How to get back to work post Covid

This is written for people that has a boss that is not very understanding and wants you to go to work. We all want to get the economy restarted again.

Post Covid you would be all stressing about everything. And everyone has got used to the Work at Home situation. Hence getting used to getting out and about would be hard. It would be hard to get settled into work and getting up early.

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So here’s an idea. Get used to getting up early a week before you actually have to get up. Do some dry runs into the city. During this time you should have kept in touch with your colleagues. If you didn’t it would be too late. They might have already been stood down.

Think about how you would get there. Public transport will be different due to the social distancing rules and measures.

Also get used to eating some of the foods that you’ll have at work again. When you were at home lots you would have discovered some new recipes and snacks that you can make for work. Be organised and do these on Sunday or on your day off.

If you didn’t work at home in your working clothes now would be the time to get used to it. And if they don’t fit well you’ll have that week get new clothes or get them altered. Same for the shoes. Your feet might have gotten a little bit bigger. If they don’t fit you might have to buy new ones. For women especially get used to wearing heels if you have to. We have been working at home these past few months and for some people they have gotten used to flats.

We’re lucky that we can work from home and wear what we want to the office. Some people may not have that.


Reshaping the working environment

I got this idea from Sales Hacker who says that we must now come out of hibernation and back to the workforce.

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Moving forward there will be some social distancing restrictions so going online for the majority is a must for the time being. Hopefully in the two to three months we’ve been in lockdown you would have developed a system to sell your products to clients online. In those two to three months the management should have devised some sort of a back to work plan for employees which could involve later starting times and earlier finishing times. They could also implement free parking.

Customers are your number one focus. As a business you should ask them what they would like to see in your business moving forward. This can be done via a survey, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Customers would want to know that you have some sanitization going on in the workplace. This is essential for gyms, retail, hospitality and other businesses where you come into contact with people. This can be a Facebook ad, post, email, Instagram etc.

Post lockdown after you’ve opened your business, customers will want to know that you are empathatic and will want you to be able to listen to them.

During lockdown you would have found ways to communicate with your team online. That would have been via email, Google Drive (in the Drive you would have shared documents and things), Dropbox, Cloud, Zoom etc. And you would keep them there for the time being.

The old normal has now disappeared. We’re forced to adapt to the new normal straightaway and its going to take some time to earn a profit.

How the COVID has changed our working time

We talk about how the pandemic has changed our working time. I know that for many of us things have changed due to restrictions.

Pre Covid it used to be that we would go in from home to the city and then it would cost us an hour’s commute each way by public transport. We had to wake up early usually in the dark if its winter. Now post covid we can spend our time at home and sleep more. In fact I sleep much better knowing that there is no public transport commute.

Pre Covid we would spend a lot of money on MYKI and other things such as food. The queues for MYKI would sometimes be horrendous. I used to worry a lot about whether or not I would have enough money just for public transport and I would worry about being fined. Now that worry is gone. Now we can be more productive at home and can focus on work and study.

Pre Covid we spent a lot of time outside for lunch and walks. During lockdown we spent about 1-2 hours outside each day.

Pre Covid we wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend with family. Now we are seeing them more than ever and am sticking to four days a week of working.

Pre Covid we used to go to the gym lots and run lots. Now post Covid we would only be sticking to the gym 2-3 times a week for one hour sessions. We are focused more on doing Body Combat at home and making all the mistakes at home.

Finding jobs during and after lockdown

Finding it hard to get a job now? Well then you’re not alone!

This is hard to do as the economy is suffering its worst fate. Many of the hospitality and some of the retail workers have been laid off. Many of us are worried about what will happen after Jobseeker and Jobkeeper payments have finished and all our money has been spent.

Here we searched “Finding Jobs in Melbourne after lockdown” and it got 56,500,000 results. Hence this is not easy to do. For days we searched analyst and new jobs on and it came back with 12,600+ results.

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The GP is the most highly sought after job but that requires training of 7+ years. Not something that I would go for.

On there has been 601 job alerts posted in the past day. But in Victoria there are only 93 jobs. We signed up to their email newsletter to see what is going on. We also signed up for which posts jobs that have no prerequisites. Most of these jobs are in the suburbs. Due to the Covid some of these jobs are work from home jobs.

I tried to search for jobs on my gym site but so far there is nothing. With businesses about reopen there would be some spots for people looking for work. Some of the hospitality businesses are advertising on Facebook and Instagram but its only a minority of them and thousands of people would apply.

The Victorian government was looking for people to help out in the pandemic. I applied and got nothing back. I was interested to see how they were going to handle the pandemic and how the hospitals would cope but so far nothing yet.

My advice is to hold the job search if you can. Maybe just wait until all the lockdowns have eased and then find a job. By then most of the people might have gone back to work and more jobs would have popped up

Cheap ways for businesses to market their products during COVID19

Everybody’s hurting during these times. The industries that are most hurting are the ones that come into contact with most people such as your hospitality ones and health and fitness. Gone are the days of free food for all when there is an opening as businesses cannot afford to give away free food and not have customers come back. For example gyms now can’t give away free passes due to the restrictions.

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So what the gyms do now is to film their workouts and deliver them online for people to do at home. Most Personal trainers now have an online system to train their clients. They usually develop their own websites and write their own posts. You can do this too. I use WordPress for business and its about $400 per year. In there you have your own domain and SEO checker. SEO is search engine optimization and that’s important for businesses to be found on all types of domains.

The power of social media

During the two to three months of lockdown people have been using #savehospo on Instagram to help save the hospitality industry. People have also been using the Support Small business sticker in their stories to talk about how good that business is.

Many businesses have been doing Live Instagram TV and its worked for them. Its free and thousands of viewers have watched their posts.

Most businesses have a Facebook page which people can write good or bad things about the business. Businesses can also promote their goods there.

A lot of businesses are doing competitions where people can win stuff just by liking their page and commenting on their posts. This will hopefully encourage people to share their posts and spread the awareness.

Some of the big brand companies are doing videos and then posting them on Youtube. This way they will get a few subscribers and maybe who knows, some people in the door

Helping others

This is a time of need and many businesses should help others who are vulnerable. I’m thinking about digitally donating funds to charities like the Salvos Red Shield Appeal.

Consider selling stuff online

And using services like Afterpay. You could do this via your blog or WordPress site if you have the business plan. Or you could sell on Amazon.


This article is mainly for the people that work at home. Many office workers are working from home and have no idea how to manage their time and tasks wisely.

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Everyone goes through that stage. And for me during the Covid phase it was easier for me to keep playing games rather than study. It’s because I’m in the comfort of my own home and there is no one to push me around.

Before the Covid hit hard I was doing too much and mentally it did exhaust me. I couldn’t sleep so well at night and went to the toilet too many times.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is defined as putting off tasks that you hate but have to do until you can no longer put them off.

There are four types

  1. The perfectionist one- these people want the best and they want to achieve the best
  2. The anxious type- this type of person is usually bad at managing their time and is just anxious about starting that task.
  3. The fun type- this person would do anything rather than the dreaded task
  4. The plenty of time type who thinks that they have plenty of time to do something when they don’t

How to overcome procrastination

Prioritize your work at the start of the day. Find out what needs to be done first and which things are important. Most work has a due date so make sure that when you work from home you schedule in that time and you stick to those time blocks. Make sure that there are no distractions during that time. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks in the day and time for exercise.

During those time blocks don’t go on Facebook or Instagram (or Youtube) unless the job requires it. Leave those fun activities for later. Do the work first and then put in fun activities at the end if you have time.

Break a big task into smaller ones and that way you won’t be so overwhelmed.

A day in the life of lockdown

Now that we are home more often, here is our Work at Home schedule.

On weekends it is family and housework time hence this schedule doesn’t work then. This is my weekday schedule

830am- I wake up, have breakfast and check my phone. I usually have tea with breakfast

10am- usually doing Crosstitch or reading a book. Or gardening. Right now I’m reading Nudge. Its a book about society and decision making.

11am- usually checking my emails and blog. By then I’m having a coffee. If I have time I’m also listening to some podcasts about things and fitness. Once a week we have a meeting to talk about this blog and other things.

12:30pm- lunch. For me lunch is usually leftovers from the night before or a salad

1:30pm- I usually go for a walk or a run in the park. By then there are not too many people and its much easier to practice social distancing. I’m not really good at social distancing in crowds so its better to do it when there are less people

3:30pm. I’m usually home and I would want my water as I’m thirsty. By then I would start work on my blog. This is when Asia and almost everyone is up.

4:30pm- snack time. It’s usually milk but it can be some other things too.

5pm- Body Combat practising time and lectures. When the gym reopens I’d like to try and learn Body Combat instructing. I know RPM but cannot afford the bike and the gym does not lend bikes

I also enjoy a green tea then

7pm- dinner time. For dinner we just have whatever we feel like. There are no set rules in this house.

7:30pm- more work on my blog time. This is the time where I’m less distracted and I know that the US and the UK has just woken up so I publish articles then. Or do some research

10pm- its relaxing time before bed

11pm- bedtime

Working from home- how we all lived and survived

This month and last month like many others I had to work from home. It was hard to adjust as we had to deal with family members wanting to interrupt and change things around. We also had to deal with the fallout of the gym and people’s mental health. People went crazy and they still are during this time.

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I watched a video from Bethan Taylor-Swaine about working at home with your employees. I don’t have anyone but for people that did it would be hard to trust them. But the key thing is communication and learning to get the job done effectively as a team. I watched Undercover Boss to see how people lead their teams and how they communicated with them to find out about the failures of the business and how they can improve this. In one of the episodes they gave away free chicken and surveys and so that got me thinking to do some surveys about some of the businesses that I know. Its scary to think that many of the businesses might have failed in the few months before the Covid19.

During the lockdown I had taken on many more hours to try and help people deal with their mental health. I also took time out for just me. People had lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. So I had to try and find some cheaper ways of doing things that would not break the budget or encourage people to break the rules.

But what about the resources?

We had the resources and some people might not have been lucky. We have a desk and a space to work. And for the most part we have a loving and supportive family.

Like most people there was the frustration and tears that went on.

So where to from here?

From here we understand that taking surveys helps the businesses to improve their ways of dealing with customers and in the long run will help them to earn more money. I remember Boston Market on Undercover boss and how the CEO interacted with people. She was warm and friendly and we hope that the CEO’s of the major businesses will be much kinder to people rather than taking their money.

Well after restrictions have lifted it might be work at home for a few days a week and see how we go from there.

Hopefully next year Fitness Australia would have a category just for us health and fitness bloggers as we did a lot and we strive to do more for people as we all get out of the lockdown situation and start the economy.

Sleep troubles hit health care workers

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During the Covid19 it was reported that healthcare workers in the US and around the world have had some sleep troubles. They would wake at night or find it hard to fall asleep. During the pandemic they would be really stressed as they try to keep people alive and well. This is not unusual for people working in the hospital ward.

The stress is what keeps them up all night as well as the night shifts that they have worked. Some of the hospitals have cut back on staff.

In Melbourne there were about over 100 community transmissions, most of them are from hospitals where staff would treat infected patients. That and no sleep would cause the staff to be at risk for infection. Without a good night’s sleep for a long period of time the rate of depression would go up.

This is why we should all stay at home for them and not be the idiots that some people are with all of that going out. We should all buy a coffee or a meal for the healthcare workers that keeps our system going.

Cyberbully the movie

In our everyday lives at work and at school we are bullied a lot. People are bullied for all kinds of reasons whether it is a disability or looks or some other reason. We watched Cyberbully on Youtube as this movie is a VHS movie.

It stars Emily Osment as a 17 year old girl who has just had her birthday. For her birthday she got a a laptop and all the freedom with it. That night she signed up for a social networking site where she was bullied daily by a girl named Lindsay. It got so bad that she attempted suicide at the end but came out alive.

BE careful of what you post online about someone, it will come back to haunt you later on.

Do watch the movie now, especially during these school holidays. If you have kids you should talk about cyberbullying and being careful online. Kids should tell you their password so that you can check up on them online.

Make sure that they befriend people that they know from school and family friends. They should set their Facebook to private.

If they are being bullied, they should tell you and their teacher. Let them know that they don’t have to go it alone. Be there for them. If you are being bullied at work do tell your manager about it. Make sure that you have evidence such as emails or videos. Tell your family about the bullying so that they can be there for you.