Why working women develop muscle problems

We write about this topic as many working women develop some muscle problems. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or whether you are fit or not. Here’s why we develop some muscle problems Dehydration We don’t drink enough water and we have too much caffeine which can dehydrate us. We need waterContinue reading “Why working women develop muscle problems”


How to train your clients for their first marathon

Their first marathon should be exciting and it should be about not getting first place but just surviving it. They have to train really hard throughout the year and they would have to be really committed to the goal. They would ultimately start training after Christmas and build from there. They should build it upContinue reading “How to train your clients for their first marathon”

Stationery bikes vs Spin bikes

We talk about the different bikes here! It is coming close to Christmas and many people after Christmas are looking to lose the weight. Most people may not want to spend on a gym membership.So which would you buy? Price The spin bikes cost about $300-$1400 depending on which brand you want. But do shopContinue reading “Stationery bikes vs Spin bikes”

Australian Sports nutrition

We talk about the chain store here. Australian Sports Nutrition is a chain store that serves runners and avid gym goers alike. They have quite a few stores in Australia and one in the city. They sell protein powders and supplements from the major brands as well fun snacks which have a lot of proteinContinue reading “Australian Sports nutrition”

Society Melbourne’s homelessness report

This post was brought to you by the Salvation Army and other homelessness organizations for Homeless week. Society Melbourne is a not for profit homeless organisation which helps the homeless people find jobs. They started last year. They started off with one place and then they now have five places all of which are atContinue reading “Society Melbourne’s homelessness report”

How to increase metabolism

We talk about why metabolism is key to losing weight and how we can increase this! Metabolism is the key thing to losing weight and keeping it off. Metabolism is the thing that keeps your body alive and going. It is the chemical reactions in your body. As you age your metabolism decreases. So here’sContinue reading “How to increase metabolism”

How to deal with setbacks

Dealing with setbacks is an important part of life and its an important part of marathon training. We deal with setbacks a lot and we give some advice here. In life and at work you will face some setbacks. But its how we deal with them. Inside Success says that people should expect setbacks fromContinue reading “How to deal with setbacks”

Running Etiquette in Australia

Guys here are some tips on how to run well in Australia. It’s surprising how many people don’t share the pathways among other things whilst running.  We run on all sorts of different terrains but for many occasions, we run on shared paths or streets. Do not chat to your fellow runner Sometimes they justContinue reading “Running Etiquette in Australia”

Five supplements that runners need

We explain the five supplements that novice and beginner runners need! More advanced runners might need more stuff but they can see a sports nutritionist for this stuff. Runners need some supplements to keep them running at their best. It is race season here in Australia. These are: BCAA Branched-chain amino acids are found inContinue reading “Five supplements that runners need”

Week 8 of Precision Nutrition

This week we talk about water and why it is so important for your body. Water is essential for our body. Our body is made up of 70% water which helps transport nutrients and oxygen to our cells and brain as well as getting rid of the toxins. Our cells are made up of water.Continue reading “Week 8 of Precision Nutrition”

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