I saw the new Disney movie at home on the Disney Channel. Orignially it was going to be for the cinemas but due to Coronavirus they put it straight to live stream.

Directed by Niki Caro the theatrics of the movie was really good. She is from New Zealand and they are known for their good theatrics and detail.

The storyline remained the same however there was no talking dragon and there was a female witch which is played Li Gong. Li Gong is known for her role in Memoirs of a Geisha. She is known to play dramatic characters.

Based on the 1998 movie its about a woman who disguises herself as a male warrior to save her father and the kingdom from the evil Bori Khan. She is courageous and fights really well. At the training, she fails it at first and then later on passes. Later on when the other soldiers find out that is she is a woman she is expelled from the camp. At the Imperial city, she makes up and has a brilliant idea of defeating Bori Khan and the Witch.

The movie is based on being brave, loyal, and truthful. These are three pillars of Chinese Wisdom. Yifei Liu was great in playing Mulan who is brave and she defeated Bori Khan the evil warlord who defeated many kingdoms and tried to take the Imperial City by kidnapping the emperor. Donnie Yen plays Commander Tung. At first, I could not recognize him as he is older. I couldn’t recognize Jet Li as the emperor as he always fights

The movie is available on Disney Plus

Harry potter movies

We talk about the Harry Potter movies which is about a boy who grows up to be a man and a famous wizard. In the first three movies Harry is just a student at Hogwarts and enjoying his time there and not thinking too much about Voldermort. Then in the fourth movie things began to change and the movies are a bit darker. The movies are based on JK Rowling’s books- there are eight movies and each are a sequel from the last movie. It is the same for the Harry Potter books.

Sometimes we believe in curses such as Wingardium Leviosa. The Harry Potter movies encouraged me to be and strong and confident. In the Goblet of Fire Harry’s name was written in the in the cup even though he did not sign up. But in the end he learned to be stronger and he just had to get on with the challenge. He had to deal with it head on. And that’s what we have to do as runners. And he kept doing that for the next four movies- meeting challenges head on.

He also dealt with killing Voldermort and he accepted help from his friends and teachers to do so. Sometimes a curse can be a blessing in disguise.

Death. Rebirth again and again. One idea is dead another one starts.

Avada Kedvara is the killing curse. In the later movies it was used to kill the snake and to kill Cedric. So many people had sacrificed themselves for Harry and died for him. We have to think about the sacrifices in our lives.

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2012 is a sci fi movie starring John Cusack. Its about the earth ending and climate change. Here they talk about the unsteady globe and the temperatures that are rising. People are forced to evacuate. There is a lot of panic.

There’s tsunamis and earthquakes and buildings falling. Its a movie about survival of the fittest and I thought it would be befitting to talk about it here since climate change is on the agenda. The movie goes for two hours and thirty minutes.

It starts off in California where Jackson (John Curtis) is a non fiction writer. He just got his first book published and people are buying it. He is divorced and Kate (Amanda Peet) is living with this surgeon Gordon who is Kate’s new boyfriend. He seems a bit self centred always talking about Jackson and putting him down. There are lots of references to dying.

The earth’s core moves a lot, but in the end most of the people survived as they were evacuated on these huge giant ships and aircraft.

So what can we learn from this movie?

  • Don’t use energy unneccessarily
  • Don’t buy single plastic things
  • We should worry about the factories that use up a lot of the earth’s resources to produce things- a lot of the fumes from the factories destroy the ozone layer
  • We should cycle, walk or use public transport more often instead of our cars- diesel fumes from the cars destroy the ozone layer

Rent it now on Youtube or you can watch it on Amazon Prime for free

Brittany runs a Marathon

The story is a motivational one and one about why you should take up running even though you are fat or have a disability. It just goes to show that anyone can run. This movie is on Amazon Prime and for new customers they get 30 days free.

This movie is based around a woman’s life- Brittany. And it’s a true story about this sad 27 year old who is fat, drinks a lot and is lazy. She has an apartment and a job that doesn’t pay so well at the theatre. She sleeps a lot during the day. At the beginning she was always late for work because she missed her train. But then when she started training for the New York City marathon, she manages to get the train.

The first time she went to the doctor he recommended that she lose weight and become healthy. And that’s what she did. It takes a lot of courage to become healthier and run a marathon.

At the beginning of the movie Brittany weighed 193 pounds and then she started running a mile, then two miles. Over time she ran faster and faster. Her New York city time was 3:49 hours. That year that she trained, she befriends Catherine who lives in the same apartment block as her and is always perfect. She also baby sits a dog and befriends Jern. Eventually they move in together and they become intimate. At this time she loses her other drinking friends especially Gretchen. Gretchen, although a teacher seemed a bit self centred and not learning to respect Brittany’s space and no.

Later on she gets kicked out and moves back home. She also gets a stress fracture. But a year later she runs the marathon.

Do see the movie if you like to be motivated to lose weight.

Ever After

Ever After is one of my favourite movies. I rented it on Youtube which unfortunately is not a part of my phone plan.

It is narrated by the great Dame and the Brothers Grimm. The painting of danielle was talked about. Danielles life as Cinderella was told. She wanted a life of freedom.

Drew Barrymore stars as Danielle. She is gorgeous and she stands up for what she believes in. Drew is really with playing characters that are courageous and fight for what they believe in. Anjelica Houston is the evil baroness Rodmilla.

Once upon a time a young Danielle and her father lived in this beautiful house. Her father was kind and was always travelling. One day he brought home the stepmother and two stepsisters (Marguerite and Jacqueline). They lived happily for a while until he left for his travels. Then the father falls ill and dies on the road. After that the baroness takes over the house and sells Maurice, Danielle’s favourite servant. Ten years later Danielle gets him back with the money the prince gave him

Baroness Rodmilla is so mean to Danielle. She made Danielle do all the chores and berates her at the ball. She sells Danielle off to the baron and Danielle breaks free from him. In the end the Baroness and her stepdaughter gets punished. Jacqueline was the only one that was nice out of the two sisters.

Danielle falls in love with the prince after he stole her horse. He didn’t want to be king at first. They end up having a good time.

So how can we relate to this story?

In the real world there are a lot of mean people such as a greedy landlord or your boss. We should stick up for ourselves and be happy. Our happiness counts too.

Before you marry someone you should live together with them and see how they are. They should respect your happiness and your life values and you should respect theirs.

Anne Frank the whole story

Anne Frank the Whole story is based on Anne Frank’s Diary in 1940. It’s a powerful mini series starring Ben Kingsley. The series is on Youtube and it is captivating. The series is about 3 hours altogether.

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Here it is set in Amsterdam and the performances are powerful as. It started out with Anne being as happy as and enjoying life with her friends and her thirteenth birthday.

Then after that everything changed. The family hides in the secret annex after having being summoned to a work camp. The story is quite moving in many ways.

Its a story about an innocent girl being caught up in the war and having to go into hiding. Its in two parts. The first part is about life in the annex which was quiet and uneventful. Here it explores the relationships between people. The family have helpers who are faithful such as Miep (played Lilli Taylor), Bep, Mr Kuegler and Mr Kleiman. The second part talks about the camps that Anne goes to and her last days of her life. She wants to grow up and she falls in love with Peter.

She wants freedom and innocence. She wants to be a woman.

Hannah Taylor’s performance of Annie is quite powerful and uplifting. When the movie was made, she was just a child. Anne kept the family together along with her father. When she was being sent to the work camp, she was quite positive.

Brenda Blethlyn was good as the selfish, conceited wife who is always bickering about everything and anything. Auguste Van Pels always bickered with her husband and it caused some tension in the family.

Edith Frank was not quite as positive of the outcome and she believed that they will not live until the end of the war

Ben Kingsley’s performance of the father was quite humbling. The father was the most positive character of all the people. He was the bond that make sure that the family stayed together.

After the war he established the Anne Frank Foundation along with his helpers, Miep, Bep and others.

The Life of Buddha review

photo of golden gautama buddha

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This is a true story featuring true people. Here the story is set in India where there is Bollywood dancing. Here it talks about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism came about.

Here we learn about pain and suffering and how to be happy. At Christmastime in Melbourne, many people are poor and sad because they cannot afford the things that we have such as gifts. In Melbourne, there are beggars and people wanting money. At Kadampa the monks wants us to give money to give them hope and a warm heart. In the movie, the monkeys that eat the mango represents the people in Melbourne. In Melbourne, there are many good charities such as the Salvation Army and the Big Umbrella. So we don’t necessarily need to give them money, but just hope and food. And that’s what the Big Umbrella does.

Here we also learn about enlightenment.

The movie also talks about dying and suffering as well as old age. We can’t delay the suffering and dying is inevitable. In the movie, the baby dies.

Do your bit for society and give what you can. Life goes on no matter what.

Tinker Tailor soldier spy.

We watched this movie on Netflix with a $10 a month subscription.

abandoned architecture balcony cemetery

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This movie is set after the cold war and the themes of the movie can relate to everyday work life and personal life. We have to put up with moles and people that lie just to get their way!

The movie stars Colin Firth and Gary Oldman as George Smiley! Benedict Cumberbatch did really well playing Peter Guillam who works for George and is torn between the two sides.

The movie is set in 1973 where after the war going on between Russia and London. The movie featured Budapest. It started in Budapest where Jim Prideaux was going to meet a Hungarian official when he was shot. It was presumed that he was dead until the middle of the movie. When Control knew this he fell ill and died shortly afterward.

From there the climax went up and the mystery intensified until the very end. There were a few fights and confrontations.

The movie was dark and dramatic and I had to watch it a few times just to understand it. Colin Firth did great playing the mole (Bill Haydon). Viewers did not believe that he was the mole until the very end.

The movie was around Control and Jim Prideaux and how his life was in danger. The Circus where Control and others met was very secretive and things are not always what they seem.

In the end, though Bill Haydon was shot as a result of his actions.

So how to put up with the moles in your workplace

First, don’t be too trusting of anyone unless you really know them. Second of all if you suspect that they are the mole, collect evidence and then report them to higher up.

And second of all don’t lie to people because people will always find out the truth. And when they find out the truth is when marriages break down and you could be fired from work.

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is a movie based on a book. The movie stars Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, and Justin Theroux. Justin Theroux plays Rachael’s ex-husband Tom.

The movie is set in Manhattan in a lovely neighborhood.

It’s a murder mystery where Rachael the Girl on the Train passes this house every morning. This house is where Megan Hipwell lived until she was missing (later revealed to be killed by Rachael’s ex-husband- Tom). They seemed happy together in the beginning.

Rachael (portrayed by Emily Blunt) is a drunk, alcoholic woman and later on quits drinking. When she sobered up she remembered what happened that night.

The movie explores some psychological issues which we can relate to in modern-day such as betrayal and domestic violence. Tom is an abusive man who was Rachael’s ex-husband and later on it was revealed that he had an affair with Megan and slept with Anna. Anna found out after seeing Megan’s phone in his possession. Megan was their nanny for their baby Evie and then she quit (I think it’s over issues with Tom, but the movie didn’t really say).

Rachael was always drinking at the beginning of the movie but she sobered up when Megan was killed and the police suspected it was her. Rachael had just lost her job and she takes the train every day just to get drunk.

At the beginning of the movie, he abused Rachael by throwing things and breaking the mirror. They broke up because of this. In the end, he abused Rachael in the tunnel by throwing her.

Megan was scared of her husband and went to see a shrink. It was revealed that Megan had an affair with him and would come over to his house. Rachael also went to see this shrink

The film portrays anger really well. Scott, Megan’s husband displayed that when he was angry at Rachael. In the end, he realizes that it was Tom that killed Megan. And then Rachael and Anna kill Tom over the betrayal and murder of Megan Hipwell.

So what can we learn from this movie?

  • Communication is always a must for any relationship to be good. For a relationship to be good you must be open
  • Drunkenness- in modern-day life, we drink to be happy. We drink to get rid of our problems.
  • Betrayal and violence- to this day marriage problems are the number one stressors and reason why people murder each other.

So how can we deal with people like this?

My advice is to just be there for them and get them the professional help that they need. There are services such as Beyond Blue and Headspace. It takes time for problems to be healed.

Ask them why they are like this? And if you are in a bad situation get out of there and get the help that you need.

Train to busan

Train to Busan is a Korean scary movie which has a lot of food for thought. Here it is set in Seoul and the train goes to Busan. It is a Korean town about an hour or two by train. The movie starts off with thousands of people but then by the end there are only two- the mother and the child.

The actors were really good in this. Normally in scary movies, they are sooo bad that you wouldn’t want to see this a second time. But here it is all good and you can watch it on Youtube.

bridge clouds cloudy dark clouds

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The movie is all about a scary, hellish ride in which almost everyone gets turned into zombies. There was a zombie virus going on in Korea where everyone that gets bitten by someone is turned into a zombie. And then that zombie bites others.

It’s a horror film that encourages teamwork and relationships to survive. Without these people, we cannot survive in this world. In the film, everyone (albeit the evil business guy) gets along with each other and they almost make it until the very end. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Whenever I don’t sleep, I end up feeling like the zombies in the film ready to kill someone. All the zombies are stressed out and so are the people in the movie trying to run away from them.

Lesson being, help each other out in a time of crisis and you too may just be rewarded.