Four simple ways to reduce anxiety

We all have anxiety sometimes. We all need time to unwind and we should reduce anxiety. If we have too much anxiety we gain weight and we don’t sleep well. Too much anxiety can affect our way of life including our relationships with people. Reconnect yourself If you reconnect yourself you can feel when youContinue reading “Four simple ways to reduce anxiety”


An open letter to councils

Here is a letter to the council should you wish to start up your own pantry for the homeless. Homelessness is growing more and more each day and its about time that we put an open food pantry in most councils and cities. So here is a sample of a letter that you can useContinue reading “An open letter to councils”

Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week was on the 10.2.2020-16.2.2020. This week we focussed a lot on health and nutrition in general. Many people at the gym don’t always know how to eat healthy or the right way for their body type. It’s a shame that this week happens in America but not in Australia. This year it’sContinue reading “Healthy Weight Week”

Bushfire relief and what we can do

Its summertime which means lots of hot days and bush fires. The town of Mallacoota as well as some parts of NSW and Qld have been the hardest hit. Residents there have had to evacuate their homes and have lost everything. Local businesses there are doing it tough. The Salvation Army needs your help nowContinue reading “Bushfire relief and what we can do”

The simple changes that reduced anxiety to technology

As a society we rely on technology all day to get us by. But did you know that using too much of it can stress you out? When you are stressed the levels of cortisol rise in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone. When stress builds up over time it can lead to allContinue reading “The simple changes that reduced anxiety to technology”

How to manage your energy a lot better

People complain and say that they don’t have enough energy in a day to do things. We only have 24 hours a day to do the things that we need to do. Eight of those hours should be spent asleep. If only there is a better way to manage your energy in a day. AndContinue reading “How to manage your energy a lot better”

Our year that happened

We talk about our year that happened which was a good one Our year was a good one but it had brought home some important issues such as homeless The issue of homelessness is on the rise and the Salvos does a great job looking after people. This year we got involved in helping theContinue reading “Our year that happened”

Volunteering and why it is beneficial for our health and wellbeing

We talk about why you should volunteer and how its beneficial for your health. You can volunteer at one of the many charities in the world. I love to volunteer to help the homeless as it is sad that they are not being looked after properly. In Melbourne we see a lot of homeless peopleContinue reading “Volunteering and why it is beneficial for our health and wellbeing”

How to self monitor your exercises

We talk about self monitoring your exercises Self monitoring your exercises is important as it allows you to track your progress and when you have bad and good days. For females it’s more important because you have your periods and when you are on your periods you can lose a bit of energy. It’s alsoContinue reading “How to self monitor your exercises”

How to handle the holiday stress

Christmas is a busy time for us all. Here we got the shopping and the hosting and the constantly going to parties all the time! It can be quite stressful for some. Take some time out. It is ok to be on your own for once. Do something that you enjoy like going to aContinue reading “How to handle the holiday stress”

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