Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week was on the 10.2.2020-16.2.2020. This week we focussed a lot on health and nutrition in general. Many people at the gym don’t always know how to eat healthy or the right way for their body type. It’s a shame that this week happens in America but not in Australia. This year it’sContinue reading “Healthy Weight Week”


The importance of slowing down

We all live in a stressful and fast paced environment but sometimes its good just to slow down for a bit and just live for the moment. If we don’t slow down we make more mistakes and forget things. “If you slow down and be mindful, it will lessen your stress levels.” (Thought Catalog). InContinue reading “The importance of slowing down”

How to set the best intentions for 2020

2020 is just around the corner so now would be a good time to think about next year. Think about where you want to be by this time next year and how it would make you feel. This TedX talk explains all. You should start setting some SMART goals and think about what you canContinue reading “How to set the best intentions for 2020”

Being productive and the mind

When the mind is happy then we’d be more productive. I got the idea from Health Bloggers Community. Being productive makes us happy as we get a lot of things done in that short amount of time. If you look at my screen I have about 7-10 things open on all sorts of different things.Continue reading “Being productive and the mind”

STREAT report

STREAT has just released their latest report. We talk about their report and why you should support STREAT and buy your coffees from them! STREAT is another homelessness charity which helps young people get back on their feet. They have a few places in Melbourne and just last year they opened another place in RMIT.Continue reading “STREAT report”

How to deal with setbacks

Dealing with setbacks is an important part of life and its an important part of marathon training. We deal with setbacks a lot and we give some advice here. In life and at work you will face some setbacks. But its how we deal with them. Inside Success says that people should expect setbacks fromContinue reading “How to deal with setbacks”

Week 10 of Precision nutrition course

This week was all about coaching people and starting small. The chapter talked about the change process. A good initial assessment will help the coach work out where to go next. First, we want to establish their goals and then work with them on that. PN has this coaching forms book that we can useContinue reading “Week 10 of Precision nutrition course”

Gambling and how much Australia spent on it

Gambling is a serious problem in Australia and it affects our mental health. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, $24 billion is lost each year on gambling.  Dopamine hit is what the gamblers feel when they gamble all the time. We are the world’s biggest gamblers in Australia as reported by the Sydney Morning HeraldContinue reading “Gambling and how much Australia spent on it”

Ration challenge the report

The ration challenge was on this year and I was interested in a Facebook ad that I saw promoting it. It was hard but we got there and signing up was easy. Within days we got the box. The motivation behind doing it We wanted to encourage people to think about portions and not overloadingContinue reading “Ration challenge the report”

The need for boundaries

When we talk about stress and mental health, the need for boundaries comes to mind. Here we’re thinking about people asking us to do something for them when we can’t (if you’re already doing other tasks for other people) I got inspired by the Growing butterfly’s post on this as office workers struggle to meetContinue reading “The need for boundaries”

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