Liddells yoghurt

Liddells is a lactose free yoghurt. Here I got them at Coles and Woolworths as a snack and a delicious lactose free thing. There are some people that are lactose intolerant. Normally I buy them at Coles for about $2 and they are easy to eat. They do have sugars in them though. So farContinue reading “Liddells yoghurt”


Ensure protein drinks

This is a supplementary food and is only meant to be consumed with a whole food diet. These days people are looking to lose weight without stepping out of their house. We are all cooped up in here due to the Covid19. So it is essential that people get their recommended daily protein. Some peopleContinue reading “Ensure protein drinks”

Greentea x50’s new watermelon flavour

Greentea has this new Watermelon flavour and it comes with a meal plan for those that want to lose weight. This is great in the Coronavirus times when the gyms are shut. Nutrition is much more important now than ever before. Greentea x50 is a fat burner tea. Even though they don’t say how manyContinue reading “Greentea x50’s new watermelon flavour”

Australia’s Biggest morning tea with Coles Buttermilk scones

Australia’s Biggest Morning tea is on and it occurs every year. For the past few years this event has been at RMIT University and other places, but this year most people would be holding it virtual. This is due to the Coronavirus. It is run the Cancer Council and they aim to raise as muchContinue reading “Australia’s Biggest morning tea with Coles Buttermilk scones”

Fitness First Fitness at Home

This is a free workout app for Fitness first members only. Most of the members have been impacted by the gym closures hence there is this app. You would have been sent an email about it. Here this is just a webpage detailing the workouts. They will add more as time passes by. You needContinue reading “Fitness First Fitness at Home”

Cobram Estate’s Health professional’s challenge

Cobram Estate is a olive oil company and they are trying to promote olive oil as a great way for heart health. They have a challenge for us all so that we can consume some olive oil a few times a week. A tablespoon a day is more than enough for us! The idea isContinue reading “Cobram Estate’s Health professional’s challenge”

BSC’s Green tea TX100

I got this Green tea from Chemist Warehouse for $39.99. And yes they will be open for the Coronavirus period. But it doesn’t mean that you can loiter and buy beauty products such as makeup. The Government would class makeup and some hair products as a non essential item. But BSC’s greentea and other healthContinue reading “BSC’s Green tea TX100”

Les Mills on Demand App

Les Mills has an app for those that want to work out at home. Les Mills is a well known group for their world class, calorie burning exercises. They started in New Zealand and are going strong. Today many gyms have their workouts. There is a free trial for those that are new and theContinue reading “Les Mills on Demand App”

Woolworths Homebrand coffee vs the generic ones

We got this Woolworths coffee for $4 at Woolies as we wanted to compare the taste, flavour and everything with this brand of coffee with the generic ones we normally get. The generic ones that we normally get are Moccona and Robert Timms. Both of them are around the $10 mark for 100g jar. RobertContinue reading “Woolworths Homebrand coffee vs the generic ones”

Coconut oil- is it good for you?

We talk about coconut oil as another type of oil that you can use for cooking and baking. I got this coconut oil for $12 at Prahran Market one time. But you can find it at your local supermarket for about $4-$12. It tastes like not much but you can put it in things likeContinue reading “Coconut oil- is it good for you?”

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