High cholesterol

Too many us have diets which are high in cholesterol. High cholesterol is in things like butter, cream, deep fried foods and saturated fats. It is very common in Australia and other parts of the world to have this issue.

We also don’t exercise enough each day. We are too sedentary.

Your body needs cholesterol for many functions like a healthy heart. But it doesn’t need a lot. Your body can quite readily make its own.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is the fatty acid that you need to perform most functions in the body. There are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol (that is all your good omega three fats) and the bad cholesterol (this is your from processed foods and trans fats).

What happens if you have high cholesterol?

High cholesterol happens when someone gets 3.6 mnol/L in their cholesterol levels. Sometimes its genetics that cause the high levels, but most of the time its our lifestyle (being overweight)

You could:

  • Have fatty liver disease
  • Have pulmonary disease
  • Heart and organ failure
  • Put on weight around the lungs and the heart

To avoid high cholesterol

  • Limit your servings of processed foods to just treat foods
  • Have meat no more than three times a week
  • Eat more fiber. The more fiber you eat the fuller you’ll get and it also helps to get rid of the bad waste in your body
  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. It is said to help lower cholesterol levels
  • Exercise. You should aim to get in 150-300 mins of vigorous activity a week. And for muscle building, you should include two strength sessions in a week
  • Be happy. Having too much stress is not good for you

NB: if you have high cholesterol, you should go and see your doctor and don’t wait.

Making pancakes

This recipe is part of our Live Below the line Challenge

Photo by Ash on Pexels.com

This recipe uses ingredients in the basics box and you can add jam and butter or lemon and sugar like they do at the Big umbrella. This is an easy recipe for a Sunday morning breakfast. We used the recipe from food.com.

But what if you’re up for an extra challenge? Then try this!

The Pancake Parlour is doing this home iso challenge where you have to buy their stuff and make the best looking stack of pancakes and the picture that is the best one wins a $100 voucher from the Pancake Parlour. Every month they give that voucher to one lucky winner. This competition is only for Australian residents and you can enter here. But you have to buy one of their products and it needs to be featured on your Instagram.

So if you’re down on a bit of money and luck you can try this challenge.

Rest and why its important

We talk about rest and why having that rest day is important!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We lead super busy lives and without rest we get burned out. We also lose muscle. We start the week off quite good. Well in my case I start Monday off feeling a bit drained from Sunday’s run and then at the end of the week I feel quite good. I laze around a bit on Saturday too to avoid burnout.

Our lives are full of outside noise. By outside noise we mean the stressors outside. Whether that is going to the gym or work. When we go to the gym too much it can mean hormonal imbalance or a really bad night’s sleep. Our body is still stressed from what happened during the day. Our bodies need time to relax before we go to sleep.

Before the Coronavirus and the shutdowns we used to run and go to the gym. And sometimes our runs are not as good as our body has not properly recovered from the day before.

But during the times of the Coronavirus we have to back off a bit. And that got us thinking about our future and how we would tackle the gym sessions once gym reopened again. We like the slower pace of life. The slower pace of life means no hormonal imbalances and less stress. It also means getting a good night’s sleep. It also means better runs as I’m much more relaxed and refreshed.

Do something that you like. Go and make yourself that cuppa.

Why donating to the Salvos this year is important

We have set up online donation page at everydayhero.

This year more than ever the Salvos are busy with the fallout of the Coronavirus and bushfires. Even though the bushfires are long gone, people need money to rebuild their lives. Due to the Coronavirus things are becoming more and more expensive and harder to come by.

We get money from the Government but its not much so people are forced to go on welfare if they lose their jobs. We have seen an influx of those that have become homeless and had to turn to services like the Salvos. The Salvos provide food and water for people and other services. But they can’t run without your help. They also have an op shop for people that need items.

In the last few times that I have been to the Hamodava cafe there has been a steady increase in people. The amount of homeless people that are out on the street is beyond belief. By day we are confronted by these people and we want to give money but can’t. We do give food and sometimes stop to talk to them.

But you can make a difference though by donating to our thing online. Every little thing that you give counts.

International Womens day

International Women’s day is on the 8th of March and we celebrate it here in Melbourne. International women’s day recognises that we are all equal and we deserve equality. We deserve fair pay and close the gender gap. Men are paid twice as much as we are for the same jobs that we do.

This day is also about recognising achievement from the lovely women who volunteer for Foodbank and other charities. We all deserve equality even if we are in high paying positions or started our own firms.

I first heard about International Women’s day at RMIT Student Union via the Womyn’s department. Ever since then it has been celebrated all over the world. This year’s International Women’s day is all about the no diet day. Usually on Women’s day we enjoy chocolate cake and sweets. Today I enjoyed a bombolini doughnut and coffee. And for lunch I had a lentil burger.

Over the past year we have made a few small achievements. One of them is getting lots of followers and the other one is signing up for a business plan and more people found us. This year we aim to show the disabled people that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. For example teaching RPM can be hard but its all worth it.

This girl can do anything if she put her mind to it. This girl can also learn to love her body not hate it.

Our January Events

Here’s a roundup of our January events. And boy it was busy this month.

The opening of Summertime Social

Summertime Social is a new pop up place in Russell st rooftop where the carpark is and where the Big Umbrella is. Here they had $6 cocktails, beer and wine all weekend. Patrons enjoyed free games and doughnuts. I didn’t have the doughnuts because it was too hot for them and the icing had melted.

But what I did enjoy was the strawberry gin ice cream and the chips. Oh and they are a cashless system.

They are around until the end of March.

South Melbourne Night Market Opening night

South Melbourne Market has a summertime night market which is always crowded from 5pm-8pm. The market is outside the 96 tram stop which makes it super easy to get to from the city.

There were so many food trucks and almost all the shops were open. Food was priced between $10-$20 for mains. Dessert was $7-$8. You can buy drinks at the discount shop as they stayed open at this time.

The only downside is that some of the Asian shops close way early and the kitchen at Yo Sushi was closed. If the kitchen at Yo Sushi was to close so early they should consider closing up shop at 4pm.

Bubble tea festival

This festival was held on the weekend of Chinese New year in Melbourne Central. This was a really popular festival with really long queues at the bubble tea shops in Melbourne Central. You had to purchase one bubble tea and you’ll get one token. You can exchange that one token at the Bubble mart until their items have run out for the day.

The Queensbridge Chinese New year festival

This was not as great as last year. I went there on opening night and there were no free samples of sauce to take home. The only food samples was the Malaysian meat pieces. There was no dragon dancing and very limited food stalls.

Australian Open at Federation Square

This was free to attend and many tennis fans enjoy coming here. A ticket at the tennis itself cost $50 and they don’t give away many freebies. Here we got some hair gel and an eye mask to take home. People brought their own lunches and drinks in.

We enjoyed watching the tennis on the big screen and cheering on our favourite players. It was a sunny day and sunscreen was provided. There was free coffee at the Lavazza stand.

Why eating refined sugar is bad for you

We write this for Febfast in which you can give up added sugars

We eat lots of refined sugar each day. We have them in our breakfast cereals, cakes, sauces and everything in between.

What is refined sugar?

Refined sugar is the sugar that you find which are added to things. It’s the processed sugar such as your white sugar and some brown sugars. It is added to cakes and sugary drinks and things. All the things with added sugar in them is just empty calories.

In the short term it can cause lots of energy crashes and for some people it can keep them awake at night.

Why is this bad for you?

  • Eating too much sugar over time damages your teeth and gums
  • Eating too much sugar causes weight gain.
  • Eating too much sugar causes some diseases, such as heart diseases
  • It can cause hormonal imbalance and can increase PMS symptoms
  • It has been linked to acne
  • There has been a higher link of depression in adults

In short you can have them as a treat, but not as an everyday food. A treat is ok once in a while.

How to choose a gym

We talk about choosing the right gym as many people aim to be healthier and want to lose weight around this time!

There are several factors to choosing a gym and they are outlined here


How much can you afford for membership? The cost of membership is typically $14-$40 per week depending on the location and what is offered


The gym should be close to where live and work.

The staff

Are they qualified to help you? Do they know what to do in an emergency? Are they friendly and helpful?


What do you want to do at the gym? Do you want to do weights or cardio? Or both? Do you want nutrition seminars?

Why I love Tasti balls

Tasti balls have been around for quite some time. They are a New Zealand company so their food would not have to have travelled many miles to get to our shores.

They are full of whole food goodness. You can take them everywhere

Their balls are flavoursome and have natural sugar in them. The sugar comes from the dates. They have soy protein which is good for people that have lactose intolerance. Here you can find them in the health food aisle of your local supermarket.