Making pancakes

This recipe is part of our Live Below the line Challenge This recipe uses ingredients in the basics box and you can add jam and butter or lemon and sugar like they do at the Big umbrella. This is an easy recipe for a Sunday morning breakfast. We used the recipe from But whatContinue reading “Making pancakes”


Rest and why its important

We talk about rest and why having that rest day is important! We lead super busy lives and without rest we get burned out. We also lose muscle. We start the week off quite good. Well in my case I start Monday off feeling a bit drained from Sunday’s run and then at the endContinue reading “Rest and why its important”

Why donating to the Salvos this year is important

We have set up online donation page at everydayhero. This year more than ever the Salvos are busy with the fallout of the Coronavirus and bushfires. Even though the bushfires are long gone, people need money to rebuild their lives. Due to the Coronavirus things are becoming more and more expensive and harder to comeContinue reading “Why donating to the Salvos this year is important”

International Womens day

International Women’s day is on the 8th of March and we celebrate it here in Melbourne. International women’s day recognises that we are all equal and we deserve equality. We deserve fair pay and close the gender gap. Men are paid twice as much as we are for the same jobs that we do. ThisContinue reading “International Womens day”

Our January Events

Here’s a roundup of our January events. And boy it was busy this month. The opening of Summertime Social Summertime Social is a new pop up place in Russell st rooftop where the carpark is and where the Big Umbrella is. Here they had $6 cocktails, beer and wine all weekend. Patrons enjoyed free gamesContinue reading “Our January Events”

Why eating refined sugar is bad for you

We write this for Febfast in which you can give up added sugars We eat lots of refined sugar each day. We have them in our breakfast cereals, cakes, sauces and everything in between. What is refined sugar? Refined sugar is the sugar that you find which are added to things. It’s the processed sugarContinue reading “Why eating refined sugar is bad for you”

How to choose a gym

We talk about choosing the right gym as many people aim to be healthier and want to lose weight around this time! There are several factors to choosing a gym and they are outlined here Cost How much can you afford for membership? The cost of membership is typically $14-$40 per week depending on theContinue reading “How to choose a gym”

Why I love Tasti balls

Tasti balls have been around for quite some time. They are a New Zealand company so their food would not have to have travelled many miles to get to our shores. They are full of whole food goodness. You can take them everywhere Their balls are flavoursome and have natural sugar in them. The sugarContinue reading “Why I love Tasti balls”

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