Exercise Right Week

This week is Exercise Right Week and its more important than ever before due to the Covid19. Mental health is going through the roof. Everyone should be doing some form of exercise to protect their immune system. Monday Today I went for a walk and did Body Combat which was awesome. It was a reallyContinue reading “Exercise Right Week”


The Push Up challenge

The Push Up challenge is a fun and free way to exercise and raise awareness about Headspace. Headspace is a mental health organisation and this year they have been at their busiest. They have been inundated with calls during the Coronavirus times. It is free to sign up and you can get people to donateContinue reading “The Push Up challenge”

The May 50k

The May 50km challenge is a free walk/run challenge that take place in May for Mental Health. It is a virtual challenge that you can do anywhere that you like. I signed up for this challenge because I really wanted to encourage you guys out there to get back to your gym when the pandemicContinue reading “The May 50k”

How the urban environment affects activity

During the Covid times the gyms have shut and there is a limited amount of outdoor bootcamps and personal training allowed. So we have to think about how the urban environment affects our day to day activity. The Danish health authority have published this report on the urban environment. Earlier this year I had theContinue reading “How the urban environment affects activity”

Metabolic health

Healthline writes about this topic as its one of importance. Here we are getting fatter and fatter by the year. Obesity and weight issues carries a risk for bad metabolic health. With more of us staying at home due to the Covid our metabolic health may have declined. What is metabolic health? There is aContinue reading “Metabolic health”

Weight loss: Fat loss vs Muscle

Most people at the gym want to lose weight fast. They often ask ” What is the best way to lose weight fast?” There is no way to lose weight fast, you should just accept yourself for who you are. We searched on Bing this term: “diets for quick weight loss.” And then it cameContinue reading “Weight loss: Fat loss vs Muscle”

Heart Health as you get older

We write this article as part of the Baker Heart and Health institute. My Dad says that “you are too old to go running!” I say “no, I can never be too old”. And actually Run to the Finish writes about running and exercise in old Age. Runners World also talks about people doing marathonsContinue reading “Heart Health as you get older”

The role of exercise, sport and mental health

The role of exercise, sport and mental health is more important than ever before. During the Coronavirus pandemic people are panicked and they might not want to do as much activity. The gyms have closed due to Government regulations. Most people are locked inside their own homes with only one or two trails that theyContinue reading “The role of exercise, sport and mental health”

Here’s why we don’t take selfies at the gym

City Women & Co have written about this issue and we were inspired to do the same. We see so many people taking those selfies at the gym and showing off on Instagram. Some of these people are super skinny where as other people are bigger. These selfies can evade people’s privacy. I was listeningContinue reading “Here’s why we don’t take selfies at the gym”

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