Chilli crab

Singaporeans love their chilli crab and as such we can’t go out and celebrate National Food Month in Melbourne due to the lockdowns that are happening.

So we brought Chilli crab to you. You can buy a mud crab in Footscray Market or Queen Victoria Market (yes, travel for food is essential and is allowed)! And the mantou and shallots you can buy them from an Asian grocer store.

Video courtesy of My Guide Network

How do I eat the Singapore chilli crab?

Eating it is really messy and you have to use your hands. Most restaurants will provide some sort bowl with warm water and a towel to wash your hands. They will also give you the other utensils such as the utensil to help crack the shells so that you can eat the meat.

If you are at home you need the utensil to crack the shell. You can buy it at many Asian groccery stores (they would be open under Stage 4 in Melbourne). And you would need some sort of bowl of warm water to wash your hands.

Most Singaporeans like it with mantou (which again you can buy it in Asian groccery shops). Mantou is stamed bread. They use the bread to soak up all the sauce.

Meditation and Creativity

Meditation is useful during Coronavirus times as many people are stressing about everything. But of course many of the yoga studios are closed in Melbourne due to Stage four restrictions so people go online to find some meditation videos.

Just one example of meditation that you can do at home.

Meditation is always fun and there is this new place called A-Space in Collingwood. It is peaceful and you can find your inner peace.

Meditation is for everyone not just those select few.

Many people do not meditate because they can’t find the time, subject or place to meditate in. You can meditate in whatever way is comfortable for you. And whatever time. Just let your mind flow. The meditations usually take about 10-15 mins of your day.

I just do it in my room with my door closed at the best time. There are many guided meditations online and your gym might offer some free ones on their site for their members.

Mental Health in Victoria

Mental health in Victoria is a lot harder now that we are in this second lockdown. We are not in this all together. We are all going different places and that’s hard for most people to cope with.

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Victoria is the only state with the hardest of restrictions and that is tough for both businesses and individuals.

A recent article says that 100 more people have lost their lives due to mental health issues during the Coronavirus crisis. Last Thursday it was announced that we are in a recession with people on Jobseeker to be hardest hit by this pandemic. Work will be hard to find even after the pandemic. Now we have stage four which is the harshest lockdown ever. We cannot exercise for more than one hour a day and we can only leave the house once.

Mirage News said that about 300000 Young Victorians sought help online from and other services ever since the start of the pandemic.

What we should be doing to combat mental health issues?

  • Look out for each other. Check-in from time to time to see how that person is doing. This can be done online or over the phone.
  • Keep up with the exercise. Just because you’re in lockdown there is no excuse.
  • Do yoga on most days of the week
  • If you have joined a gym pre-pandemic why not see what they are doing for their members.

Week 5 of frugal living

This week I spent $9.50 on a vegetarian wrap in order to support the small businesses. Small businesses are feeling the pinch ever since the share market was down.

Then I spent $16 on buying supplements and the pack of 12 teas was $10. I don’t feel bad about spending a little bit of the Jobkeeper money to keep these businesses a float.

Dinner on Monday night was spaghetti bolognese which is poor people’s food when they are in isolation. I found out that most of Brazil and some of the third world countries cannot afford fresh food. We need a better way to deal with the obesity rates.

I read this article in Men’s health where someone lived on $4400 a year. I wonder how they did it. This year we might eventually be all reduced to that amount due to COVID.

Then I bought an amazing protein ball from The Organic Wherehouse. It was $3.50 and it was yum. It was on the second day of the highest COVID19 cases.

That week I had a free taco card at Dingoate my taco so I used that and bought another one for $5. It was on the highest day of COVID cases so I wanted to support a small business.

On Sunday there was another high number of COVID cases and that was 671. By then Stage four of restrictions were in place. It is getting harder and harder to buy things.

Money I spent that week totals to: $39 with just one $1 left over.

The Baby sitters club 2020

This series is based on the books by Ann M Martin and its entirely on Netflix. It features five friends as they all go through high school together. They talk a lot about girl issues such as boys and being a teenager. They all have different characteristics and likes.

Like most normal teenagers they fight but then they make up.

This series is really quite addictive and good to watch when you are at home. Mary Anne is the shy one and Claudia Kishii loves art.

The series is set in Stoneybrook in 2020 where Etsy is a thing and Internet is the best way to advertise.

This series is not on Youtube but on Netflix and you can watch it anytime

Our blog stats

We talk about our blog stats which has taken a small tumble from the last month.

Our WordPress views are 75 views down from last month where they were 426. Most people were from the COVID hit U.S. Most people looked for ways to save their money and mental health as we have a COVID recession. Many people were looking at frugal living and DIY.

With the COVID cases high in Victoria, many people looked for ways to cure their mental health. Mental health has really taken its toll on people.

We got about 30 followers on Instagram which is good. Most people were being bored with staying at home. With the treasurer’s announcement of Jobkeeper and Jobseeker staying for a while and the economy looking bleak many people took to Instagram DIY ideas. We started reposting and sharing business posts which seemed to get a lot of traction. Not sure about the business though. The businesses have been on the slow side of this pandemic no matter how many times we repost. Your “Diet is a bank account” picture got 88 likes. The burger picture got 14 likes. The two Les mills body combat videoes got 36 views. The Philippines Les Mills Body Combat video got 25 views. The iced coffee video got 34 views. The run around Essendon and Strathmore got 11 likes. The satay picture got 18 likes. The breakfast bowl got 24 likes. The pink high tea got 17 likes. The big burger from Pattysmiths got 25 likes.

Twitter has been ok. People on Twitter blasted Daniel Andrews about not having stage 4 sooner.

What are our hopes are for next month?

We hope to see Coronavirus cases decline and everyone doing the right thing.We hope that there no more COVID fines. Hopefully the money from those fines will go to something more useful ie: a foodbank of some sort as people are doing it tough.

Running during the pandemic

Running during the pandemic is a bit harder as you can only go to certain areas. Many races have gone virtual. Many countries have their own rules on running and where you can run, due to the COVID19. They don’t want the disease to spread.

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And yes running during the pandemic is fine so long as you stay 1.5meters from people. Make sure that you are not sick. Running is good for mental health as is any form of exercise and with the gyms closed in many parts of the world running is the way to go

Coping strategies

Runners will have to find ways to cope with this. One way of coping with it is to join a Facebook group. There are many Facebook groups and there they have online running challenges.

How do you cope?

You just go with the flow and explore what’s in your local neighbourhood. I live in Essendon so I am allowed to go there. There are many places to explore around there. I am in postcode 3040.

I just did one 14km run and it was all fine. Am training for a half marathon in October. I love exploring new places so I joined a group called Essendon Good Karma network on Facebook and here they provided me with some good tips, mainly in the name of pictures of places.

I have to avoid large gatherings which always happen in the park.

Wearing a mask during a run is not mandatory but make sure to carry one for after your run. Or wear a scarf or buff as one.

You’ll get fined if you run outside of your boundary.

Forecasting sales in the Health and Fitness industry

When we talk about sales in this industry we are talking about membership sales and class packages.

During COVID19 the Health and Fitness Industry has taken a huge hit due to closures and going online. Most people elsewhere have lost their jobs and without Jobkeeper the industry will not be able to survive.

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Hence gyms have had to have scaled back their classes for a little while now. Its hard to find the consumer confidence. says that it is hard to forecast sales during the pandemic and after it due to the many lockdowns. Online training has been in demand during the last few months as we bunker down and stay at home. One way they can forecast sales is by using the data that they got when people downloaded their live workouts. Gyms and fitness centers have been putting up live workouts for those to follow.

If it is a big firm or a company they can use statistical analysis in figuring out who visited the gym when it reopened. And then they can rebuild from there. That’s not the case with every gym though- Victoria is one example of being forced back into lockdown.

What we can hope for gyms in a post COVID world is they are COVID safe and are treated more like an essential service as exercise is medicine. And gyms are safe. But unfortunately, too many cowboys and girls are ruining it for everyone else.

Gumtree Goodfood

Gumtree Goodfood is a boutique place in South Yarra, Middle Park, and Albert Park. Here they sell the best items and before the Covid19 they used to let everyone taste stuff. We loved tasting the wines and now when restrictions are lifted I would love to go back there and buy a bottle just for myself at home.

Here they sell the freshest food and the nicest cheeses. Pre Covid19 they let everyone try the cheeses and the wines. The wines were really lovely and are all local

They not only sell fresh food but they sell pantry goods and ready made meals. I loved buying snacks and other sundries from there.

Do support them as they need your support. They only stock the best food around and they support local producers,.

Fitness Challenge 2020 June/July

So I was inspired by Dreams and Adventures at Cozy Cottage to take on this challenge. In Coronavirus isolation there isn’t much to do and even if the gyms were open I wouldn’t encourage people to rush back until the end of stage 3 of the lockdowns.

I’m lucky to live near a few good running paths.

June: Goal is to get to 80 miles by the end of the month and explore new places that I have never even heard of now that we are allowed unlimited travel. I met that and I ran 92.3 miles in the month.

During that time I explored Newmarket and Kensington for a bit.

July: Goal is to get to 120 miles by the end of the month. I didn’t meet that but I ran over 100 miles. The Government has put Stage 3 lockdowns in place and we can only run in our postcode but it was fun to explore the suburb.

The gyms were closed again so I couldn’t go there to exercise even if I tried. This month Coronavirus cases were on the high. On the 30th of July, we had 723 cases and people’s mental health had gone through the roof. Mine managed to stay sane due to all the exercise and sunshine I got.

During those two months, I did lots of Body Combat classes. It was fun and I tried lots of new moves. I also walked on the days that I was having a rest from running. It was really relaxing and I got to pat some of the dogs and try some of the yummy foods on offer there whilst doing my bit for the economy.