Is Butter a Carb?

“Is Butter a Carb?” is an iconic quote from Mean Girls and I had been thinking about it ever since, pondering over this question. I guess it is one in today’s society that we must all answer at some point. We have been taught to think critically about some of the information that we seeContinue reading “Is Butter a Carb?”


The TGA crackdown on supplements

The TGA has proposed a crackdown on supplements as they are unlicensed and unsafe. The supplement industry is worth $1.1 billion dollars If the TGA goes ahead with this then eventually jobs will go and business will be forced to close down. The process of removing and banning supplements would take a long time ThereContinue reading “The TGA crackdown on supplements”

January 30 days Fitness Challenge

Did you put on some weight over Christmas? Want to lose that weight healthily? Then here’s the solution This year I want to challenge you to 30 days of Fitness. Every day you are to do any activity that you enjoy and try some new ones such as yoga. If you are new to exerciseContinue reading “January 30 days Fitness Challenge”

Gym safety for new members

As new members we should learn about gym safety as it helps us to enjoy our workouts stress free and injury free Here are some tips: Tie long hair back. Long hair gets caught in the machinery and is really dangerous. Don’t do too much in your first few sessions especially if you haven’t beenContinue reading “Gym safety for new members”

What to wear for each activity

In January there are many new members at the gym as weight loss is their New Year’s resolution. So here are some things to wear at the gym and whilst you are out running. RPM (or Spin Cycle) I would wear my runners if you are brand new. But if you have been here forContinue reading “What to wear for each activity”

Finding the time to exercise

There is just #noexcuse for exercise, although time might be just one for busy people. We live in a 24 hour day. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do things let alone exercise. So we need to find time to do these things. You might have a disability, chronic illness or have children to attendContinue reading “Finding the time to exercise”

What’s in your protein powder?

If you really want to lose weight then knowing what’s in your protein powder is important. After all we need protein for amino acids among other muscle building nutrients. But knowing which ones to buy is a great idea. So we talk about some of the more common ingredients in protein powders Whey/Casein This isContinue reading “What’s in your protein powder?”

So now you've joined a gym, now what

Are you that new member that wants to lose weight? So what do I do in the first few days? I would join some of the group fitness classes such as athletic and RPM and find what works for you. Everyone is different. Some of us are for performance. And some of us are forContinue reading “So now you've joined a gym, now what”

The Do better Cycling challenge

I signed up for this Do better challenge as part of my New years resolution. Anyone can join and its about $30-$80 USD. We are always looking to go one better. Each day I got an email from the group organiser really pushing me to give it a go. We always need that push toContinue reading “The Do better Cycling challenge”

Recovery and why its important

We talk about the importance of recovery after a workout. You should take a few rest days in between work and home life and exercise. We all know that exercise is great, but too much of it without rest breaks can wreak havoc to your body. The Health bloggers community has a brilliant article onContinue reading “Recovery and why its important”

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