Our COVID safe guide to picnics

Here is our COVID safe guide to picnics. In Melbourne, we are allowed to have picnics within a certain distance of our home. We can only have this with no more than 5 people from two households.

So here are some tips for enjoying your picnic safely.


Make sure that you are wearing a face mask.

In Melbourne, everyone must do so, and you can be fined for this.

Buy all your picnic needs from your local Mercato (or corner store).

By buying from there, you support small businesses and help them pay all of their costs. Usually, the corner store is open at certain times and on weekends.

Don’t wander around to other picnics.

You are supposed to stay 1.5 meters away from the other groups. The other groups will not be happy with you.

Throw your mask out properly

Don’t litter in the park. It’s not cool, and there are fines for this. Plus, if the birds eat it, they could choke on the loopholes. It is an environmental hazard

Wait until you get home to throw your mask out. Before throwing away, make sure that you cut the loops off

Make sure that you have some hand sanitizer

You can buy some small hand sanitizer online, or you can buy them from a local store. The small hand sanitizer should fit in your bag or basket.

Wear an adult nappy

The queues to the toilets might belong, and sometimes it may be dirty. If you wear an adult nappy, you can go in there, and it doesn’t matter as there is no smell. I love the Tena nappies that you can buy from your local pharmacy. For a small price, it is worth it. It is more hygienic that way

Don’t get too drunk

Yes, picnics have alcoholic drinks, but that’s no excuse to get drunk. Know your limits. If you get drunk, you might accidentally wander off to somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

The Mylk Bar

The Mylk Bar is a vegan food truck which is based in Moonee Ponds. During recent times I have seen it at Aberfeldie dog park during the weekends and saw people lining up getting a coffee post walk. People were saying how good their coffees and food are from this truck. So one day I went there and wanted to check it out. For now during the Covid times they are taking card only. But after the restrictions were lifted they started taking cash

The people that served me are lovely and are knowledgeable about what the customer wants and needs. They know the customers by name.

All the food is freshly made on site with the exception of the sweets and biscuits. They do jaffles and they have all sorts of flavours. I had the pesto vegetarian jaffle and it was really nice, except they might have put a bit too much cheese in there. I think the cheese is vegan though so it is good for those that are lactose intolerant.

Then another day I tried their homemade Apricot and Macadamia ball. This was nice and it was not too sweet. It was very filling. That day it was very busy with lots of people lined up waiting for their coffees.

Do come by for your coffee and your treats!

Ella in Melbourne Central

During the Covid19 pandemic its important to support these places. They are either closed or doing just takeaway now

Ella in Melbourne central is an awesome place to hang if you want to chill. I have enjoyed the pretzel and some of the food that is on offer there. Its an awesome place to hang if you want to just enjoy the night out.

Melbourne Central is in the city and all the train lines from the suburbs serve it. Also all the trams from the suburbs and Melbourne Uni go there. Ella is just above the station on the Elizabeth street side.

They have live music every Friday night and they have a bottleshop called “Blackhearts and Sparrows” which is cool and it has a lot of wine and beer in there

The retailers at Ella in Melbourne Central often use paper or plastic packaging for when their customers want to dine in. With the exception of the sushi club and Ajisen Ramen which have eat in dishes. Byrdi is a sit restaurant but its more of a bar and Reverie is a coffee place. Son in Law used these takeaway bowls and they would have wasted all that plastic. Emporium has their own eat in bowls and dishes which customers can return to the eateries or put it where they drop off the trays.

Byrdi is a Australian bar but they do awesome brunch. Here I enjoyed their eggs on toast. They use all natural Australian ingredients.

I tried Pretzel and love their awesome pretzels. They were enough to fill me up.

Do come by Ella when you can

The effects of urbanization on our health

As part of the Sustainable Living Festival we talk about the effects of urbanisation on our health.

As our population grows so does our carbon footprint and our land. Immigrants come from all over the world and there are more immigrants now in Melbourne and Australia. People move from the rural areas to the cities in order to find better jobs. More trees in our forests are being cut down to make way for new land and houses. This means that our biodiversity is dying. Urbanisation causes a lot of strain on our health and money and here are a few things as to why.

Air pollution

Industrialization has created a lot of air pollution. People that live in big cities tends to be exposed to a lot more pollution. People drive everywhere and this produces some of the pollution. Other pollutants can include factory fumes, dust from buildings being built and demolition. This is a health problem as we don’t have as much clean air.

Everything is fast paced as companies want things cheaper. The cost of manufacturing is high and the prices have gone up on our food supply and other utilities.

Urbanised diets

People that live in big cities tend to be exposed to a lot more junk food and food is always at their convenience. Hence this has lead to more diseases as people lack in good nutrition. In every street corner there is always a fast food joint and some of them are 24 hours, like McDonalds.

Poor people cannot afford fresh food due to monetary issues. As such our health care costs are higher due to the higher rates of obesity and mortality.

Sedentary lifestyles

Living in the city means that people sit more and move less. People also drive to everywhere rather than bike or tram it.

Development of slums

Whilst Melbourne is lucky not to have such things, other places like India and third world countries have slums where people live in because they are poor. The cost of urbanisation as well as high unemployment rates have left people poor. Hence there are more squatters and slums than ever before.

Climate change

Because of this urbanisation we have had many warmer days. The Uk has had an abnormally warm summer last year. This year we have had the hazy season due to the bushfires.

A Geelong Travel guide

Here is our travel guide to Geelong as many people would love to visit there over the Summer.

Geelong is about one hour away from Melbourne and its known for its beaches and good food. Here we talk about some of the best places to explore such as the beaches and Sailors rest. We usually get there by train which is about $18-$25 per adult return. By the way you have to buy a myki for this journey as they don’t do paper tickets anymore. There is drinking water on the train but we advise you to bring your own in your drink bottle.


There are lots of eateries and it is always changing. We hear about them on Instagram from Geelongfoodloves. We love Piston Pete for great American food at affordable prices. Here everything is huge and you can spend a good winters night in there.

Geelong is also known for its fine breweries such as Little Creatures and Furphy.


We enjoy going to the beach every time. The beach is cool calm and collected. Every summer its a great place to have fun. This year they have introduced a gigantic water slide. We also love Cunningham Pier and the Paella boat. When the Food Trucks come we love to stop by. Every July there is a month long Central Tastes of Geelong which celebrates everything about food in Geelong. Here they have many workshops and tastings and Friday nights galore.

Whilst going there one time we enjoyed having $4.50 pure vanilla ice cream from a real ice cream truck. You won’t find this anywhere in Melbourne. It was full of creamy goodness. Yum and there were about 3 or 4 of them at the beach and carousel.

The train ride is $6 just to explore. It looked cool just to look around. It is only a twenty minute ride there and back.

Working out over the holidays

We are nearly in the holiday season, which means taking a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before and not working out as much. Every year people go on holidays just to get away from it all.

Photo by Dorothy Castillo on Pexels.com

So how would you handle it?

Research the place and see if they have any gyms around. If they do they usually would have a casual rate and so you can go in and workout. If the hotel has a gym, go workout in there. The gym at your hotel maybe covered in your rental rate or you might have to pay another small fee.

For Fitness First members there are gyms all over Australia and any Platinum and Titanium members can workout in those.

Bring your own TRX strap and resistance bands. That way you can workout in your room.

Go for a run at somewhere new. Going to a new place means trying a new path. Better yet why not sign up for a race in that neighbourhood? It’s an awesome way to explore with lots of other people.

Do a walking tour. Walking tours are a way to explore new things. You can Google “walking tours” online

If you have a bike and your airline allows your bike, why not go on a cycling tour of the city and the countryside? Cycling is popular in Melbourne as it is in Europe. In Melbourne you can rent bikes from the Bike Share stands around the city. All you need is a helmet which you can rent at 7/11.

Climate Change and what we can do

We talk about this important issue of climate change here

person holding save our planet sign

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Right now there is climate change and its been on everyone’s minds for a while now. The last few years the earth’s temperature has risen by about 1-2C each year.

We need to stop Climate Change now before it impacts us any further. Already there has been some huge protests on climate change all over the world.

What is climate change?

“Climate change occurs when changes in Earth’s climate system result in new weather patterns that remain in place for an extended period of time. This length of time can be as short as a few decades to as long as millions of years. The climate system comprises five interacting parts, the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), cryosphere (ice and permafrost), biosphere (living things), and lithosphere (earth’s crust and upper mantle). The climate system receives nearly all of its energy from the sun, with a relatively tiny amount from earth’s interior. The climate system also gives off energy to outer space. The balance of incoming and outgoing energy, and the passage of the energy through the climate system, determines Earth’s energy budget. When the incoming energy is greater than the outgoing energy, earth’s energy budget is positive and the climate system is warming. If more energy goes out, the energy budget is negative and earth experiences cooling.” (quote from Wikipedia).

So here are some ways to tackle climate change.

Go vegetarian as much as you can

Meat meals produce more gas. Eating more meat will also increase the earth’s heat

Use energy wisely.

Go for cold water coffees if you can. When you boil water in the kettle you use heat.

Invest in solar

Its better for the environment

Recycle and don’t waste.

We have been trying to recycle heaps and not use paper a lot. Using paper means that trees will have to be cut down which would waste the Earth’s natural resources.

Turn off appliances when not in use

When they are not in use they can cause a fire hazard and can waste the Earth’s valuable resources

Write to your local MP or government demanding change

Together we can make a difference to our future on Planet Earth.

The benefits of walking for older people

I got this idea from Macy Michelle.

Walking has a lot of benefits for older people. We are supposed to exercise even in old age.


Did you know that walking has a lot of health benefits? I was reading a book by the American College of Sports Medicine where they say that walking is good for older people.

I have seen lots of older people around the park where I live. In fact, I live near the elderly nursing home which is a five-minute drive away. At the nursing home, many elderly uses a walking frame.

Even on the tram, they do that too and they find it hard to balance.

Low injury risks

Walking is less jarring to the joints! As older people, we are more susceptible to arthritis and osteoporosis.

Last year the Physical Activities Advisory Guidelines committee presented their report to the Department of Human and Health services and they recommended walking as a low-risk exercise.

Decrease stress

Seeing nature relaxes you. Moving the body also helps to destress you. It helps to limit the stress hormone called cortisol.

You get to explore everywhere. You can walk the dog. Seeing dogs relaxes some people.

There are lots of nice places to explore. In fact, you could go down to the beach or to the park.

Save money

Walking is free. Gym membership costs around $50-$70 per fortnight. Over a year you would save about $1000-$1600 in fees. You only need a pair of shoes

Get a better nights sleep

We need about 7-8 hours of sleep and exercise helps us sleep. Exercise releases serotonin a happy hormone! People who walk have better sleep quality.

Keep active

Keep happy and have a healthy brain. All types of exercise help to offset dementia and other brain problems. Older people have the risk of getting Alzheimers and dementia. Walking helps to increase cognitive function which is important for old age.

Walking helps you do that. And you can socialize with friends too.

Keep balance

Older people have trouble with their flexibility and balance. Walking helps with keeping balance.

Boosts immune function

Did you know that walking 20 mins or more 5 times per week helps to boost immune function? Next time you complain about getting a cold, try walking. About 43% of us walks and then we don’t get sick.

Get vitamin d.

Walking helps us do just that. We walk in the sunshine! We are supposed to be out in the sun for at least half an hour per day

Get up there and walk.

Where do you like to walk?

My top ten favourite places in St Kilda

Here are my top ten favorite places in St Kilda where you can hang out as a tourist or run around.  In summer St Kilda gets really busy but we love the lifestyle here.

1) Beach
I love going there for the beach and views. You can easily spend a really good day there walking and exercising. Along the way, you’ll get to meet and pat a few cute furry friends

2) Lentils as Anything
This is a really great healthy food place. Here you can pay as you feel for some good, healthy food which is vegetarian. I love their Lentil burger as well as their curries. These curries fill you up and keeps you warm for a while.

3) Bay City Burrito
RMIT Newintstudents has blogged about this before, but did you know that they are a healthy burrito place

4) Barbeques

In summer we love barbequing everything by the beach. But you cannot bring alcohol on to the beach or at the park areas. There is a bit of a drinking problem in St Kilda and the council have banned alcohol in public places during Summer

5) The various bars and restaurants on Acland St

Acland st is always busy and very lively on Sundays and it’s worth checking out. Here the bars and restaurants offer many specials and good food. Now that the road is gone there is a bit more of a lively scene and alfresco dining.

In the past, there used to be a road there but last year the council decided to remove the road. It’s better for everyone that way as there would be fewer accidents around that area

6) The Esplanade markets on the weekend

This is really fun and you can see everything. They are only on Sundays from 10am-5pm (or less during the winter) Here they sell lots of artworks and the like. Oh, and there are some gourmet food stalls. But if the weather is bad the market will not run

7) The boats

I love to see the boats out on the sea. I love to see the boats at the Marina on a sunny day as they are fun to watch!

8) Acland St Cantina
Even though it is a junk place, you are allowed to have the odd cheeky meal or two outside. They are a Mexican place where you can enjoy some wine and great food. They do have a great nightlife here.

9) St Kilda Sea Baths and Captain Baxter
Occasionally you might want to check out the health center. Captain Baxter is a lot of fun and its a bar. They can be very crowded at the best of times but they serve good drinks and live entertainment.

10) The Fifth Corner

I have been to the Fifth Corner before and it’s an Irish pub that serves great beer. It’s best to avoid that area after dark and on Friday nights as there are always fights going on there.

Here you can enjoy your Guinness! I’m yet to have a meal there, but I heard they have some good specials going on during the week!

Hope you guys enjoy my article and I hope to see you soon in St Kilda!

Week 35 of triathlon training


IMG_20180610_160543This June has been one of the warmest Junes on record. We don’t really need a down jacket just yet as it is pretty warm out.

My bike ride of 37km was just fine and I burnt 660 calories. My run was a little bit on the slower side but its because I’m recovering from Sundays run.

And then Wednesday I was alright in the run and the ride.

Then Friday’s ride felt sloppy. It was only 20km within the one hour. What’s up with that?

Then on Sunday I walked in the rain to train for an upcoming race. I was a little bit drenched but it was ok. It was 13C outside.