The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni

We got the idea from Creative impact co who suggests eating three meals a day and breakfast. They say that so many of us eat on the run rather than taking the time to eat your food. What does your day look like? For many people they get up around 6:30am and then they startContinue reading “The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni”


How to go meat free

Mint Nutrition wrote about ten ways to go meat free and we really liked their idea. So we have the same post. Going meat free is an awesome way to be healthy and eat less red meat. This is a good way to lose the weight. Going meat free means less cruelty to animals. ItContinue reading “How to go meat free”

Amino Acids

We talk about amino acids and the importance of them in your body. Everybody needs amino acids to survive and thrive What is amino acid? Amino acid is an essential block for building muscle and protein in the body. Our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of Amino acid. They play an essential roleContinue reading “Amino Acids”

Does eating junk food all the time cause depression?

We talk about this important health issue! I say it does and most people according to this report gets pills from the pharmacy. Pharmacies find that selling pills is much more convenient and it earns them a profit. But in actual fact eating good food helps lessen the risk of depression. There are many pillsContinue reading “Does eating junk food all the time cause depression?”

What to buy at a farmer’s market

We have quite a few Farmer’s markets in Melbourne and Victoria. Some of them are bi monthly and others of them are weekly. I love to shop at them as I love to see all the new produce. The farmers markets have all sorts of goodies and its best to bring your own bag andContinue reading “What to buy at a farmer’s market”

High fiber food

We talk about High fiber food and which ones to have. We need about 30-38g of fiber per day and many of us are not getting enough. I would include these high fiber foods in my diet. Fiber is important for regulating the waste system and it keeps us fuller for longer so we don’tContinue reading “High fiber food”

David Jones opens a new Food Hall

The new Food Hall is open in South Yarra at the Capitol and its a foodie’s delight. Here you can buy a wide variety of things including wine. We took the time to try it out during the week. This place is a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station on the busy Chapel st.Continue reading “David Jones opens a new Food Hall”

My morning routine which is stress free

Here is my morning routine which is stress free As bloggers we believe in being stress free and most office workers are not stress free when it comes to mornings and waking up half an hour before you have to rush out the door. Waking up half an hour before you rush out the doorContinue reading “My morning routine which is stress free”

South Melbourne Market

We talk about South Melbourne Market which is our favorite place to be. South Melbourne Market is about a 3km run/walk from the city or if you’re really lazy its about a 5-10min tram ride on the 96 tram. There is car parking there. They also have bike racks there. Most of the vendors areContinue reading “South Melbourne Market”

An open letter to food businesses

This is an open letter and I would love your feedback on this letter. It’s part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign Dear Sir/Madam This is Healthyintstudents blog and we work with homeless people and people are less fortunate. We also work with the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign a campaign which is aboutContinue reading “An open letter to food businesses”

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