Keeping your skin dry with QV skincare

It is almost summer in Victoria, and summer for us means that it will be hot and dry. In Victoria, we have to wear a mask when we are outside of our home. This will be made mandatory for all of the summer until we can find a vaccine.

Many people, including myself, get dehydrated skin underneath the mask. When it is hot, we sweat a lot and become really dehydrated. One way of looking after our skin is to drink lots of water, but most people don’t like this idea of drinking 2-4L of water. In the summer, we should be drinking about 4L of water. 1 L of water can be found in our fresh fruits and vegetables, depending on how you cook them.

But then there is QV skincare. They are for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. You can find them at Chemist Warehouse and other good pharmacies. I have been using them for a while now. My skin has been moist, and I have no rash. My skin is sensitive.

Most people use disposable masks, which I find dries out their skin really easily. I use the best cotton ones.

Now that you have to wear masks a lot, it’s best not to wear any makeup under the mask. You are beautiful, just as you are.

Belong by Radha Agrawal

I got this book a little while back from But never had a chance to read until we were in 14 days of isolation from social media

“We shall not cease from exploration. And at the end of our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time”, T.S Elliot.

The book is all about finding your community and making friends. These people are the gateway to happiness. As an autistic person, I have trouble making friends. I am usually introverted at times and cheeky at other times. My community would be my family, one close friend, and the online blogging community. The guys run meetups such as “Good Drinks” to help people stay connected and make friends. At Daybreaker (Radha’s workplace) they have weekly meetups and lots of activities going on there. Something that I might like to do once the pandemic has passed

Now that COVID is here community and finding it is important. Half the time we are buried in our phones thinking that our followers are everything. In the book, they report that 1 in 4 Americans have no friends that they can confide in. How sad is that?

The need to belong is fundamental as it is a feeling of home and comfort. We need to learn to be positive. Every time we get stuff done our dopamine goes up. Its praise for saying “Good Job”.

The addition of social media

The cycle of the ding keeps us glued to our devices all the time. We have seen this in the Social Dilemma where the ding goes off and the person checks their phone. That dopamine goes off in their brain. Dopamine is the happiness drug.

The book talks about self-imposed isolation which is not really spending time with real friends and family but spending it on our screens.

What I want in a friend?

The qualities that I want in a friend is honesty, politeness, and hardworking. They also should be kind to others. The things that I would need to do to attract better friends is to learn patience, love, and accept people more, be truthful, and be kind. We should not have black and white relationships. There should be some grey.

The friendship cycle

This is really important to have. You have an inner cycle and you have an outer one. Some people are worried about FOMO (the fear of missing out) on all these events. This is where you really need to prioritize which ones are important and which are not. Maybe there is a particular one that your friend didn’t invite you to and you didn’t want to go to. Can you think of why that might be?

It is natural from time to time be frustrated at friends and family. It’s ok to have arguments with them.

Hydrate with Healthy Care tea

I got the tea for $14.95 at Chemist Warehouse. Each box has 60 serves in there which is enough to last me for 4 weeks. I got the assorted box which is good and that means that I get to try all the flavors of tea.

It’s important to hydrate. Even more so when we are coming up to Summer and on the warmer days. This makes for an easy hydration option for people that don’t like water.

There are three flavors to the tea: raspberry, tropical, and original. 

The tropical one was really sweet. I really liked it. The raspberry not so much. The original was just darn fine.

I had to ask them online as to what’s in the tea as I did not see the ingredients list on the box. Here’s what they said:

“Ingredients in each of the sachets of tea: Green tea extract, Green tea powder, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Soluble Corn Fiber, Prune flavor, Strawberry flavor, Green plum flavor, Surraclose (a type of sugar), Silica (collagen supplement), Maltic Acid, Gardenia Pigment (Yellow and Green)”

Buyer beware: this is a fat burning tea which means that if you are not exercising that fat will go into fat storage and then you will pay for it later when you stop drinking it. When you don’t exercise then the fight or flight hormones will not be released.  The body has hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine (the body’s fight or flight mode). These hormones can suppress appetite and gastric function so we are not hungry. The body already goes into flight or fight mode when it is stressed or doing exercise. 

The fat burning tea has some sort of stimulants in there, mainly caffeine so it will just add to the body’s stress mode. These stimulants don’t give you energy, they in fact borrow energy which means that later on, you’ll be more tired then you were before.

Use with caution and with exercise. 

September is Claratyne Hayfever relief month

September is the beginning of Spring in Melbourne. Here it is also the month where all the pollen come as there are so many flowers. This is where people get hayfever and the like.

We talk about Claratyne and hayfever relief here.

What is hayfever?

It is all the sneezing and runny nose as well as itchy eyes from allergens such as dust and pollen.

Claratyne is a type of hayfever relief tablet that lasts for 24 hours. It works effectively in reducing your symptoms. You can take one tablet daily and then it will work within half an hour.

Obviously, due to restrictions, we cannot go out as much. Hence our hayfever will not be as bad. Also if you wear a mask you might not breathe in as much pollen and dust. But if we have to go out for exercise avoid going on days of high pollen

Another thing that can help is consuming a diet rich in fiber. That will help you get rid of the toxic waste and some of the hayfever symptoms.

Don’t forget to hydrate as we lose more water when we breathe through the mouth.

When you come home from your outing make sure that you change your clothes and wash your hands. We would be doing this anyway to stop the spread of the virus.

Change your sheets every one to two weeks. Dust settles on the sheets.

You can buy Claratyne at Chemist Warehouse and all other major pharmacies.

Asian inspirations

Asian Inspirations are a company about Asian food and cooking. They host brands like Lee Kum Kee, Julie biscuits, Obento, and lots of other brands. Here they provide many sauces and other ingredients for Asian cooking. In recent years I have been to many of their festivals in Crown where they do lots of cooking demonstrations with their items. At these festivals, they have a stall where consumers and visitors can buy items and try them out at home. Usually, they sell show bags for about $10-$20 depending on when you buy them. If you buy them on the last day of the festival it is cheaper.

We got the recipe for Vietnamese Vegan crepes from their Youtube channel.

I have tried some of their sauces at home and liked them. Every festival that I go to they often give out free sauce sachets.

Do check them out online. Each year before the Chinese New Year festival they have a Cook, Snap and Win competition where you can win some awesome prizes

The Baby sitters club 2020

This series is based on the books by Ann M Martin and its entirely on Netflix. It features five friends as they all go through high school together. They talk a lot about girl issues such as boys and being a teenager. They all have different characteristics and likes.

Like most normal teenagers they fight but then they make up.

This series is really quite addictive and good to watch when you are at home. Mary Anne is the shy one and Claudia Kishii loves art.

The series is set in Stoneybrook in 2020 where Etsy is a thing and Internet is the best way to advertise.

This series is not on Youtube but on Netflix and you can watch it anytime

Phillips noodle maker

This noodle maker I got it last Christmas as a present. Here you can save some money in making your own noodles. Making your own noodles is so easy.

Video courtesy of Phillips

During the Covid when we are all stuck indoors and money is tight, we can save a bit of money by making noodles. The noodles we make is really yummy.

It is easy to clean and it can churn out noodles within minutes. To make homemade noodles you just need flour, water and one egg.

Do buy the machine from Harvey Norman and other good retailers like Myer and the Good Guys. In Victoria, it is mandatory to wear a mask in store but you can order online and get it delivered.


Thanks to Siim Land for recommending this.

Skillshare is a website that allows you to learn some skills for $20 a month. It is free for the first two months and then it’s just $20. Many people are out of work now and need to upskill.

They have lots of self help classes as well as classes on how to master Instagram and other business essentials. It was lots of fun learning about self esteem and it was easy to use.

The lectures were short and easy to hear.

Do try Skillshare for yourself.

Food for Health’s fruit free bar

I got these bars at Woolworths as I really wanted to try them and I loved Food for Health’s protein puffs. They come in a pack of six.

SO I had the same expectations of them. They are gluten free and fructose free and they are full of goodness. They have a bit of honey in them and that’s what creates this sweetness. Oh and they are full of wholegrains.

This is an easy snack for the lunchbox.

Do go out and buy them at your local Woolworths and Coles.

Periods don’t stop for pandemics

Last week was Menstrual Health day and I got the idea from Bethan Taylor-Swaine who talked about this day on her Facebook page.

Photo by cottonbro on

Here in Australia some of the vulnerable and poor people don’t have access to period products and at the Kensington and Ascot Vale little Free Pantry people have been getting these products. In March Share the Dignity does these drives. The price of period products has been going up. Per year they would cost between $400-$700 altogether. Factor in food and rent and bills and some people would not be able to afford them. Last March people went crazy stockpiling pads and tampons and left none for the poor.

Periods don’t stop for those that are poor. Those that are poor risk staining their underwear and outer clothes. This in turn embarasses them and people think of them as dirty.

Poor people also don’t have access to clean water. Poor people also don’t have access to health services in the world right now.

Actions needed right now:

  • Donations would be appreciated everywhere. If you can, put some pads in a little free pantry somewhere.
  • Ongoing interventions to tackle period stigma. We need more free access to health services. Hopefully during this crisis the Government would spend more money on the homeless and this can be a part of the money that they spend on women’s health.
  • More access to clean water and washing facilities all over the world. In third world countries people don’t have access to clean water. Hence they always smell.