Your OHSC explained

As students you are expected to have your student health cover when you arrive in Australia. This is your Overseas Health Student cover.

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Healthcare in Australia is expensive so insurance is a MUST

What it does cover?

  • Your hospital stays
  • Your prescriptions- in Australia you can claim up to $300 a year on these things.
  • Your ambulance treatment
  • Your doctors visits

What it does not cover

  • Any weight loss advice or surgery
  • Any non medical things such as lifestyle treatments and some mental health things.
  • Some of the insurance companies may cover the gym so its best to ask around.

How to claim your insurance?

Some doctors bulk bill and others get you to pay. If you have to pay get the receipt and you can claim it online or in person. You might not get all the money back- this is known as a gap fee.

Stress and how to overcome it

Guys feeling stressed just before the exams? Well, you are not alone.

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For many students stress is a huge problem in Melbourne and it leads to many students failing a class. It could due to various things like not being able to cope without your family and close friends, a death in the family and for some the need to do well in class. This is a serious issue in Melbourne. Many students at RMIT have reported stress as one of the reasons for being “At risk”. The university’s resources are often stretched meaning that students sometimes miss out on the help that they need.

For some students, stress can turn into something bigger where you cannot sleep, eat or do well in studies.

Here are some tips on dealing with the stress
1) Exercise
If you don’t like the gym why not join a fitclub? There are lots all over Melbourne. Or better yet you can take a walk in the park and clear your mind.

2) Part-time selling
If you are good at marketing then maybe you could do some selling. This will be a good way to talk to people and make some friends as well as money. Sometimes you won’t make much though but the skills that you learn can be put to good use later

3) Make a blog
Blogging or writing about feelings helps you and other students dealing with the same thing. You can always read about how others dealt with a similar problem to yours as everyone is on the same boat as you.

4) Learn other skills

By that I mean learn about something that you love whether its nutrition or cooking or whatever. Something other than study.

5) Join a club at uni.
There are many clubs for students to join on campus. You can usually find them on Orientation week or just join at many of their events.

6) Take some time away from uni
Visit the country towns for fun or go to the beach for the day. You could also see a movie.

7) Look after yourself
Make sure that you eat and sleep well. Make sure that you include whole foods such as vegetables and fruit in your diet. We need about 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Drink lots of water

8) Study

But don’t study too hard. Organize your time into manageable chunks. Some people go hour by hour with a break in between. Know what you need to do to stay productive. Go easy on yourself and relax a little.

9) Talk to family and friends back home

Let them know how you are feeling! What’s app is free these days or you can chat on Messenger

Well, hope these tips help and good luck in those exams.

Your health on a student budget

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips!



Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them are sports like. Students can join the many sports clubs on offer



Buy your gym passes online and save heaps of money. You can even buy them from Scoopon and Groupon for a fraction of the cost.

Free food days

Who says that you have to spend all your money on food? There is such a thing known as free food days. Most student unions have free breakfasts for all students, but you just have to ask the Student Union.

And most Student Unions have a cupboard where you can access free food if you need it


These are your friend and you should make use of them when you can. The Queen Victoria Market is in Melbourne’s CBD and they always have cheap stuff for students. What’s more you can take a foodies tour. They aren’t cheap but Groupon and Scoopon have deals on a regular basis.

But your uni also has farmer’s markets from time to time and they will


Student services

Who said that going to the doctor is expensive? Well, you can go to the one on campus and they will assist you. More so it is free for students.

But if there isn’t one on campus, your OHSC may cover some or all of the costs. It pays to shop around for the best provider as the uni’s one may not be the best provider for you.

Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira

Mega Raya was tons of fun this year. There were tons of new dishes to try and the one I tried during my volunteer shift was bee hoon. Bee Hoon is a Malaysian noodle dish with vermicelli and egg and prawn. I was surprised when the volunteers added tomato sauce to it and the dark soya sauce to it. I thought that it was for Migoreng. But I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out well.

I also had to cut chicken wings for the rending and that was bloody hard. Cooking for 700-800 people was also very difficult to do. Cooking chicken in the biggest of woks was the longest as each batch took 32 minutes to cook. Stirring the beef also took the time and effort. In the end the rending turned out to be quite flavourful.

On the Sunday many people came to this event and there was much food to be had there. There was rojak, beef and chicken rending, tomato rice and normal rice, rice cakes and soto ayam. The Soto Ayam was quite nice and there was this Malaysian dessert which I don’t know the name of but it is coconutty and not too sweet. Oh and it has sago.

I think the committee spent well over $1000 on this event. The rice cakes were bought from Malaysia.

New and prospective residents also got a tour of the house.

Almost all the kuih had gone by the time I got there but I managed to try one piece and it was lovely. And a bit sticky.

The tomato rice was lovely and the flavour was quite subtle.

It is a pity that there wasn’t any The Tarik but I sure liked the rose tea.

Many thanks again to Malaysia Hall for letting us volunteer and make new acquaintances on Saturday. Many thanks to them for putting on this event

Lets move 365: A student community meeting

The Refuge of Hope is a student community which connects and advocates for all Latin American students. They have many events like this one to help students to make friends with each other. Last year they advocated for students about the high costs of living in Melbourne.

They usually do their Spanish classes on a Saturday.

One of their events is the National Day of Giving thanks. I participated in this event and gave thanks to my mum and dad back home in Kumamoto who is doing it tough due to the earthquake.

Here they had lots of food for the hungry students and I tried their empanadas and rice cake. I really wasn’t that hungry. After all I ate something before coming here. I loved their spicy chips and could not help myself to them all.

The games were fun but I couldn’t understand it as I do not speak Latino/ Spanish and the instructions were in Spanish. The lucky winners of the game won a box of chocolates each. There was Zumba but I could not stay- I had to be elsewhere.

Do check them out on their Facebook page



SOV club by Akira

SOV club is the Singaporean club for Singaporean Students of Victoria. Here they represent all Singaporean students and they organise many things for them. To join them you need to become a member of your own University’s club.Here I was invited by Katherine to attend and it was only $20 for a few plates of food and the Tarik.

The event took place at Old Town Kopitiam in the city. I have been there a few times and loved their Nasi Lemak. So when Katherine asked me I said yes.


mee Goreng. Image courtesy of chiukatherine on Instagram


The food  reminds me of Singapore. Sadly they didn’t have the roti cannai and I had to wait ages for food. But the wait was worth it. I loved their noodles and fried rice. Although I would have liked Biryani rice as I love the sultanas.

I also favoured their fried chicken.

The teh Tarik was really strong and that was the only drink on offer.

But still it was a good chance to mingle with everyone on a footy night and talk about footy and other things with the other people.