Phillips noodle maker

This noodle maker I got it last Christmas as a present. Here you can save some money in making your own noodles. Making your own noodles is so easy.

Video courtesy of Phillips

During the Covid when we are all stuck indoors and money is tight, we can save a bit of money by making noodles. The noodles we make is really yummy.

It is easy to clean and it can churn out noodles within minutes. To make homemade noodles you just need flour, water and one egg.

Do buy the machine from Harvey Norman and other good retailers like Myer and the Good Guys. In Victoria, it is mandatory to wear a mask in store but you can order online and get it delivered.

Going on a bank account detox

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy took a big hit and almost everybody needed Government support. People were working from home and the stress of bills and buying food and paying with their bank account took its toll.

abundance bank banking banknotes
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So I decided to do a bank account detox. That means no spending from there. We spend way too much money on material things. And I was getting into some debt. I got into more than $3000 debt pre Covid. During the first part of the lockdown I managed to pay almost all of it back. Pre Covid I had a lot of late and unpaid fees

I have been going on this Bank account detox for about 30 days now. At first I was really anxious about how I would fare and how much that I would spend the $200 I had in there. During that time there was another $119 added in there from something which I did not use and they charged me for it. My gym membership was frozen and everything else I canceled. But I had to pay the account keeping fees.

I just used cash and the free gift cards that I earnt whilst doing surveys to buy the things that I needed.

I was at home a lot so I saved on transport and outside food. I spend waaay too much money on outside food and coffee in the past. Now that I’m home a lot I drink more coffee at home and eat more home-cooked foods

My favourite activities to do whilst in Coronavirus lockdown

I bet you might be bored of being cooped up at home. So here are a few of my favorite things to do at home. In the past few days, Victoria Police have issued hundreds of fines for going out of lockdown when you’re not supposed to.


I love watching ABC’s “What would you do?” , the news, Chicago Fire, PD and Med as well as watching airline reviews in hopes that one day I’ll take to the friendly skies and to support my fellow bloggers.

Oh and I also love to listen to music on there.

Going supermarket shopping

For many people, this is a chore but I love just seeing what is out there. I love to see new brands and places. I love to support local when I can. But of course, this might not be possible for everyone due to lockdown laws.

But make sure you know what the Government restrictions are on shopping as there are hefty fines for this. Make sure to wear a mask if the Government mandates this. If it’s only supposed to be just you then just only go by yourself.

Play Mahjong online

I play this game to pass the time and to forget about the troubles ahead. We can’t really be socializing with people physically.

Read good books

Now is a good time to catch up on the reading and books that you may have missed whilst commuting everywhere. I love to read whatever books are good and I buy most of my books on