Surviving self isolation whereever you are

So you have to self isolate for 14 days? Whether its at home or in a hotel, self isolation and quarantine are really boring and you cannot leave your place. So what do you do in the 14 days? We have some tips here

Keep a schedule

That means waking up and going to bed at the same time. Also, shower at the same time. Dry shampoo is your friend. Don’t watch Netflix all day.  Learn some new skills, whether that would be to play guitar

Move regularly

Even though you can’t go outside, there are lots of ways to exercise in the home. In some hotels, you might be able to go outside in a designated area. You can do yoga, tai chi, meditation, or other things that don’t require much. Do download the Les Mills on Demand app.

Do recognize that not all foods are created equal.

Just because you have 24/7 to the snack cabinet does not mean that you can grab whatever you want out for there. Most of the time, the meals will be delivered to your room, and you might have a menu, so choose wisely. Do eat your vegetables every day.

Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate too. Hydration is important for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Get some natural sunlight.

And that means opening a window each day. Or going outside onto your balcony if you have. You  could do yoga outside,

7 hottest health trends of 2020

I got this idea from Harnaby Chiropractic and Wellness who says that the Coronavirus has changed some of our health and fitness trends. We have more stay at home orders which means that there are no more gym workouts.

Photo of Woman Doing Yoga

Stressless workouts

These workouts are more focussed on getting rid of stress rather than losing weight. Think Body Combat, MMA fighting, and boxing which are good for getting rid of stress

The Plantivore diet

More and more people want to go on a plant-based diet. We have talked about this before in What is going on in the plant-based world.

The Human Upgrade

Think Biohacking and genetics. People want to change their interior as well as their exterior. Biohacking is the way to go here. Biohacking is about optimizing one’s self to be able to have better mental and physical performance.

Natural remedies

People are looking for natural remedies to heal their problems and mental health. Think stress less essential oils and pillow oil. Jurilique has some great pillow oil and they are a luxury company that sells skincare.

Higher healing

In 2020 people have shifted to wellness. There are no more of these diet drinks and things of that nature. Think yoga and meditation which heals the mind.

Men’s and women’s health is what comes to mind here. Last year there was a bit of a focus on that. There still is but not as much now that we are all home and trying not to stress as much.

Connective clothing

Last year Apple had released their SMART watch. This year more companies are revolutionizing their clothing which then becomes more intelligent.

Week one of Online trainer

So I signed up for Jon’s online trainer for free for the first month. If I spend 1 week per module I’d only have to pay the $87USD. This is not bad for the course the earns CEC’s at the end (I think from memory it’s about 10 CECs from Fitness Australia)! At the end of the course there is one exam that you must take in order to graduate.

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In this first module he talks about Facebook and setting your own home page. He also talks about evaluating your worth. Its important to do this now in Module 1. My worth post Covid would be about $20000 per year as not many people would want to buy personal training due to lost jobs. This is the money that I would need to gain my freedom and pay my bills. My bills would be rent, food, supplements, gym memberships, some clothing etc.

When would I post? At night as many people now work from home. They also say that people should post health and fitness tips. I do that but I also love to support small businesses. I also would post things about mental health and sleep and the like.

What makes me exceptional? I love to talk about other things as well as fitness. Things such as health and wellbeing and mental health.

This week was just the beginning of what’s to come.

Bright Virtual Running festival

Normally this race is held in Bright Melbourne and it attracts many trail runners.

Due to the Coronavirus the Bright running festival race has gone virutal. And due to Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne they have panned it out over two weeks (100km in 10 days given that a person can only do a maximum of 10km in one hour). There are other races like the 50km and the 25km. I picked the 25km knowing that that’s what I can do given that I trained for that distance pre stage 4.

It costs $20 to enter and like other virtual races you can do this anywhere.

On Day One I ran up some hills and explored a new area known as the Afton st park. It was fun but a hard climb. Once the restrictions are eased I’d like to try for a longer run.

Day two saw me run to Lincoln park and back. It was a lovely 20C day and there were quite a few people around.

Day 3 saw me do a run around the park and up on Maribynong road and Mt Alexander Road. My fellow runners have said that the road was quite good. This road did not disappoint as it had a few walkers and runners there.

Day four saw me do another postcode run around Moonee Ponds with a very short stop in Ascot Vale at the Happy Groccer. I love to support small business as this time they are losing a lot of money due to COVID. If they lose too much money they cannot survive. They need customers to survive.

It was so much fun and I’d do it again

Yoga with Adriene

Ever since Melbourne introduced Stage Four Lockdowns and whole lot more panic, I have been doing some yoga with Adrienne to help relax me. In these unprecedented times we need to do a bit of yoga most days. Yoga is a good way to unwind and not think about the high numbers.

This channel is on Youtube and she explains things so easily. She also does have her own website and here you can purchase a membership from her. Membership is about $10 a month USD and yearly is $99 USD.

ISha Australia said that Yoga is good for mental health. Recently I attended a conference by the Brahms centre in Singapore and they said the same thing but we need kindness in our lives as well as mindfulness.

At the end of her sessions, I felt relaxed. Occasionally there were some really hard ones but I did not mind doing those. Adrienne explains all the steps really well and we can follow along with her. Her sessions go for about 20-30 mins online. We learned to do a downward-facing dog plus other poses that really stretch the legs and the back. This is so important when we work at home. When we work at home we sit all the time in a stiff and upright way.

All you need is a yoga mat and you can buy them from KMART and all good sports stores online. In Victoria we cannot go to the physical store due to stage 4 restrictions but you can click and collect

Working to improve a better tommorow

How can gyms work to improve a for a better tomorrow? Now that we are in the Coronavirus times, gyms as well as other health companies need to bounce back from this in order to make a profit in time for the New Year. We are now in September

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Some questions you need to ask yourself as a manager:

  • How well are my projects going? Are there some that are out of date?
  • How well are my group fitness classes going? Are a lot of members turning up for these? Would online classes work much better for members? Which classes need to be taken off the schedules at my gym?
  • How are my employees feeling about coming back? Would they want to keep working from home and working with clients remotely? Are there some courses that your employees can take to better their knowledge?
  • How much can members pay for gym memberships now that most people would have lost their jobs and some of their income?
  • Would I be able to get some sort of sponsorship from a big brand company who has the money and who is willing to pay for advertisement of their products?

Some tips from

  1. “Commit to monthly reviews of every plan and their outcomes
  2. Revise or remove what does not prove worthy of time or investment
  3. Remove activities that you no longer find motivating
  4. Be thankful for employees and show appreciation whenever possible
  5. Implement new ideas with checkpoints in place
  6. Regularly review goals and outcomes for improvements
  7. Pick up enthusiasm by adding your dream activity into your actions
  8. Collaborate with those who think similarly
  9. Review that all streams of business will work harmoniously
  10. Celebrate Success!”

Hopefully these tips will help you bounce back stronger than ever.

5 industries that will bounce back and thrive after COVID19

Here are some industries that will thrive after COVID 19. This might be a year or two after the pandemic has ended.

evergreen tree on slope in highlands
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Health and wellness services

Whilst the physcial stores were closed the online space started thriving. People needed more mental health and wellness. ALso the exercise sector online really boomed. Yoga and meditation really started to take off

IT services

With more and more people working from home they too had a massive boost


The Active wear and facemasks retail sector will become more popular as face mask wearing is becoming more common in the world. People will have become more used to and comfortable with working in active wear.

As gyms have closed the spike in home gym gear has meant that this part of the retail sector is doing really well. More people have taken to running and biking outdoors which would see a huge increase in bike sales.

As people get comfortable with working from home the suit and fancy clothes industry will see huge drop. Luxury goods will also suffer due to the fact that people would not be able to afford them. Electrical goods will suffer due to the fact that they would be unaffordable for many. Many people would do without the expensive television or the really fancy fridge

Social services

As people lose their jobs and the cost of living becomes unaffordable for many, social services will see a huge demand for service. They already have seen a huge surge in the past few weeks here in Melbourne.

Home improvement/ DIY

This retail industry has seen a huge demand in the past few weeks. It includes your plants, crafts and other home improvement projects. The demand in materials has also spiked as people make their own masks at home and fix up other things other around the house. The demand for paint, wood and electrical goods such as saws and sewing machines has also increased.

Embracing change both professionally and personally talks about Embracing change. In these trying times we need to embrace change both professionally and personally. We need to set goals for the future but we also need to embrace the uncertainty of it all.

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The pandemic is a good time to be creative. For the fitness industry that means that should think about ways to embrace the “Black Lives Matter” philosophy into your club. You could try and employ some black people as staff members whether as a Personal trainer or in management. This is also a good time to embrace diversity and welcome people with disabilities into the gym.

For Fitness instructors we can embrace personally and think about delivering most of your trainings online as many people might not want to come back to the gym straightaway. This is a time to develop new skills and learn more about yourself. For new instructors now would be a good time to develop your marketing plan for clients.

Gyms need to accept the new reality of not many people will want to go back straight away after it is open. Many people will still be working from home and will be happy about not having to commute. So they might have to stick with online for a while. Even then they would have to offer their sessions casually or at a lower cost as many people would have lost their job.

The Bloody Long Walk 2020

The Bloody Long Walk is an annual event to raise funds for Mito. The funds will be used in researching a cure for this disease. In previous years it used to start at Fairfield at the Boathouse and then finish in St Kilda. Walkers would go past the city and Southbank before going into St Kilda.

What is Mito?

“Mitochondria are the power houses of the cell providing the body with over 90% of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondria take in sugars and proteins from the food we eat and produce energy called ATP that our bodies use to function properly. Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until eventually whole organ systems fail and the patient’s life itself is compromised.” (definition from the Mito site)

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, The Bloody Long Walk has gone virtual! This year its taking place on August 1-10th. It is a 35 km walk and is a lot of fun to do. In past years people ran that 35km. You can do it anywhere and record your walk with a Garmin or a Fitbit. I have a Garmin.

Over that week I ran 35km but over a few days due to the Government’s Stage 4 restrictions for Metropolitan Melbourne saying that we can’t go out for more than one hour per day.

If it is run again next year they should organise it just like they did in previous years but with a charity sausage sizzle at the end for people that did not partake in the walk so that they can raise even more funds for Mito.

From now until the next time they run the event they could organise some bake sales and cooking competitions to help spread the word and for them to raise more money towards finding a cure for Mito.

Running during the pandemic

Running during the pandemic is a bit harder as you can only go to certain areas. Many races have gone virtual. Many countries have their own rules on running and where you can run, due to the COVID19. They don’t want the disease to spread.

selective focus photography of woman in pink shirt
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And yes running during the pandemic is fine so long as you stay 1.5meters from people. Make sure that you are not sick. Running is good for mental health as is any form of exercise and with the gyms closed in many parts of the world running is the way to go

Coping strategies

Runners will have to find ways to cope with this. One way of coping with it is to join a Facebook group. There are many Facebook groups and there they have online running challenges.

How do you cope?

You just go with the flow and explore what’s in your local neighbourhood. I live in Essendon so I am allowed to go there. There are many places to explore around there. I am in postcode 3040.

I just did one 14km run and it was all fine. Am training for a half marathon in October. I love exploring new places so I joined a group called Essendon Good Karma network on Facebook and here they provided me with some good tips, mainly in the name of pictures of places.

I have to avoid large gatherings which always happen in the park.

Wearing a mask during a run is not mandatory but make sure to carry one for after your run. Or wear a scarf or buff as one.

You’ll get fined if you run outside of your boundary.