Your OHSC explained

As students you are expected to have your student health cover when you arrive in Australia. This is your Overseas Health Student cover. Healthcare in Australia is expensive so insurance is a MUST What it does cover? Your hospital stays Your prescriptions- in Australia you can claim up to $300 a year on these things.Continue reading “Your OHSC explained”


Stress and how to overcome it

Guys feeling stressed just before the exams? Well, you are not alone. For many students stress is a huge problem in Melbourne and it leads to many students failing a class. It could due to various things like not being able to cope without your family and close friends, a death in the family andContinue reading “Stress and how to overcome it”

Your health on a student budget

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips! Orientation Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them areContinue reading “Your health on a student budget”

Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira

Mega Raya was tons of fun this year. There were tons of new dishes to try and the one I tried during my volunteer shift was bee hoon. Bee Hoon is a Malaysian noodle dish with vermicelli and egg and prawn. I was surprised when the volunteers added tomato sauce to it and the darkContinue reading “Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira”

Lets move 365: A student community meeting

The Refuge of Hope is a student community which connects and advocates for all Latin American students. They have many events like this one to help students to make friends with each other. Last year they advocated for students about the high costs of living in Melbourne. They usually do their Spanish classes on aContinue reading “Lets move 365: A student community meeting”

SOV club by Akira

SOV club is the Singaporean club for Singaporean Students of Victoria. Here they represent all Singaporean students and they organise many things for them. To join them you need to become a member of your own University’s club.Here I was invited by Katherine to attend and it was only $20 for a few plates ofContinue reading “SOV club by Akira”

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