The Women’s health wrote a similar article about this warning of the dangers of eating too much. Goodfood says that they have a lot of salt and sodium in their packets. Goodfood says that most people exceed the amount of salt they can have per day. Healthline says the same thing.

Our verdict: only eat them sometimes and not everyday. Always pair it with meat or vegetables and maybe tofu.

Working out over the holidays

We are nearly in the holiday season, which means taking a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before and not working out as much. Every year people go on holidays just to get away from it all.

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So how would you handle it?

Research the place and see if they have any gyms around. If they do they usually would have a casual rate and so you can go in and workout. If the hotel has a gym, go workout in there. The gym at your hotel maybe covered in your rental rate or you might have to pay another small fee.

For Fitness First members there are gyms all over Australia and any Platinum and Titanium members can workout in those.

Bring your own TRX strap and resistance bands. That way you can workout in your room.

Go for a run at somewhere new. Going to a new place means trying a new path. Better yet why not sign up for a race in that neighbourhood? It’s an awesome way to explore with lots of other people.

Do a walking tour. Walking tours are a way to explore new things. You can Google “walking tours” online

If you have a bike and your airline allows your bike, why not go on a cycling tour of the city and the countryside? Cycling is popular in Melbourne as it is in Europe. In Melbourne you can rent bikes from the Bike Share stands around the city. All you need is a helmet which you can rent at 7/11.

Airline etiquette

air air travel airbus aircraft

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Most of us have to travel for work and that means spending time on the airplane full of people usually for many hours on long haul flights. So here are some manners for the plane. Manners matter a lot to airline staff and their passengers. Airline staff are there to keep your flight safe

Don’t turn up for a flight drunk

Many business executives enjoy their frequent flyer and business class status and fly in business class. The lounge is certainly inviting with lots of alcoholic beverages. And then you get served a welcome drink on board the plane. And after takeoff you get more drinks.

Don’t spoil it for yourself and get drunk before you fly, mate! Save that for later. It’s a sure way to get you fired if the boss finds out

Oh and if you turn up to the gate drunk, most likely they will not let you fly and you’ll have to wait until you have sobered up and board the next available flight.

Obey all flight crew instructions

That one had to be said but each year too many people get arrested just because of that.

If you don’t do as they asked, you’ll be kicked off and charged for interfering. The flight crew are here for your safety and everyone else’s.

Don’t push in front of the line, wait your turn

Unless you are flying in business class or first class, wait your turn. There is no need to push in front of the line. The plane won’t take off without you.

If the ground staff sees you pushing the queue, they might deny you boarding as you would be an annoyance to other travellers.

Don’t be loud and obnoxious.

People don’t want to hear your conversations. They just simply want to go somewhere. If they can hear you they can tell the flight attendant and most likely you’ll be kicked off.

Don’t start a fight with anyone

If you do, you will be kicked off and it will be all over the news. There is always someone filming the fight inside the aircraft and then it will be shared on Youtube and Facebook

Your boss will most likely find out and you’ll be terminated from your job. You will have to pay for the gate fees and the costs associated with your bad behaviour. You would be charged and airlines can fine you up to $25000 for it.

Restaurant survival guide: how to order food the right way

This article is brought to you by Weight Watchers

We talk about how to order food the right way in the restaurant

hamburger and fries photo

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Many people want to get healthy and lose weight but there is something standing in the way. And that is going out to eat. Many people want to still have a social life as well as losing weight.

Here is how to go about ordering food in the right way

Research the restaurant before you go out. Many restaurants have their menus online so you would know what sort of food that they have.

Restaurant meals are quite huge. You don’t have to finish a whole plate if you don’t want to. But if the restaurant allows it, you can take the rest home in a doggy bag and have it the next day for lunch or dinner.

I would say go vegetarian when dining out at the restaurant. But if you like meat, go for it. Just a tip though, don’t order fried meats. Some fatty meats would be your sausages and the huge German schnitzel. And always choose the restaurant yourself. Don’t let other people choose it for you.

Try to if you can, avoid bacon. Bacon is full of fat and the chef normally fries it in a lot of fatty oil. Bacon is also full of grease

Always order the dressing on the side. Never order it inside of the meal. Dressings have a lot of unwanted calories and they are laden with lots of fat and sugar. If you order it on the side you can have a little bit of it and leave the rest.

Never order an entree or a dessert to yourself. Always do the Chinese style which is sharing your meal with your friend. Entrees and desserts are laden with calories. Desserts have a lot of sugar in them

Never ever go for pizza or chips if you want to lose the weight. They are high in calories and fat. They are often cooked in the deep fryer.

Oh and be careful with alcohol. One glass is enough for one person.

Don’t order soft drink. Instead just have water or tea. If you need to go for the coffee, have it as a long black with no sugar.

You can also go for a kid’s sized meal as they are smaller.

If you have any more tips feel free to drop us a line.

Fake Nutritionists and how to spot them: our tips

We talk about spotting the fake nutritionist as this is a huge topic on Instagram

In the online world, there is no regulation about giving people nutrition advice without a degree. So anyone can be a nutritionist. Nutracheck says that there are lots of untested advice online from wellness gurus and other people. They use Emma as an example of someone who is a real one. They say that the problem isn’t a choice but the quality of choice. Pretty much everyone can do a course they said but its where they do the course at.

We did our own search on Google of nutrition advice and it came back with 55,000,000 results. We could not tell who is fake and who is real. Nutrition society says that there is no legal protection over the title Nutritionist which means that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist if they want to.

Quickanddirtytips.com talks about how fake nutrition can hurt us all. Here they say that it can cost us a lot of money and time to fix a person.

In our school at Precision nutrition, it costs us $700 AUD or thereabouts and we would complete the course within six months. But there are people out there who complete the course within two to three weeks. It takes time for concepts to be learned.

A real nutritionist degree is about four years and they have a license to practice afterward

So here are some things to look out for:

  • If they cut out entire food groups

This can cause an eating disorder in many people. For women, it can cause hormonal dysfunction. Remember Sarah from “I Quit Sugar” program? It turns out that she hurt many people from her no sugar advice.

  • If they sell diet supplements without the proper knowledge

These dietary supplements can hurt someone. There are too many out there that do sell these supplements without prior knowledge.

  •  If they sell a gluten-free diet when you don’t need it

Going gluten-free is not for everyone. It’s only for those that cannot eat or tolerate wheat at all.

  • If they sell nutribullet diets and only those online.

It’s worth steering clear of them. They do nothing for you.

Remember this, its calories in versus calories out that will help you lose the weight. Nothing else will. Not even a shake or a diet tea.

Remember that a real nutritionist will have their degree as Bsc or Msc in Nutrition/Human nutrition.

Vulnerability and how its changed my life

I got this idea from Fit Foodie Finds

This is a Weight watchers post.


“vulnerability – the state of being vulnerable or exposed; “his vulnerability to litigation”; “his exposure to ridicule” Definition from thefreedictionary.com

Everything in life you are vulnerable to. Such as your job and your lifestyle.

As office workers, we are prone to more vulnerability. Here we have lots of sweet foods, the food court and stressful things that we need to take care of. We also need to look after our family. We are time poor and sometimes we stay back until late.

The food court was my soft spot. Here I could happily binge on whatever I wanted. It didn’t really matter. Hence this is why I put on a bit of weight.

“vulnerability – susceptibility to injury or attack

weakness – the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain; “his weakness increased as he became older”; “the weakness of the span was overlooked until it collapsed” Another definition from thefreedictionary.com

In 2015 when I first stepped into the gym I was vulnerable. I did not know what I was doing as I was a new member. I also was too serious and took myself too seriously. At that time I was a food blogger and putting on too much weight. I also had an unhealthy relationship with food

Like most people, at first I was scared of going and I quit. But then after doing my first half marathon I realized it wasn’t all that bad

Then I rejoined in 2017 and had made some amazing friends who I can rely on to help me with my studies if need be. Now I want to work at my gym and help out those who are scared of going to not be so scared. I also have a much better relationship with food and exercise.

Once I became a marathoner I understood how important food was. Once I started learning PN’s nutrition coaching system I understood the feeling between eating certain food and how vulnerable we can be to that food. For example, someone who is autistic might like to have chips and coke all the time as their preferential food.

Someone who is autistic might not like to go to the gym and try new things and new ways of doing that thing.

But in the end, I got over it and love trying new things and ways. This is how we learn. We learn by doing and experiencing stuff. It doesn’t matter whether we are right or wrong.

Macca’s monopoly and is it really worth playing?

We talk about the Macca’s Monopoly game which just came out at Maccas.

The Maccas Monopoly game has been around for ages but every year they boast bigger and better prizes. Some of the prizes are food.

This year you have to download this app to get the instant chance prizes.

You have to buy a Maccas meal to get the stickers and then you have to download the Maccas app to play.

You can win free food.

The game goes from the 4th of September to the 29th of October. You have one in five chances of winning lots of prizes. They use this tactic to get people to buy lots of Maccas food and get them to overeat their calories.

I chose the Fillet O fish meal for the healthiest meal. It only had two game tickets. Some of the large meals have 4 game tickets, others have five.

But is it worth it just for one prize?

Absolutely not. You have to buy a meal or one of the items listed on the website just to play. Meals cost money and calories.

Sometimes you can even win free food which equals more calories.

And then for the chance card you have to download this Maccas app on your phone and for some phones, it does not work.

I just got a headache from just eating one meal. I was thirsty after a while. The fillet O fish burger is 380 calories and the chips are about 200 calories.

It encourages emotional eating in some people. When you get the token you feel excited to have a chance at winning something. The free food makes most people happy. Particularly those that are on welfare as some people can’t afford to eat. And then that feeling encourages you to eat more just to get at that prize. Then people will come back for more.

And then after a while, people put on a bit of weight after eating all that Mcdonalds. They would start to have some gut issues and other health problems. The food at Maccas is really salty and processed. The soft drinks have about 40g of sugar in there.

The food is just empty calories that we don’t need.

All in All

Play only just for fun and not for winning. And don’t eat it every day. Maybe just once or twice in the month.

And don’t expect to win anything just enjoy the meal.

Our Voice

I got this idea from Mental Health at Home


We never gave much thought on branding but now we should as more and more weight loss blogs are popping up. We have a lot of competition out there.

We are all about weight loss and being sustainable. We are not about diet pills and shakes. We are all about hard work and good food. Oh, and we are about happiness.

Our aim is to provide information and reviews for office workers without the expense.

It took us a while to find out voice and when we did it was all good. In the beginning, it took us a few years to find it.


We didn’t really want one as health is what matters the most. People are what matters the most.

We wanted a lot of white space to show that we are inviting and that we are serious about health and happiness. White means calming for us and white is also professional in many health clinics.

Connectivity with people

We mainly talked to people online and at various meets. We see them at the gym. We watch a lot of these Undercover boss shows and we really learned a lot about customer service and management. Also, Hotel Hell taught us a lot as well. We are there for our people.

Working in health is all about people. Yes, we can earn a lot of money from doing brand sponsorships and collaborations. But people are really our main focus. We do what people want us to do within reason.


A lot of people are fake on Instagram. All those fake #fitspos are not really doing themselves any justice. We are all rounded bloggers. We don’t like to take photos of ourselves because we believe that people should be beautiful just the way they are and not be pressured by some skinny person. We love food as well as exercise and losing weight the right way. We are not about gimmicky diet drinks but we do love our supplement teas and protein shakes with exercise.

To all the fake fitspos you will be blocked as Instagram has a new feature now that you can report them.


Facebook is going fine. We have a page called Healthy International students where people can like the page. It’s simple and we have an application that posts stuff to our Facebook page.


We use it fairly often to promote posts.

Toxic Work cultures

And we should not have to deal with them.

white paper on laptop computer

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What is toxic work culture?

Talent Culture says that toxic workplace culture is highly authoritative and places too many rules on employees. It is very stressful for people. It gets to the point where people cannot take it any longer and so they leave.

The Brisbane National times said that people with toxic work cultures tend to not show up for work, high turnover, poor performance, and an increase in Work cover claims and bullying. It costs the company lots of money according to Goalcast.

Office workers should be able to get breaks when they want to. But they deal with things like meeting high expectations or deadlines which are really tight. Many of them are forced to work weekends

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, some people are forced to eat lunch in their cars just to get away from it all.

Its bad enough having to wear a uniform which sometimes might feel uncomfortable. Wearing a tie can be a bit unhygienic because if you wash them you’ll damage it. Stuff.co.nz says it’s unhygienic to wear a tie and most people nowadays don’t have to wear one. But no breaks really?

Bank tellers and anyone dealing with people on the front line would face some abuse from customers. The Irish times say that many of their staff are not supported when they are abused. But here in Australia, the staff can report the abuse to higher up.

Here’s how to handle this:

  • take your lunch break
  • Have a casual Friday where people can wear Jeans
  • For every four hours worked there should be a break of 30mins for lunch and a small break for 10 mins.
  • Occasionally have a potluck lunch where everyone brings something and there is a bit of team bonding.
  • Don’t take abuse from customers. Instead, banks should employ security staff to handle the abusive customer
  • Every company and workplace should do surveys of their employees about three times a year and then work out where they can improve team morale.
  • Get rid of most of the company rules and let your employees have a say in the work that they do. But they should keep the company goals in mind.
  • We should be encouraging leadership and inclusiveness and not discouraging either.
  • A business should assign realistic workloads to their employees so that they can leave their work at the office and go home every night and be with their families.

The diet soda debate

I got this idea from The Baking Nutritionist

photo of coca cola bottle

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In Australia, we have too many soft drinks and they are often too sweet and full of empty calories. But what about diet soft drinks?

At the supermarket, there are many diet soft drinks and we look closely at them.

“Diet soda drinks linked to strokes and dementia”

“Diet drinks are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar” (quote taken from The Baking Nutritionist)

Diet sodas have fake sugar in them. It’s not such a good idea to drink them every day but on the odd occasion, it’s fine.

The problem is that those sugars trick the body into thinking that it needs more sugar and so we eat more sugary stuff! Splenda is just one of them according to the Women’s Health network. The molecules in Splenda are made with Sucrose ( a type of sugar) and the other normal sugary molecules are replaced by three chemical atoms which we have no idea what’s in them.

Sucralose, on the other hand, is another type of sugar that interferes with the gut. Another additive found in diet drinks is saccharin which is another type of sweetener found in over the counter medicines.

Aspartame is another chemical found in diet drinks. It has some effects on the brain which can damage the nervous system.

But in moderation diet soda can help you lose weight according to the Sun Chronicle. They say that people forget moderation.

Most sodas contain caffeine in them which is bad for you. Diet coke is the worst one. Caffeine can dehydrate you.

From some people I heard that they lead to an early death if you drink too much of it. And too much of this type can cause you to gain weight. 

Authority health says that drinking too much soda can lead to diabetes with a 121% increase in the rate of diabetes in America.

So diet drinks are just the same as any other sugary drink. Don’t be fooled by the word diet. It doesn’t mean anything. In fact, people who drink this all the time will experience these health complications.

If you really want to lose weight, just try regular water or tea. Much better than soft drink any day.