Tips to improve consistency

Here are some tips on how to improve consistency. We need to improve consistency to be motivated to stay with your goals. So here are some tips

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Stick to the same routine if you can

Sometimes life throws us a curve. But then if you stick to the same routine its easier to stay consistent and on top of your goals.

Change your running route a little bit so that you won’t get bored

You might find that you might like a new route and would love to stick to it.

Get back up on the horse if you get down

It’s ok to make mistakes and go down sometimes as everyone does that from time to time. But you have to get back up and keep going.

When I get my period I find that I can be demotivated to do some work as I’m always having a heavy period with some pain. So I am trying to work on a strategy where I can work whilst having my period.

Plan your day in the morning when you get up

This is so that you won’t get off track with your goals. For example I plan to donate food to the homeless or I plan to write 12 blog posts. Or I plan to do some research

Reflect on your day

At the end of the day if you can reflect on your day. Work out what went well and what didn’t go so well. You could write in your journal about the things that went well and the things that did not go so well.

Meditation and Creativity

Meditation is useful during Coronavirus times as many people are stressing about everything. But of course many of the yoga studios are closed in Melbourne due to Stage four restrictions so people go online to find some meditation videos.

Just one example of meditation that you can do at home.

Meditation is always fun and there is this new place called A-Space in Collingwood. It is peaceful and you can find your inner peace.

Meditation is for everyone not just those select few.

Many people do not meditate because they can’t find the time, subject or place to meditate in. You can meditate in whatever way is comfortable for you. And whatever time. Just let your mind flow. The meditations usually take about 10-15 mins of your day.

I just do it in my room with my door closed at the best time. There are many guided meditations online and your gym might offer some free ones on their site for their members.

Learning to embrace uncertainty

I got this idea from Psychology Central who said that we are living in uncertain times. What might happen today might not happen tomorrow. In Melbourne, Victoria our case numbers are getting worse.

As an autistic person, we find that uncertainty can be a challenge. Even as ordinary people facing the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge as you don’t know what’s coming around the corner.

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We can either avoid the feeling of uncertainty or we can embrace. We can pretend that the virus is all over and go back to living our normal lives. Then people will get sicker and sicker and our hospital system will be overrun

Or we can find a COVID normal within ourselves and follow the rules and embrace the uncertainty.

Acknowledge how you are feeling

It could be writing in your journal everyday. Or it can be talking to someone, whether it would be online or face to face. YOu would notice these sensations and would be in touch with your inner self. For example I feel anxious about these high numbers today. When I feel anxious I tend to shake inside.

These feelings come and go but some days it stays for a while. Like for example being confined to our hood. We can’t control it but we can accept it.


This could be meditation or yoga or something. Breathe in and out slowly. This will help you to relax and allow some space for uncertainty.

We have to learn to allow uncertainty in our life and there needs to be room for that. You don’t have to like uncertainty because its unpleasant, but we must learn to live with it. You can’t change people’s mind or what they do or the news, but you can change how you respond to things.

Engage in what matters most

By that we mean doing what you really need to do to keep yourself safe and happy. You can’t change the world but you can change your outlook of the world and make it a better place to be in.

Do your part. Stay at home if you have a stay at home order! We are all in this together!

Making time for learning during the pandemic

Now that we’re all working from home and being bored at home listening to the Covid news, its now time to up your learning. In fitness personal development is important.

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Make time to attend personal development seminars

If you’re training to be a Les Mills Instructor (or are already one), the team at Les Mills would have sent you a whole bunch of stuff to read and listen to. Do take the time to do that.

If you work in Fitness you would have lots of personal development seminars which you can attend. Also there are lots of industry zoom lectures.

Read lots of non fictional ones.

I bet you would have plenty of books at home to read. Some of them are non fictional books. If not you can always buy them on What sort of books do you like to read that are non fictional? Do you like personal development books? Make sure to avoid all distractions whilst reading the book to get the best out of it.

Make time to practice new skills

If you are signed up to Les Mills on Demand they have lots of new skills. Or you can take the time to learn supermarket shopping and look for new trends.

Attend TedEx talks online

They have a whole range of different topics for you to learn from. Here you can find lots of ideas and things to learn.

Is having a plan B in life ideal?

Yes! Now its a good time to think about having a plan B. Hospitality and retail workers should think about having a plan B as there might not be jobs for them due to Coronavirus.

We get it things happen all the time that you cannot control. What you can control is how you respond to them.

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The economic impact of the virus has hit us a lot harder than we think. Many restaurants and cafes are struggling and they may not be able to keep their doors open for much longer due to there being not that many customers. It is the same for some of the retail stores.

So thinking about what you can do is a good idea! The stimulus is not going to last forever. Think about what you are good at and then go from there. What do you like doing? What is your passion?

Maybe you could teach classes or write a blog. At first, I wanted to write about food but then after I put the weight on I suddenly realized that I’m not enjoying going out for food all the time. So I decided to start this blog and am so glad that I have. I realized that I love going to the gym and healthy eating as well as running. If I was to write in the other blog I would feel pressured to eat all that outside food during the Coronavirus times and not support the #blacklivesmatter movement.


Nudge is a really great book that talks about decision making. Here they talk about society and being motivated which is what we all need. I got the book on Amazon some time ago pre Covid and I figured that I would finish reading now that we are in lockdown.

They also also talk about herd immunity and following the crowd. During these times, that’s exactly what we are doing. Right now the Covid times are full of unpredictability and we just have to respond.

When do we need a Nudge in the right direction? We always need a Nudge to keep us going in the right direction whether it would be incentive or motivation to make the right decisions in life. When we were kids growing up was hard. In that we learnt lots of skills such as tying shoelaces or reading books. It took lots of trying and practice. But when we get to Year 12 that’s where we would have to make the life changing decision about our career. Our careers can change over time but our University degrees do not. So that’s why we need to make the right decision now.

The second part of the book is about money and shares. All of this is neccessary during post Covid times where we try to get the economy back up and running. They say that we should save some money for when we are older. Most of the American population do not do this as costs of living are sky high. Now look where they are at and that is being poor and jobless. Most of the Amercian population seems to max out on their credit cards all the time.

The third part of the book talks about giving back to society and that’s what we can all do now during this pandemic. Whether it would be time or money. Here it talks about the US being a libertarian state. Here we also talk about marriage and a relationship. For them to work well you have to build trust in people and it has to go for a long time. This is partly why so many marriages fail and why people are depressed and are always fighting.

How to set up a five year plan for your business and your life

And no it does not mean micromanaging as you would have no idea what the world would be in five years. We could have another few waves of coronavirus or something worse.

But you can plan for how you will be profitable in your first five years so that you won’t lose a lot of money and won’t have to shut up shop. Same as your life. You should plan for this now just in case something unexpected happens.

For example I would want to earn about $20000 in the next year. Due to the Coronavirus people won’t have a lot of money left and some people will have no job. I also want to save about $10000 from my current earnings and Job Keeper to buy shares. I aim to buy about 5-10 shares this year. But I don’t know what the economy will look like and whether or not the share market would collapse. To do that I would need to do some research on shares and that will take a while.

In the second year I would like to buy even more shares. In the second year I hope to be invited to some of the world’s most prestigious health things. I would love to run Boston if I can but I would need a really good qualifying time. But I would need to train really hard and run a few races to get there. And I would also need about $50000 for Boston (for airfares, accomodation, food, race entry not to mention other things). That would mean that I would need to sell a few memberships on my blog and earn enough money from my shares.

Its the finer details of your plan that would make it a success. And then you would have to think about how you would make that goal happen. Be specific. Be accountable for yourself. You could also assign someone to hold you accountable for that goal.

May is National Mental Health month

And we need it more than ever due to Coronavirus pandemic and people being stuck indoors.

Please note that the personal trainers are not mental health professionals. It is outside of our scope of practice but we can help you to stress less. But we will write up how we spent that month even though we are isolated.

So here’s how we spent our month. We spent most of the month at home but we’re able to go outside for some fresh air each day. On some of the days it was really sunny so I had a good run in the park and was happy. I did an awesome crosstitch for Mothers day. It took quite a while to do it but once I got there I did not stop.

May was also Mother’s day. We had to spend it in a very different way. Normally we would spend it with family. Instead we had to forget about it and spend it on our own. Which is what I did for the most part. Most people felt a bit stressed about not seeing their Mum’s for Mother’s day.

During that time I participated in the 3046 push up challenge which felt awesome. At times I felt sick of doing the same push ups but I knew it was for a good cause.

Like you I worried about my finances but that didn’t stop me from not having an awesome May. I was a bit anxious about waiting for the gyms to reopen and the announcement as to when. But no such thing came until late May where gyms can reopen on the 22nd of June.

But then a week after we were able to see family and we spent that time going up to the country to see family.

If you are having any mental health problems feel free to give Beyond Blue a call. They can help you 24/7 and its free.

Its Ok to not be ok during the Covid times

We are not alone. This article was produced for Mental Health Month in recognition of Coronavirus.

A Current Affair has posted a video about mental health and the support that you can get from it. As lockdown restrictions ease people are fearful of going out because the risk of Coronavirus is high for people that have chronic conditions. After lockdown Beyond Blue says that there will be more calls because people have lost their jobs.

Also the rate of domestic violence is up and Victoria Police recognises this.

In fact the Federal Government has put aside $48 billion for mental health. What they could have done right from the beginning is to close down all the fast food chains like they did in the UK and leave the gyms where they were pre covid 19.

It is ok to not be ok. A search done on Bing revealed 103,000,000 results as more and more people die from these disease. People are being isolated right now and many will be worried about getting the Coronavirus when they do decide to go out. The Independent says that the world will likely face a mental health crisis when this is all over.

If you want to go out, just go out at your own pace and don’t go to crowded places. It will take a while for society to get back to normal and it will take you time to find your feet again.

Julia and Julie

I really wanted to write about this movie as we are living in Coronavirus times in our own little bubble and we see the same people day in day out.

Julie and Julia is a movie about food. It is based on a true story involving two women and their love for cooking and food. There are ups and downs in their lives as the women learn to cook well. This is a feel good movie. Directed by Nora Ephron and starring Amy Adams and Merryl Streep this movie is a feel good one.

Julie and Julia is a food loving movie. Here you’ll see all the food porn and see that French cooking is really simple and it could be amazing

Julie cooks all of Julia’s recipes within a year and writes a sucessful blog about food and how her relationship with Julia has deepened. She imagines Julia being in her kitchen with her. Julie has a mundane job of being a office worker and she lives in a tiny Queens apartment with her husband.

Later on Julie’s blog becomes popular and she gets an interview with a popular editor.

Julia lived in France for quite some time. Julia is also an American who went to Le Condon Bleu cooking school and cooked in the professionals class. Like Julie she had some major hurdles to contend with. Like Julie she lives with her husband Paul. And together they enjoy food and love each others company.

Food is the way to someone’s heart and its ok to love yourself for who you are not what you look like. You should have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. In today’s world its a pity that people don’t have such a healthy relationship with food. People always talk about diet and I hate that because people are missing out lots of memories with food.