Why fake diets and liver detoxes suck

People promote these fake diets and liver detoxes on Instagram and they have been doing so for the past few months and years.

They suck for various reasons. On Instagram there are many detox posts and influencers who advertise their detox wares. This week I saw someone advertise a detox water and questioned them for doing so. And then they did it again.

January and February is the time when people want to lose weight. So advertisers will advertise their detox products hoping to lure people in. When we searched on Bing it came up with 32,500,000 results.

They suck because they are expensive to follow. They are short term diets that promise results and most people are unhappy.

Some of these detox diets are extreme and can cause nutritional deficiencies like the water and fruit cleanse diet or the juice diet where you just drink juice all day and that’s it.

You don’t need a detox diet to get rid of all the fat and lose the weight. The kidneys do that for you. But you can help the kidneys by eating a sensible diet (full of fruits and vegetables and some lean proteins, fats and carbs) and drinking lots of water. The kidneys will excrete the waste and detoxify you.

A note for Instagram: you should ban all those detox diet ads and block those people’s account as what they are doing to others is dangerous and can end up with a visit to the ED as well as an eating disorder.


The TGA crackdown on supplements

The TGA has proposed a crackdown on supplements as they are unlicensed and unsafe. The supplement industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars

If the TGA goes ahead with this then eventually jobs will go and business will be forced to close down. The process of removing and banning supplements would take a long time

There is a petition going online which you can sign and show your support.

Where do we stand?

We believe in real foods and not the fad diets and supplements that are out there to promote weight loss. But at the same time those that do endurance sports of some sort and body building do need them.

We do believe that safety comes first. Hence the real food diet

But at the same time we don’t want to see businesses close because of this

Red Tractor Protein review

I got these Red Tractor Protein from Coles and had wanted to try them. They are $3 a packet.

You open the packet and you pour it into a shaker. You then add water and then stir it. These sachets have 20g of protein and no added sugars. They include oats and flaxseeds which are good for meeting your fiber intake each day.

I really liked the taste of this. There is no sugar to it and they come in chocolate and vanilla.

Do buy it if you are trying to cut down on the added sugars.

The effects of urbanization on our health

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival we talk about the effects of urbanisation on our health.

As our population grows so does our carbon footprint and our land. Immigrants come from all over the world and there are more immigrants now in Melbourne and Australia. People move from the rural areas to the cities in order to find better jobs. More trees in our forests are being cut down to make way for new land and houses. This means that our biodiversity is dying. Urbanisation causes a lot of strain on our health and money and here are a few things as to why.

Air pollution

Industrialization has created a lot of air pollution. People that live in big cities tends to be exposed to a lot more pollution. People drive everywhere and this produces some of the pollution. Other pollutants can include factory fumes, dust from buildings being built and demolition. This is a health problem as we don’t have as much clean air.

Everything is fast paced as companies want things cheaper. The cost of manufacturing is high and the prices have gone up on our food supply and other utilities.

Urbanised diets

People that live in big cities tend to be exposed to a lot more junk food and food is always at their convenience. Hence this has lead to more diseases as people lack in good nutrition. In every street corner there is always a fast food joint and some of them are 24 hours, like McDonalds.

Poor people cannot afford fresh food due to monetary issues. As such our health care costs are higher due to the higher rates of obesity and mortality.

Sedentary lifestyles

Living in the city means that people sit more and move less. People also drive to everywhere rather than bike or tram it.

Development of slums

Whilst Melbourne is lucky not to have such things, other places like India and third world countries have slums where people live in because they are poor. The cost of urbanisation as well as high unemployment rates have left people poor. Hence there are more squatters and slums than ever before.

Climate change

Because of this urbanisation we have had many warmer days. The Uk has had an abnormally warm summer last year. This year we have had the hazy season due to the bushfires.

Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week was on the 10.2.2020-16.2.2020.

This week we focussed a lot on health and nutrition in general. Many people at the gym don’t always know how to eat healthy or the right way for their body type. It’s a shame that this week happens in America but not in Australia.

This year it’s all about Health at Every size. There is no one right size that fits all. People seem to think that there is but there is not. People want to lose weight the fast way without really finding the best way for them.

This week we enjoyed eating everything and what we wanted to eat, not what we have to. For instance, Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed a vegetarian sausage roll and vegan pie at Daniel’s donuts. I really liked the taste of a vegan pie.

On Friday night at the after work drinks I enjoyed a bowl of chips. For lunch that day I had three Roll’d rice paper rolls and enjoyed all even though I know that it’s not good for you. But every now and then its ok.

This week I did my runs for pure enjoyment rather than I had to. This week I only did 138 mins of high intensity activity rather than the 200 mins and I was ok with that as I had done that previous weeks. I didn’t like being dragged into doing 200 mins every week. Meanwhile we enjoyed other activities and I enjoyed team teaching in my first rpm class, rather than thinking its a chore. Some people seem to think that exercise is a chore rather than enjoying it.

My weight has been on the healthy side and it will always stay there. I weigh 53kgs and my BMI is about 19. This is just a number on the scale and we don’t go by numbers, rather by how you feel.

Why eating refined sugar is bad for you

We write this for Febfast in which you can give up added sugars

We eat lots of refined sugar each day. We have them in our breakfast cereals, cakes, sauces and everything in between.

What is refined sugar?

Refined sugar is the sugar that you find which are added to things. It’s the processed sugar such as your white sugar and some brown sugars. It is added to cakes and sugary drinks and things. All the things with added sugar in them is just empty calories.

In the short term it can cause lots of energy crashes and for some people it can keep them awake at night.

Why is this bad for you?

  • Eating too much sugar over time damages your teeth and gums
  • Eating too much sugar causes weight gain.
  • Eating too much sugar causes some diseases, such as heart diseases
  • It can cause hormonal imbalance and can increase PMS symptoms
  • It has been linked to acne
  • There has been a higher link of depression in adults

In short you can have them as a treat, but not as an everyday food. A treat is ok once in a while.

January 30 days Fitness Challenge

Did you put on some weight over Christmas? Want to lose that weight healthily? Then here’s the solution

This year I want to challenge you to 30 days of Fitness. Every day you are to do any activity that you enjoy and try some new ones such as yoga. If you are new to exercise then you should start out slowly.

Each year at the beginning of the year, most gyms are busy signing up new members as they want to lose weight. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can pick somewhere outside and do your exercises there.

Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa on

The aim of the challenge is to not lose weight, but to be healthy and happier you. Exercise makes you happy as it increases your serotonin (the feel good hormone)

I did the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this. In fact most weeks I did 150-300 mins of intense activity such as running and other days I was happy with strength. At that time I did my initial two days of training for RPM which I hope to be able to film classes in my gym and then put them up online for you to see and try. And then you can do this from your own home and I get a small portion of the money. You can do my classes no matter where you are in the world.

I also did my runs too at this time and they were awesome. They felt good most of the time with the exception of when I got my period.

Do try and do the 30-31 days of Fitness. It is awesome and you can start small. I.e 20 mins a day and then build from there. Just see how you go.

The 30 days eat more Fiber challenge

Did you want to lose some weight but didn’t know how? Well here’s a good idea and I’m going to try this too.

Have you been going to the toilet regularly? By that I mean by one in every few hours in a day! What does your poo look like? Is it hard like stone or soft and smooth. If it is hard like stone it is not normal and it means that you have not eaten enough fiber.

We need about 31g of fiber in a day. I got this idea from Eating well to do so. I did try and aim for that much each day. Some days I’d have more and some days I had less.

There are two types of fiber- water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. You need both to get on with your day. Insoluble fiber can help us become fuller for longer and keep things moving in our bodies. It can help us boost our gut health. Soluble fiber can help us excrete the fatty toxins from our bodies.

But I always remembered to pass a motion each day. 31g of fiber is not much. Sometimes I would pass two motions- one in the morning and the other one at night. It’s basically some nuts and seeds, two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables. Not many people get that much. It’s easy to get a lot in if you make a meal or two with a lot of vegetables and chia seeds in there. You could bake a homemade chia and carrot cake. Or you can add chia seeds to a smoothie.

Chia seeds are easy to find at the supermarket. They are in the health food aisle and they are in all health food stores.

Celery is also another one that has lots of fiber in there.

Nuts and seeds are great for you. Not only do they have lots of fiber, they also have good healthy fats which we need to live on.

Do try this and see how you go.

Melrose essential reds

I bought this on sale from Evelyn faye! Normally its $24.95 but with the 10% discount it is about $21. There is about 30 serves in that tub.

Here you mix this with water and it becomes red. It looks like a campari as its dark red. It is meant to be beetroot powder which can help you recover after a workout.

Beetroot helps runners recover after their workout due to the nitrate oxide which is naturally found in beetroot.

You can mix it in smoothies and shakes to give it that boost. You only mix in one teaspoon into the drink per day. This is one easy way to get vegetables into your diet.

Do try this and see how you go.

Gym safety for new members

As new members we should learn about gym safety as it helps us to enjoy our workouts stress free and injury free

Here are some tips:

  • Tie long hair back. Long hair gets caught in the machinery and is really dangerous.
  • Don’t do too much in your first few sessions especially if you haven’t been exercising for a while. You’ll get really sore by the end and you may hurt yourself. Start off with some easy lunges and pushups and jumps and go from there.
  • Wear enclosed footwear- this is to protect your feet if you drop a weight or something on it. Or someone accidentally steps on your foot
  • Don’t carry weights that are waaay too heavy for you. You will hurt yourself. If you want to do that weight, slowly build up to it. It takes time to deadlift 85kg.
  • Ask one of the personal trainers or an older member to show you the correct techniques.
  • An obvious one- don’t use machinery if its broken. Instead let the reception staff know and they will send maintenance on to fix it. For older members, if you see a new member on that machine and you know that it doesn’t work, say something to them

What happens if you get injured at the gym?

If you get injured really badly at the gym you may have to go to the hospital. When you sign the contract with the gym make sure you know what your rights are if you are injured. You may not be covered if the accident was your fault and you knew how to prevent it. But if you didn’t know, then you may be compensated for your injury.

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