Easy vegetarian frittata

This Frittata is perfect for four people and it includes potatoes and eggs. There is no meat in this and it can be a perfect side dish with meat. This recipe would be great for the Coles Cook with Heart campaign which aims to reduce the risk of heart disease. This recipe was from ColesContinue reading “Easy vegetarian frittata”


Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand

This article was written for the Coronavirus where many countries are struggling and their people might be in a lockdown. The lockdowns last about 6-8 weeks. In Australia we are really lucky that our lockdowns involve trips to the supermarket But here is our list. You can mix and match the foods that you haveContinue reading “Top 10 emergency foods to have on hand”

Does consuming dairy cause us to be fat?

A lot of people ask this question at my gym: does consuming dairy cause me to be fat? And the answer is no. Dairy is an essential vitamin that we must have to keep our bones strong. If we don’t have strong bones we cannot do those workouts and essentially we will lose those gains.Continue reading “Does consuming dairy cause us to be fat?”

Banana cake with low fat Philadelphia cheese

We like to make our own banana cake. I hate going outside to a cafe and ordering banana cake from there as it tastes lurid and its full of calories, carbs and starches of all kind. The icing outside is always too sweet and full of fat. Here we have one which is not fullContinue reading “Banana cake with low fat Philadelphia cheese”

Pasta bolognaise

I love having this dish during the colder months. Especially now that we are in Coronavirus lockdown it’s important to have a freezer filled with precooked sauces and other things. For the healthcare workers this is extremely vital after a long hard day at work looking after people. This version has about 300-500 calories andContinue reading “Pasta bolognaise”


Ginger is a herb which is found in most supermarkets. It originated from China. Some people grow it. Ginger is good for calming those nerves down. It is also is good for getting rid of a cold. It also helps to relieve pain and other things. Some people use it relieve PMS pain. You canContinue reading “Ginger”

Febfast 2020

This year’s Febfast was really good and I picked to do the no added sugar thing again. This was a bit of a challenge for me as I had done it time and time again and I always have the sugar in the end and forget about it. It’s the PMS that drives the sugarContinue reading “Febfast 2020”

The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni

We got the idea from Creative impact co who suggests eating three meals a day and breakfast. They say that so many of us eat on the run rather than taking the time to eat your food. What does your day look like? For many people they get up around 6:30am and then they startContinue reading “The importance of nutrition and hydration in the workplace and uni”

How to go meat free

Mint Nutrition wrote about ten ways to go meat free and we really liked their idea. So we have the same post. Going meat free is an awesome way to be healthy and eat less red meat. This is a good way to lose the weight. Going meat free means less cruelty to animals. ItContinue reading “How to go meat free”

Amino Acids

We talk about amino acids and the importance of them in your body. Everybody needs amino acids to survive and thrive What is amino acid? Amino acid is an essential block for building muscle and protein in the body. Our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of Amino acid. They play an essential roleContinue reading “Amino Acids”

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