McDonalds new vegetarian burger

McDonalds has this new vegetarian burger and we review it here. It is American Heart Health Month and for that month I decided to try the new McDonald’s Vegetarian burger thinking that it would be healthier for us. By that I mean that there’s no meat in the burger. Vegetarian means that the food wouldContinue reading “McDonalds new vegetarian burger”


What to do with linseed

We talk about Linseed and the benefits of that here! I got this packet of Linseed free from the Fitness show. They normally are about $5 at Chemist Warehouse. With Linseed we can do lots of things. So what is linseed? They are the seeds of the Flax plant which means that it is goodContinue reading “What to do with linseed”


We talk about wheatgrass and its benefits. I bought this wheatgrass for about $17 which has 50 serves. What is wheatgrass? Wheatgrass is just a supplement that involves grass. There is no actual wheat in there. They can be either a powder or a capsule. Wheatgrass is said to be good for your digestion andContinue reading “Wheatgrass”

How much water should I drink?

Water is an important nutrient for everyone. So how much should you drink each day? For women its 16 cups as we lose some extra water when we have our period. For men its 11 cups a day. If its a hot day or you have been exercising a lot it should be about anotherContinue reading “How much water should I drink?”

Toothpaste and which ones to buy

That is whilst you’re here in Melbourne for the marathon and if you run out. You can buy them at Coles on Elizabeth st near Flinders st station or in Melbourne Central. Now Coles is open from 6 or 7am in the morning and until 11pm or 12 midnight. Some of my toothpastes have been supplied byContinue reading “Toothpaste and which ones to buy”

Sacred Heart Mission

I was given a $25 voucher for this place Sacred Heart Mission is a charity that helps the homeless. Here they provide meals and housing for those that are poor. I was given the voucher to spend in their stores where the poor and vulnerable hangs out. But I collected my voucher from the StContinue reading “Sacred Heart Mission”

Australian Sports nutrition

We talk about the chain store here. Australian Sports Nutrition is a chain store that serves runners and avid gym goers alike. They have quite a few stores in Australia and one in the city. They sell protein powders and supplements from the major brands as well fun snacks which have a lot of proteinContinue reading “Australian Sports nutrition”

Easy ways with mushrooms

We talk about the magic mushroom which you can add to anything. Mushrooms have a lot of fiber, potassium and other minerals which make them magic and versatile. They don’t have a lot of taste but there are all different kinds of mushrooms. They are a part of the fungus family and are easy toContinue reading “Easy ways with mushrooms”

Manuka Honey

And why this stuff is good for you. We explain here What is Manuka Honey? Manuka honey is a dark, thick honey produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush. This bush is from New Zealand It takes about 60,000 bees and 55,000 miles altogether to produce this honey according to  According to HoneyContinue reading “Manuka Honey”

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