Why processed foods are bad for you

We talk about why processed foods are bad for you In the US and UK obesity is at all time high. Earlier this week I watched a new report about people in Melbourne’s low income suburbs buying all these junk food as the supermarkets price them pretty cheap. It is the same in 7/11. AllContinue reading “Why processed foods are bad for you”


Fruitcake using the items in the Woolworths basic box

The Woolworths Basics box is $80 and it includes all the basic needs for a weekly shop. You can buy in online for people that are vulnerable such as the elderly and people on low incomes. The delivery fee is included. Here when I saw that mixed fruits and sugar and flour were included IContinue reading “Fruitcake using the items in the Woolworths basic box”

National Burger day: a homemade recipe

Next Thursday the 28th is National Burger day. Whilst we wouldn’t be allowed out due to Coronavirus restrictions, you can still have a burger at home. A homemade burger with a fried egg is about 300-450 calories depending on what’s in there. You could do a vegetarian Lentil burger or you could do the standardContinue reading “National Burger day: a homemade recipe”

Slurpee and why it is bad for you

We talk about the 7/11 slurpee and why its not good for you. I used to buy one slurpee a week. In coronavirus isolation, I rethought the slurpee thing. It is too sweet and it tastes like Wiz Fizz. For $2.60 I got a cup of nothingness but sugar. You go in, get your cupContinue reading “Slurpee and why it is bad for you”

Pulled Pork Sliders

They are easy to do at home and the usual bars and clubs charge about $9-$15 per plate of two. Well we bought the pack of eight sliders at Coles for about $4-$5 and the cos lettuce for about $2. The pulled pork mixture was from our freezer. So here’s how to make the slidersContinue reading “Pulled Pork Sliders”

Homemade Shepherd’s Pie

Now that we are in the Covid19 period and people have either lost their jobs or are working from home we talk about a simple Shepherd’s Pie that you can make on a rainy day. We used up the leftover potato mash to make the top. This is really good as a winter comfort food.Continue reading “Homemade Shepherd’s Pie”

What snacks to have at the footy that won’t break the bank balance.

Buying food and water at the match is expensive let along the long queues at the food stalls. Water is about $5 there and soft drinks are about $4.50. Bring your own water in your reusable bottle. It will save the environment.  Instead of soft drink have your lift off drinks as they have aContinue reading “What snacks to have at the footy that won’t break the bank balance.”

The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones

This article was written for Febfast- a month in which we ditch added sugar. Ditching added sugar is a great idea and soft drink companies should make sugarless soft drinks to combat the ever growing rate of obesity as cited in Medical News today. By that we mean soft drinks and juices. There are quiteContinue reading “The difference between sugary drinks and non sugary ones”

Weight Watchers new snacks

Weight Watchers is a company that loves to help people lose weight. Here they use a points system to help people lose weight and control their eating. They also do meetings in person and online I got a whole haul of them for $50 online. It included the cheese and onion crisps, the Chia puddings,Continue reading “Weight Watchers new snacks”

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