South Melbourne Market

We talk about South Melbourne Market which is our favorite place to be.

South Melbourne Market is about a 3km run/walk from the city or if you’re really lazy its about a 5-10min tram ride on the 96 tram. There is car parking there. They also have bike racks there.

Most of the vendors are very friendly and willing to talk to customers.

Come prepared with cash. If you forget there are ATMs on site.

They have some of the best bargains there such as the cheap grocery store which sells lots of lollies, snack foods, and pantry items. I usually come when they have the best bargains like $3 a box of Chinese dim sims or $1 croissants.

They also have some great coffee places such as Clements and Padre who have lots of customers on Saturday. You can ride your bike here and come by Clements to enjoy your caffeine fix.

They have lots of fresh fruits and veggies all at reasonable prices.

That is where the famous dim sims came from. And they are about $1.60. They are really yummy. It has some sort of fattening meat and cabbage in there. You can get them steamed or fried. But if you can’t be bothered getting there then there is the South Melbourne Dim Sim place in Emporium.

There is Aptus seafood, a place known for its expensive seafood and champagne. Its the place where I bought the best beetroot salad. The beetroots were fresh and full of potassium. And then they also have superfood salads at $5 for a small one. The best and healthiest salads on the planet. The lines there are rather long as the food is the best. Their salads fill me up and they have the freshest ones.

I have been to Claypots before and their mussels were good.

The pie that I had in the Small town pie shop was good, except it fell apart. It was a lentil pie. I think the pie was overcooked. It was $6.90.


Lats sushi is just ok. Yoyo sushi is also ok but sometimes they can be a bit inedible. I love Fritz Gelato though. They have a store here and one in Prahran

There are always people on Saturday so try to go mid-week if you can. Midweek is usually quieter.

The Fitness show in Melbourne

The Fitness show is back this year and it was $30 to get in. Luckily Healthyintstudents was invited by Weekend notes and so they did not have to pay.

With that $30 the first 1000 people through the door got a showbag full of awesome goodies. We got there later and there was a showbag reserved for us which was great. And that’s not all that you get. You get two full-sized yogurt samples from Chobani and Yopro. And you get the myriad of samples to take home.

Gone is the black rice and slendier noodles. But in are the workouts and body competitions. The Rob Forte’s 2:30 competition was intense and it was another $40. And they were really popular with everyone. Also in this year at the Fitness show are the Special K stall with their new protein bowl which I cannot wait to try.

Oh and in was the Cocowhip stall but the ice cream there was a little bit on the pricey side.

The Prana ON gym was really cool.

The seminars on wellness were the main reason that I wanted to come. Here they talked about the three macronutrients: carbs, fats and protein and we have been learning about this in class. As runners doing marathons we need lots of carbs. As a female though we need about 1500-2000 calories and guys can have about 2500 calories. I enjoyed Luke Hines’s keto coffee and watching him do an amazing omelet.

They also said that you can’t outrun a bad diet and the main reason that people come to these expos is to look for ideas on how to lose weight sustainably.

Lunch today was at 5:4 which is a meal service but they offered $10 plates. After trying to resist the temptation I went and bought myself one. Mine was a Korean beef with noodles which was quite nice except for the beef that was a bit chewy towards the end. I don’t mind being their affiliate though.

Cheap and healthy ways for students to spend their one to two hour breaks

Here are some cheap ways for students to spend their time without breaking the bank and healthily of course!


Visit St Kilda beach

This is free and a good way to get outdoors. Here you can take the number 96 tram from the city to the beach. All at the cost of a daily myki which is $8.60 return.

Go to Lentils as Anything


Here you can eat good food and pay as you feel. They have about five branches all over Melbourne now. You can even donate online. They do vegetarian, wholesome food only and you won’t find coke, soft drinks or juices here.

Enjoy Froyo

Its not as sweet as yogurt but if you put really sweet toppings on it it can be too sweet. And very expensive. It is measured by the weight. This is really good for warm, summery days when ice cream is too sweet

Visit Melbourne Uni’s farmers market


They are on every Wednesday (during the semester that is) and its free entry for all. Here you can try lots and lots of food as well as enjoy a good lunch on the grass. Lunches are around $10-$12 and coffee is about $3-$5. You can also pick up some lovely fresh food to take home.

Volunteer at your university’s food co-op

Here you can learn some valuable skills to use in the workforce as well as learning how to cook. Every university has their own food co-op as they would love their students and staff to eat healthily.

Visit Queen Victoria Market

This is the only market that is in the free tram zone and its open on Tuesday’s, Thursdays through to Sunday. Here you can buy fruit for as little as $1. And you can also stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables. Or devour a bratwurst or two.

Volunteer at Student Union

Your student union is always looking for volunteers to help out with their events and the day to day running of the union. If you volunteer you would get a free lunch plus a good reference for any job you apply for.

Be a Herbalife coach

N.B this doesn’t earn you a lot of money but you can pick up many skills to run your own business later on. You can volunteer to help out at fitclubs etc.


Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira

I think I may be allergic to dairy. This morning I had milk and last night I had yoghurt and I kept on coughing and I spewed this morning. I just finished my period. I think I have too much too frequently in the last few days.

Either that or I have too much fiber. I can’t have had too much fiber according to myfitnesspal.

In this week’s meditation we learned that life has its ups and downs and that there are many stressors throughout the day. This is quite normal and we just have to deal with it. Whether it is a fight or not.

My short run was just fine. It was 8km with not a lot of walk breaks. Yoga was all about stretching and lifting- something that I have difficulty with. I have difficulty with balancing.

At the end of that run one mentally ill lady scared me on a busy Clarendon st in South Melbourne. It was such a rare occurance which made me think more about the Salvos and the good work that they do. So if you can please buy a book off us and help the Salvos achieve their goals.

This week’s gym session was good but not great. It could have been a lot better if I had eaten more food and not thrown up. But oh well there is next week and I burnt 250 calories just by spinning.

This weeks long run had been great. I felt like I had a lot of energy and lots to give. I did at one point pee on myself in my pants but that was because there was no toilet anywhere to do so.

On the first part I took it too slow- this was due to drinking too much alcohol at the food and wine event. It was mainly for a tasting. Then along the way we passed by the Hawkers Bazaar in Malaysia Hall. Then we took a look. Here there were a lot of meal items for $6-$8. Not bad but if your run is finishing late then it is not a good idea.

Then we took a detour along Chapel st to St Kilda. It was fun and very vibrant for a Sunday afternoon.

At night Point Ormond Hill looks great. It is hard to see but I enjoy the eerie side of things. I don’t enjoy the horns though along St Kilda Road but oh well. At least they are not horning me.

QVM on Sundays

Queen Victoria Market has a different vibe on a Sunday. Here we can enjoy street food and pat lots of dogs. Many of their usual stalls are not open on a Sunday. But however the wine stall was and so were many other gift stalls.

To get there, there are free trams in the city (route 19, 57, 59 all heading to the suburbs). Or you can walk.

There were no lines for the toilets this time which is great. As for the tap there is a funny knee thingy which you push with your knee to turn the tap on. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time, a lovely local will help you.

I enjoyed El Rincon’s chorzio eggs. The chorizo was finely chopped. The sauce and the bread not so much. The smell of the BBQ got to me. I didn’t like the sauce nor the store bought bread.

There are kids activities here too.

Do come by to the Sunday markets as they run many events here which are free of charge such as the Malaysian festival.

St Kilda festival and why I like it by Akira

The St Kilda festival means a lot to me as an International student and a health freak. For a start it is free and there are a lot of free exercise activities such as Zumba. I can teach Zumba and next year I would like to teach it as I am an amazing teacher. I have been teaching Zumba for a while at various gyms and all over the world.

Here it was a cold but sunny day and here I always enjoy free watermelon from Hare Krishna. How can anyone say no to free things? There was free coffee and iced tea but as usual it has too much sugar in them. And I don’t drink coffee. I am not an alcoholic but every now and then Katherine loves to have one drink. This one was a Sav Blanc and in a cute glass for a pricey $9.50. According to her it was the watered down version. We enjoyed it at the New World stage along with a live band.

We sampled the same ole sweet potato chips from Nandos and they gave the same ole vouchers that we got in the city but never used. The lines to Nandos was really long.

The cafes and bars along Acland st were filled with people drinking alcohol, but it wasn’t too bad until after 6pm. That was the time when people had dinner and then stayed to watch more of the live shows.

There were also games but we were not interested in them.

By 6pm the people started coming. Before then it was not too busy. People came by tram and by then the trams were fully packed. Even the train home was packed. Thank god we left after 6pm to go and train for the marathon.

The Big Design market

This market is held in the underground car park and here it was quite busy with people. Here they had Billy Van Creamy ice cream which people say that it is quite good and they were right. Except the sorbet was on the bottom and it kind of fell apart by the time I got there. I paid $7 for good ice cream on a warm day.

The Big design market is full of designs but it also features food items like Sticky Balsamic and Prickly by nature as well as Tin Shed Charcuterie which have all their really nice duck pates and rilettes. Prickly by nature have some yummy sauces on offer. Sticky Balsamic are a Geelong based company and they also do great sauces. Most of the market had many good specials. But of course knowing me, no money to buy things.

This market only comes around once in a blue moon so check the Facebook page for updates

Lets move 365: The Sunday Art market

The Sunday market is on every Sunday from 10am-4pm and its free. It is outside the Art Centre and its a must see for all tourists and everyone alike. Most people come here with their kids as they have some really cool kids stuff such as juggling balls at $20 for a set of three. Other things are the make your own necklace at $10 and the make your own broach set at the same price.

We have been going there for years and everytime it has gotten a wee bit smaller. But the Dutch pancakes guy is still there and he’s now charging the proffetjies without ice cream or cream for $7 (ice cream or cream is now an extra $1- it used to be included). It was $6 but they included the ice cream at no extra cost. Now there is an arepa and gozleme stall.

The stallholders seem to get stricter and stricter about photos. Why is that? We used to be able to take lots and lots of photos of stuff but what happened?

Well if they would love tourists to stick around then they need not be so strict on the photos and more stalls please if you can.

St Kilda Esplanade market by Akira

This market is one of the best markets in St Kilda. Here they have food, clothes and artworks. on a very peaceful and lovely Sunday you can find punters and tourists alike wandering down the market to find that perfect gift for someone. You can also find dogs as well.


Here they have the finest foods on offer. Here we tried the sauces and honey on offer. The honey was from Paul’s Honey and the people at the St Kilda visitors hub were promoting them. The people that are there are the friendly volunteers and you can apply to volunteer there yourself.

Here there were a few food trucks. Last year when I came there was no such luck. They change all the time.

Do take the tram from the city to the market. The route number 96, 3, 3a and 16 all service the esplanadeĀ  where the market is and it is only $6 for the tram trip as the market is free.

Prahran Market’s latest truffle offering by Akira

Last weekend Prahran market had their truffle festival and it was free for all to attend. Having truffle in food is a lot of fun but it is expensive to buy hence all the truffle items are expensive. Every year Melbourne has its own truffle festival like this one

Here they really took all of the punters views into consideration this time where there were not too many stalls and too many people. This time they also had many samples and real truffle items to buy. They also had the all inclusive map telling us what events were on and where.


There were also some truffle hunts doneĀ  the lovely shepherd dogs. Many people tried the red wine which was lovely and the sliders. I had the crepes with truffle sugar which I did not think possible as truffle was mainly used for salty items. I thought of truffle as oil and truffle salt.

Now I know that truffle can be used with sweet items. Here I like it like this. Many thanks Prahran market for hosting this event. DO buy your truffles when you can.