Miss Chu’s

Miss Chu’s is a Vietnamese food place that focuses on organic healthy food which is fun to eat. They cater for vegan and vegetarians alike. I have been to a few of their stores now. Like a tuckshop you tick off on an order sheet as to what you want and you hand it to the waitress. At the end you pay for your meal. You can usually sit wherever you want.

The first Miss Chu’s that I went to was the one in Exhibition st in the city and I had lunch there. Lunch was really pricey. I think the plates of dumplings were about $7-$10 each for a plate of three.

I enjoy their dumplings and their happy hour. Here they make great vegan rice paper rolls which have no rice vermicelli in them which I like. Its good for those that want to go on a low carb diet without all the fuss.

The green tea was organic and very refreshing and relaxing. They don’t have mugs though but they serve the green tea in little cups.

They are pricey though but that’s what you expect for organic food. I have tried their $4.50 dumpling special and I enjoyed their dumplings. I came during happy hour time which is $4.50 dumplings and $5.50 beers and wines.

A healthy eating schedule for busy people

This schedule is for busy people that work all week. And yes this is a healthier way of eating without restricting yourself.

6am/7am- Breakfast half an hour after you wake up. It could be a protein shake or I love oats with milk. If I was to have bread I’d go for wholemeal bread. Also, do have your tea and water then.

10am- Snack. It should be something that is full of protein such as egg, canned tuna, mini protein shake, yogurt, nuts or your protein bar. You can also add a bit of fruit in there as well.

Do have a coffee then if you like coffee.

12-1pm- Lunch- You can have your protein shake, salmon with salad, baked potato with baked beans, tofu, rice. Or you can bring your last night’s leftovers if you made plenty. Try and go for brown rice as that is low in GI. At uni, there are microwaves on campus so you can have last nights leftovers. And in the office, you can microwave things

Don’t go out for lunch all the time as that’s bad for you!

3pm- Snack- veggie sticks with hummus, tuna, joy balls (you could make joy balls on the weekend), cheese, ham, protein bars, dried apricots, milk. Don’t go for sweets as they will burn you for most of the day. But if you do have a colleague’s birthday just have a very tiny piece of cake!

7pm-Dinner. This would be your post workout meal as you would have finished workout about half an hour before. Ideally, this would be the time that you would be spending with people. So it could be sweet potato chips, baked potato, rice, salad with meat/fish, quiche, naked burrito, protein shake, sushi as the main meal, noodles, pasta, dumplings.

Do make some food for lunch the next day- it can be leftovers, prepping the salad, etc.

9pm- Small snack before bed. It can be your Herbalife chocolate, bar or fruits.


NB: throughout the day you should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. You need about 1L for every 25 kgs you weigh and about another 1L for every hour that you exercise. So keep a bottle of water at your desk whilst at work or at uni.

You also need about 1-2g of protein per kg that you weigh and if you do lots of exercises much more is needed

Do your food shopping on the weekends or on your days off if you have time. If you can do a big batch of food!

Olivia Springs cafe

This is a down to earth cafe in Moonee Ponds. And it is pretty rare to find a health food cafe here. They had been open for three months now.

Here they serve breakfast and lunch as well as Vietnamese classics. All without meat of course, but instead mock meat. They have BLT with mock meat. And because it is a vegetarian place there are no egg dishes.

The music is calming and relaxing- it is just like what I hear during a meditation class.

The service was friendly and down to earth. But a bit slow. And there are no toilets here- you have to go across the road to the bus terminal where they are.

Since everything is cheap, they are a cash only place. All the food is under $15 and they make their own sweets.

Seeing as I’m trying a high fiber diet and am on the Sugar-free September, I went for a homemade orange juice and scrambled tofu on toast with avocado. Fans of Here’s the veg will like this place. The Annoyed thyroid will also like this joint as it is right up their alleyway.

The juice was freshly squeezed and was not too sweet.

The scrambled tofu with turmeric was a little bit spicy but I enjoyed the spicy kick. I made a mess of it- I’m sorry.  Fans of Consider the Sauce will love this dish. The bread was from Bakers delight across the road.

At least this place fares better than the place next door which I have to say looks a little bit old and outdated. Oh, and they sell junk food which I’m not a fan of.

Where they are at: 637 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds


The Welcome Dinner project by Akira

Now I love to cook and cook lots I have. Therefore the Welcome Dinner Project is a great idea. It was started a few years ago by Ellis when she wanted to welcome new people into her home and her Australian way of life. Others were looking for the same thing. Hence that is how the Welcome Dinner Project started.


And it is successful. So successful that they have organised events in Footscray and Carlton. I went to the one in Carlton and I didn’t know that I had to buy food (as I thought that my partner owed me food and thought that they were coming). Normally I would have cooked a Japanese dish but bread and dip had to make do instead.

It is like this: everyone brings a dish from their home country and then they explain what is in that dish and the story behind it. It starts off with a few get to know you activities, then introductions to the food brought and then eating.

Everyone sits at a large communual table and these events attract 20-30 people, most of which are migrants but there are some that are students.

And sharing. I love Meld community’s nasi lemak. I have always been a fan of this dish since they introduced it a few years back at one of their twirlight market days. And Malaysia house makes it for their Hari Raya sometimes.

And then there is dessert for those that love to bake. But for some people they can’t have too much sugar. The facilitators will bring the drinks and the snacks such as popcorn and pretzels.

I enjoy trying everyone’s dishes and do sign up to the Welcome dinner project here. Its free to join it. But the Welcome dinner project would love a donation to cover the cost of these events.


Baget is a healthy student eat and I have been to both Bagets in the city. Here they do awesome Bhanh Mi’s ( or Vietnamese baguettes as you might like to call them). The owner Duy is a lovely guy and RMIT Newintstudents has met him a few times. He is down to earth and humbled and it shows in his food. RMIT Newintstudents have been a few times for their events and Leandro has been only once or twice.

Eat and Be Merry really likes the place. Andrew from Foodscrazy also liked it. A few bloggers were invited to their last event which included tapas and lots of them and tales. One thing that I know is that they are good at their vegetarian Bhanh Mi and they showed us how to make the pork one at their latest shindig which we were invited to. This involved lots of champagne and merry making.


I have sat outside a few times and on a sunny day like today outside is always nice. I have tried to make rice paper rolls last time at their event and it was quite fun to do. But mine kept on breaking. I have also made pickled carrots one time and my carrot sticks were quite thick. After a few days my fridge smelt very pickly. Making the bhanh mi at this event was fun.

WP_20151216_16_15_46_ProI love their sweet potato chips as it is so addictive from the pepper and salt that they use. It really didn’t need much of that sauce.

Leandro and I watched them make the Bhanh Mi. It was a lot of fun and the Bhanh Mi tastes just as good as always. The staff are always friendly and are happy to talk whilst making the bhanh mi. In fact someone on Zomato started complaining about the loud music. In fact I am fine with this and they don’t always have loud music. In fact it is the other way round.

WP_20151216_16_44_54_Pro WP_20151216_16_38_48_Pro WP_20151216_16_26_20_Pro

As a vegetarian lover I am a fan of their Buddha’s bowl which is grilled tofu and vermicelli. Here you can pick this up for $10 as a huge serve. The tofu was cooked perfectly. I loved the fish sauce in here.

WP_20151216_17_10_49_Pro WP_20151216_16_56_50_Pro

I have never tried cassava cake but this was really good. It was not too sweet and very fluffy on the inside.


Do come by Baget for your quick and healthy lunch or early dinner ffix as they are open from 10:30am-6:30pm and their staff are really lovely and care about the customers.