Coca Cola and why it is bad for you

The rate of obesity in Australia is about 70% and it is growing year by year. The health industry costs taxpayers a lot of money.

At the Royal Children’s hospital, there are lots of Coke products on sale. Here many patients, visitors and hospital staff all rely on Cola to keep them awake or cool on hot days.

Coca-cola has too much sugar and caffeine and that is not good for you. Why? Sugar is bad for your teeth and body and caffeine can keep you awake at night. Moreso too much caffeine is bad for the cortisol levels in your body leaving you higher and higher to stress. Too much of this with little or no exercise leads to the obesity problem.

Most people got diabetes from drinking too much every day

Experts say that it can cause weak bones. And for the ladies, it makes PMS worse.

If we were to use it for Ironman it would be ok as it gives the athletes a lot of energy and we need that energy. We need that sugar to keep us going. But for a regular, non-athletic person, drinking Coke all the time would be bad.

In short: please skip the Coke at the supermarket and instead drink plain water.

The big SLF

We go here every year and every year it’s at the same place in Birrang Marr. So this year we’d thought it would be more appropriate to have drinks there.

The big SLF aims to educate people about healthy and sustainable living and that is what we do here. It is over three days and there are three days of workshops and healthy eating to be had. And of course, there were prizes to be won.

On Friday that we went it was not busy. It was very quiet. Here they have a bar which is run by Bright Brewery. The beer is amazing and like other festivals, they have their reusable cups. The Kombucha cart had their reusable cup system too and if you bring yours back they will give you a dollar.

The beer went well with Wokking Amazing’s Peking duck. It was $13 per plate but they have big serves. And of course, the duck is vegan. You order and you pay and then they will give you a number. And you wait five to ten minutes for your meal to be freshly cooked.

The zebra dream ice cream is great. Here these ice creams have natural sugar in them which is good for Febfast. Here I had the choc mint and it was very minty. But very expensive at $5 a pop.

Do come to this amazing festival next year and you can learn a lot

Week three of the Priceline health tracker

My results are the same ole 79% for health and my heart age has gone up to 25 years. I wonder why. My weight is excellent but my cholesterol and sleep pulls it down. This week I have been having about 3-4 times of week of eggs.


This week’s theme was all about eating outside. By that we mean food court food. This week we had to pick a shopping centre and analyze its food court. I picked Highpoint because I have been there many times. Now Highpoint doesn’t have the most nutritious food, but for lunch I picked sushi from Sushi Sushi. I know that they don’t have the best of sushi but I had an Entertainment book voucher so I used that.

Highpoints offerings are often high carb and high in sugar. If I had to pick five healthy places, I would pick Sushi sushi in the fresh food area, T2, Saigon square, Soul Origin and Top juice for their salads. Other than that nothing else.

T2 has these ready to go iced teas which don’t have any sugar.

I was asked to think about some social situations involving food. At a cocktail party I would have two canapes and one to two drinks and then leave after that. I don’t really have a mother in law so I would skip that. As for a coffee with a friend I would just have a coffee with no sugar and maybe share a healthy dish. At a business meeting I would just have fruit or nothing but coffee. Or half a cake if they have. At a conference I would just opt to bring in my own food. That way I can have some control.


I went to bed around 11pm didn’t fully go to sleep until 12am as it was so cold. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were really humid and I did not sleep so well. I had about 12 hours sleep in total for those two nights. And then Thursday night I slept alright. I was really low in cholesterol. It takes about a month for cholesterol to improve.

This week on the stress side of things we learnt about resilience and being positive and hopeful. Doing a marathon requires a certain amount of resilience and requires mental toughness.  Can I persevere through any challenges? I can at times but sometimes I get overwhelmed. Do I have a support network for the gym? And the answer’s yes. So far I have been moody due to a bad night’s sleep.

Do I have a sense of purpose and meaning? The answer’s no and here is something that I can work on.

Week 17 of the triathlon

This Tuesday rode 34km in one hour and half and burnt 607 calories. My speed was somewhere between 20-31km per hour. My heart rate is somewhere between 100-172 in the time that I do the ride, but then afterwards it stays that way for about an hour and half. But by Friday it was much better. It went down to 70rpm.


At North Melbourne I played with the blue bikes for a while whilst waiting for the train. I reckon I need to work on the balance. I sometimes lose my balance.

On Friday I rode 21.1km within 55mins and Wednesday I rode 22km. Friday’s ride was a bit slow as I was pretty tired. But my run on Friday was 8km and it was ok. Had sore legs afterwards. Wednesday’s stretching was fine.

Need to work on the nutrition side of things as I am always hungry and tired. I can’t work out how to sleep well in the humidity and I am a heavy sweater. Therefore I need to work out the water for the summer.

The Danish Girl- movie review

The Danish Girl is such a wonderful and moving story. It is based on a true story. The photography is just beautiful and there are some scenes that make you cry. It stars Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander as the artist couple.  It is set in 1920’s in beautiful Copenhagen. It starts off with an art exhibition and the celebration of Einar’s latest work and being in the top one. They are both drunk. Einar and Gerda are a loving couple of husband and wife with no kids.

“She propositioned me” Einar.

As soon as Gerda gives Einar the dress, the stockings, and the shoes- he starts to become interested in becoming a lady. He watches Gerda undress whilst in bed and takes off the stockings. He touches her in her private parts. “I’m your wife. I know everything” She says.

There is nudity, especially in the bed. They have sex and Einar is wearing lady’s undergarments. They have sex and later on Gerda sketches him in the bed.

Gerda is such a great sketcher. When she showed the buyer at the gallery he was happy and he wanted them.

Lili is so pretty. Prettiness is mentioned a lot in the movie.

Self-identity is another theme as Einar/Lili’s identity is questioned. It is questioned by Henrik and then by himself. Einah/Lili kisses Henrik and he wants her. Lili doesn’t know what she wants and then is confused. Infidelity is talked about here when Henrik kissed Lili and Einar tells Gerda. In my online journalism course, self-identity is talked about.

Henrik kisses Lili at the party and that brought Einar to question himself and get confused about his sexuality.

Einah collapses and is taken to the hospital. Einah has a chemical imbalance. He gets radiation.

The art gallery in Paris wants Gerda and she goes. Everyone loves the paintings that Gerda does. Whilst there he paints and becomes Lili again. And Gerda paints Lili again.

Then one night at the exhibition Gerda feels alone without Einah. “We do these things together”, Gerda. She is hurt and wanted her husband, but Lili could not do that. Gerda falls in love with Hans.

Einah finds out that he is homophobic and is bashed in the street by two guys. He is also schizophrenic and the doctors cannot help him. He is a woman inside. Then he gets a sex change operation which means letting Einah go.

Lili moves back to Copenhagen and she gets a job in a retail store. She is so skinny. And they all get along.

In the end, Einah and Lili die due to complications with the surgery. This scene really moved me to tears.

Feburary Goals

With the month of January truly gone here are my goals for Feburary.


I’d love to consume more cholesterol- am trying to do that via various ways such as eating more fish olive oil etc.InstagramCapture_d513a624-2dd5-4570-8d17-4cd84125c1e3

Better night’s sleep- so far have not had a good nights sleep due to humidity. Hence I will try and find better ways to get rid of the humidity.

No more PMS- last month I have had PMS due to bad night’s sleep among other things

Eat more ginger to cure PMS- am drinking some ginger juice as a supplement to ginger.

I loved vegetarian meals last month. I would love to see how interesting it can be to keep a vegetarian diet. I’d like to try and find some cheap vegetarian meals in the city if I can.

Ride 400kms- started it and its going great

Run 150kms- hopefully I can pick up some speed



Week 2 of Priceline challenge

Did not sleep very well on Sunday night due to humidity.  As a result, when I weighed in on Monday I got 47% for sleep. That does mean that I don’t get a good night’s sleep all the time. Got up this morning and had PMS and had my period. As a result, the nutrition stayed the same at 60%.


I also got 33% for both my cholesterol and sugar. I have been eating more fish, oils, eggs etc. My body fat has gone down by 3%. This is talked about in the fat vs muscle loss. Fat is much lighter than muscle. You need muscle to perform your daily duties well.  I plan to decrease the sugar

And then Monday night I did not sleep well either. I got about two to three hours of sleep, all due to feeling cold and hungry from my period. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, I slept really well due to lots of exercise and food. Thursday night slept alright but woke up due to having to go to the bathroom.

This week was talking about meal plans and kilojoule intake (calories). I generally don’t like to write a meal plan as I share the house with people. But for lunches in the city, I generally enjoy my shakes. For snacks, I have dried apricots, nuts, fruits and other things. Am cutting out sweets because of Febfast.

I always eat every 2-4 hours and lots of snacks as I exercise a lot. I eat about two serves of grains, 2-3 serves of dairy, some fruit, and veg. And not enough oily things. I eat just enough meat and not enough seafood. I monitor these in myfitnesspal.


Week 16 of the triathlon


Rode 22 km on Tuesday and all was fine. It was the second day of my period and I was bleeding heavily.  Here I was a little bit slower on my run. I bled throughout the night and it was quite a lot.  I was in a bit of pain and needed my painkillers. Luckily for me, there was my Herbalife shakes and I am eating a lot more these days to not even notice my period as much and have just as good performances in my training.

Wednesday’s stretching session was really good. Wednesday’s run was also a bit labored. After all, I lost a lot of blood at night. Luckily it was not warm at all.

Ran a good 9km on Friday and on the fifth day of the period with no vomiting. Rode 20km as I was tired from the last session. Saw the Herbalife family foundation riders start their race today and it gave me some hope for the Salvos.

Australia’s new laws on codeine and ibuprofen

In 2016 the TGA has decided to put a stop to sales of codeine and ibuprofen over the counter. Now people will have to buy them via prescription only. Which means having to see your doctor.


The reason for the ruling is this: a few people have abused the codeine and ibuprofen and bought lots. And some have consumed up to 28 tablets a day.

This new law came into effect on February 1st 2018.

What do we say?

Its a bad idea from the start as it will create more work for the doctors and more inconvenience for people. People will have to pay more and see a GP. And some of them may not have the time to talk to the patient properly.

It would be painfully embarrassing and inconvenient for a lady to talk to her doctor about the period pain she’s experiencing. I already get really heavy flows and painful periods. I don’t need to see a GP, do I? I eat well, drink well and exercise? I also hydrate properly?  So why should I have to see a GP for something as minor as a cold or period pain?

People in the rural towns will be much more inconvenienced as they have to travel far.

Royal Childrens Hospital and what sort of food it offers: a case study

The Royal Children’s Hospital is a place for sick children. Its just outside the City of Melbourne and it has a huge parking lot.  It has been around for many years and on the topic of obesity, we wanted to look at the food that they offer there. And why you should bring your own food.InstagramCapture_15353a80-1ac2-45c6-a65a-30bae475e794

We visited in January when it was busy with all the kids needing injections and checkups. And when we first entered we saw the food court and McDonald’s. McDonald’s was really busy with all the obese people. People visit from far away rural Victoria and have not much understanding of nutrition. Some people order coffee with three teaspoons of sugar. It is not good for their health. A lot of people visit the food court cafes and some opt for sushi.

The Royal Children’s hospital has McDonald’s in there which entices sick patients to grab a takeaway or two. As you know it is not very healthy. McDonald’s has a lot of calories in their foods and they are quite fatty. The dumpling shop next door has a lot of fatty and deep fried foods too. The AMA (2018) called for these sort of foods to be banned.

It offers a wide range of sugary drinks at their convenience store. Subway also has a lot of sugary drinks and treats. Their footlong subs are calorie laden. But their wraps are not too bad. My wrap has about 400 cals and my desert cookie has 478 cals. Altogether I would have eaten nearly 900 calories in one sitting.

There are a few cafes which sell coffee in big takeaway cups. Here they have those paper cups which burns your hand when you open it. These are not environmentally sustainable and nor are they in the patient’s favor. Most cafes offer a discount for those that bring in their own cups but there is no sign saying so.

The hospital is right near a park which is great.

There is one water fountain but that was a bit hard to find.

There is an ice cream store called Trampoline which people go to in the summer.


Some recommendations

  • Instead of having McDonald’s in the food court, the hospital should have another health food place. It has one vegan place but that is really hard to find. Like Subway, McDonald’s should be outside.
  • Instead of the convenience store, the hospital should seriously think about having a fit club where people can work out for free if they are a patient or staff. There should be a nutrition bar there
  • Remove all sugary drinks from the hospital
  • The hospital should have a T2 bar where they just serve ready-made teas only
  • The hospital should consider a Nespresso bar where they do just coffees on the go and there is stevia instead of sugar
  • The hospital should consider banning the use of paper takeaway cups and rather have everyone bring their own small keep cup mugs

Hopefully, in 2018 the hospital will make some positive changes in their precinct to promote healthy eating and drinking. And hopefully people will lose weight.