The effects of urbanization on our health

How the effects of urbanisation affects our health


A Geelong Travel guide

Here is our travel guide to Geelong as many people would love to visit there over the Summer. Geelong is about one hour away from Melbourne and its known for its beaches and good food. Here we talk about some of the best places to explore such as the beaches and Sailors rest. We usuallyContinue reading “A Geelong Travel guide”

Working out over the holidays

We are nearly in the holiday season, which means taking a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before and not working out as much. Every year people go on holidays just to get away from it all. So how would you handle it? Research the place and see if they have any gymsContinue reading “Working out over the holidays”

Climate Change and what we can do

We talk about this important issue of climate change here Right now there is climate change and its been on everyone’s minds for a while now. The last few years the earth’s temperature has risen by about 1-2C each year. We need to stop Climate Change now before it impacts us any further. Already thereContinue reading “Climate Change and what we can do”

The benefits of walking for older people

I got this idea from Macy Michelle. Walking has a lot of benefits for older people. We are supposed to exercise even in old age. Did you know that walking has a lot of health benefits? I was reading a book by the American College of Sports Medicine where they say that walking is goodContinue reading “The benefits of walking for older people”

My top ten favourite places in St Kilda

Here are my top ten favorite places in St Kilda where you can hang out as a tourist or run around.  In summer St Kilda gets really busy but we love the lifestyle here. 1) Beach I love going there for the beach and views. You can easily spend a really good day there walkingContinue reading “My top ten favourite places in St Kilda”

Week 35 of triathlon training

  This June has been one of the warmest Junes on record. We don’t really need a down jacket just yet as it is pretty warm out. My bike ride of 37km was just fine and I burnt 660 calories. My run was a little bit on the slower side but its because I’m recoveringContinue reading “Week 35 of triathlon training”

Week 29 of the triathlon challenge

This week felt a little bit weak and tired from all the training last week and having my period. It was also the start of Meat free May. For some reason I got the trots again as I kept on trotting after my run. The energy gel that I had did it no good. AndContinue reading “Week 29 of the triathlon challenge”

Picnic and tea at Hanging rock

Hanging rock is in Macedon near Woodend and it’s near Woodend station. There are no buses from Hanging rock to the station. You have to either get an Uber or get someone to pick you up from there. It costs $10 to park there or enter and you pay at the ticket dispensing machines atContinue reading “Picnic and tea at Hanging rock”

Week 49 of the marathon

” Do you have to train every day you are out?” says my housemate. I say “Yes!” Tuesday’s short run didn’t go so well. I tire easily. But saw the Grand Final atmosphere in the city and South Melbourne and it had gone wild. Burnt 374 calories on the bike. Am trying to add moreContinue reading “Week 49 of the marathon”

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