Amino Acids

We talk about amino acids and the importance of them in your body. Everybody needs amino acids to survive and thrive What is amino acid? Amino acid is an essential block for building muscle and protein in the body. Our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of Amino acid. They play an essential roleContinue reading “Amino Acids”


Week 10 of the Priceline Health tracker

This week my fat is down by 0.5% which is great. And I gained 0.3 kg. What does this say? This says that everyone needs to be patient when it comes to weight loss. And I’m in the top 9% of people who are healthy. A few weeks ago I was in the top 14%Continue reading “Week 10 of the Priceline Health tracker”

Urban Wellness Project

Urban Wellness Project is on Union road in Ascot vale and they have been open for a few months. I think they replaced Bravo coffee which was not doing so well. I saw it one day whilst on the tram and was intrigued by it. I have been here twice both for snacks. This placeContinue reading “Urban Wellness Project”

The things I ate in the last nine days

I am a really healthy eater and during the week it was Chinese new year. Most days I did about a 20-25 km walk/run per day. Some days I did cross training. I tried not to have too much of those whey shakes but whenever I did I always had it with some fruits andContinue reading “The things I ate in the last nine days”

Week 15 of the Marathon training by Akira

This week found it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. This week was not too hot which is great as I hate running in the heat. I am not made for that.  In fact I get the runner’s rash on my arms when a race is done in the heat. So what IContinue reading “Week 15 of the Marathon training by Akira”

Aussie Bodies newest protein drink by Akira

And it have 30 g of protein. This is a milk which is kept in the fridge and I bought it at the train station for $5. Silly old me should have known that it was at Woolworths and Coles for sports people to buy. Friend A has this misconception of it being for bodybuildersContinue reading “Aussie Bodies newest protein drink by Akira”

Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in the City

There is a Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in Melbourne’s CBD just outside of Flinders st station on Elizabeth st. Here not only do they sell smoothies but they also sell lifestyle lessons and healthy advice. You do need a referral though and here is ours. Our email is: if you do want to get inContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in the City”

Happy hour

Many bars and restaurants have happy hour from 4pm-7pm and most have dinner specials there too. But many people eat and drink too much hence the rising obesity problem. They also don’t do enough exercise to earn those extra calories. Many people also don’t drink enough water hence they are thirsty and will have moreContinue reading “Happy hour”

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