Sausage fest and the Bratwurst shop

This was an old event so it might happen now due to Covid19 The inaugural Sausage festival was on and it’s on every year at Prahran Market. Here we got to taste and vote on the best sausage by the best trader of which there are a few. This is held in time for AustraliaContinue reading “Sausage fest and the Bratwurst shop”


What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health

Many of the things you can buy online and then they can go to it later in the year when it reopens. It’s a small win for the business and one for you. Buying that thing will mean that the business may be able to keep its doors open during or after the current crisisContinue reading “What to give to your mum for Mother’s day that is about health”

Easter with the Coronavirus

Easter this year is very different and we explain why Now that the Coronavirus is here, people would have to spend Easter at home and not go to the shops to buy stuff. In Australia supermarkets and bakeries are open so you can get your Easter goodies just in time for Easter. A lot ofContinue reading “Easter with the Coronavirus”

The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo

The Government has banned all restaurants and cafes from dining in. But they can still do takeaway and alcohol sales online or you can go there and pick it up. People in the hospitality industry are feeling it right now. The hotels may not be feeling it as they are getting people who will beContinue reading “The coronavirus and why we should #savehospo”

Our March events

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we couldn’t do four events- we only did three. So here is what went on during March and before the shutdown of essential services Vamff at Myer Vamff at Myer was a wonderful time for shoppers. There was Champagne and whiskey, but no catwalk show. It was free and thereContinue reading “Our March events”

St Patricks Day

We talk about St Patrick’s day which is celebrated in Melbourne with good food St Patricks Day is an Irish day and its on the 17th of March. It is a celebration of Irish culture and it is a day where St Patrick was born. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s saints. Whilst in IrelandContinue reading “St Patricks Day”

The High Country Fundraiser and why you should support this

As health bloggers we are all about supporting the businesses in need. During the summer the High Country and other country towns have had bushfires and so they suffered quite a lot. They lost a lot of business and so now they are trying to recouperate with what they lost. They are doing this byContinue reading “The High Country Fundraiser and why you should support this”

International Womens day

International Women’s day is on the 8th of March and we celebrate it here in Melbourne. International women’s day recognises that we are all equal and we deserve equality. We deserve fair pay and close the gender gap. Men are paid twice as much as we are for the same jobs that we do. ThisContinue reading “International Womens day”

lets move 365: Malaysian games

The Malaysian games are on every year and it’s a good chance for players and clubs from all different unis in Melbourne to compete. These were a really fun way to enjoy ourselves. Most of the Malaysian games were held at MSAC in Albert Park. Here people pay $20- $30 to participate and they getContinue reading “lets move 365: Malaysian games”

Our February events

Here are some of the events we attended in February. February was a busy month with Valentines day and it was the last month of summer The High Country fundraiser This fundraiser was held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. Here thousands of people came to this and paid a gold coin to getContinue reading “Our February events”

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