Support the Salvation Army by buying the Entertainment book!


This year we are selling the Entertainment book for $70 each. We have had many good experiences with the book in the last few years and here is a roundup of where we have been with the book.

So why are we selling the book?


We are selling the book to raise funds for a much needed cause of helping the homeless. 20% of profits from the sale of the books goes towards helping the Salvation Army with their services for the homeless people.

Every year the number of homeless people is on the rise. Last year it was 247 people, this year might be even more. A meal or two costs $20 and two books sold goes towards giving them a meal.

10 books sold goes towards giving them a weeks free travel on MYKI. Then they can rest assure that they will not be fined.

What does the book offer?

The book offers 2 for 1, 25% off and 50% off the total bill to hundreds of places.


How do I buy one?

Simply click on this link and then choose your book or your app. Some people prefer the app, others prefer the book. Then you can pay for it using credit card. Don’t worry there are easy ways if you want to pick up the book.

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