Hari Raya in Melbourne

We talk about this free community event for everyone in Melbourne. Hari Raya means Open house in Malaysia and all the food and entry is free. This year like recent years, Hari Raya is held Malaysia Hall in August. The event is run by the various Malaysian student’s society. It was sponsored by My ColonialContinue reading “Hari Raya in Melbourne”


Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira

I think I may be allergic to dairy. This morning I had milk and last night I had yoghurt and I kept on coughing and I spewed this morning. I just finished my period. I think I have too much too frequently in the last few days. Either that or I have too much fiber.Continue reading “Week 32 of Marathon training by Akira”

Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira

Mega Raya was tons of fun this year. There were tons of new dishes to try and the one I tried during my volunteer shift was bee hoon. Bee Hoon is a Malaysian noodle dish with vermicelli and egg and prawn. I was surprised when the volunteers added tomato sauce to it and the darkContinue reading “Lets move 365: Mega Raya: volunteering and enjoying ourselves by Akira”

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