Chinese New year 2020

Chinese New Year is on the 25th of January, a day before Australia day. Many places celebrate it by having some special menus for this time. It is the year of the pig. Crown Casino often has their Hawkers Bazaar on. But this year it is on from the 31st of January to the 2ndContinue reading “Chinese New year 2020”


Bushfire relief and what we can do

Its summertime which means lots of hot days and bush fires. The town of Mallacoota as well as some parts of NSW and Qld have been the hardest hit. Residents there have had to evacuate their homes and have lost everything. Local businesses there are doing it tough. The Salvation Army needs your help nowContinue reading “Bushfire relief and what we can do”

How to organise a stress free Christmas party

Its usually for a party of about 30-40 people. Parties of this nature are really stressful particularly if its an outdoor one. Hence we put together a few hints If you have any friends ask them to help you on the day. There are lots of things to be done. You would need someone toContinue reading “How to organise a stress free Christmas party”

Our December events

Here are our December events. Our December was relatively busy with quite a few openings. Baby’s aperol bar Baby is a pizzeria place in Richmond. They are popular with the locals. All the aperol between 3-6pm is $5.50 when its normally $17. We enjoyed the music. The bar was really lively at 5pm when iContinue reading “Our December events”

Black Friday fun

Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving and here they have loads of deals. And a fun treasure hunt at Melbourne central! The line for the hunt was long and some things such as fresh and co they charged for the juice, when everything should be free as it is about businesses promoting things HereContinue reading “Black Friday fun”

Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved

We talk about giving back to charities Feed Appeal will be having their shout lunch event on the 12th of December and it’s a potluck style lunch in your workplace. Here you donate the cost of what you normally spend outside for lunch to Feed Appeal so that they can keep up the good workContinue reading “Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved”

Our xmas gift guide

Here is our xmas Gift guide. Black Friday sales start on the 29th of November in Melbourne so you might get a few little discounts off stuff. For everyone * Entertainment book- $65. If you buy the book you can support the Salvation Army at this time of the year as well as get aContinue reading “Our xmas gift guide”

Our October events

Although October is the Spring racing carnival it was jam packed with other events to promote mental health and wellbeing. International coffee day It was free or cheap coffee that day at most places to recognize the farmers that grows our beans. And to celebrate all things coffee. Here I had a coffee for $3.50Continue reading “Our October events”

The Fitness Show 2019

The Fitness show was on at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and it was $30 to get in. But if you work for the health and fitness industry its free. Here I learnt lots of new ideas that I can bring back to my gym and also got a new skipping rope to playContinue reading “The Fitness Show 2019”

Where to stay in Melbourne

And its whilst doing the Melbourne Marathon. Although the marathon is well and truly finished, you should start to think about your accommodation as it gets fully booked when the marathon tickets go on sale early next year. You need to work out a budget for your hotel/accommodation. Unless you decide to stay with friends.Continue reading “Where to stay in Melbourne”

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