China’s relationship with Australia

This is post Covid19 and during Covid19. China’s relationship with Australia has been a good one pre Covid19. But once Covid19 started it all went downhill from there. Australia relies on China for trade and university students There are more racial tensions and many people have avoided Chinese restaurants and eateries due to their “preconceptionContinue reading “China’s relationship with Australia”


100 Gallon challenge

This challenge is about saving water. I found it on the University of Nebraska site. We need to start saving water now for the future. If we keep on using water the way that we do, then our dams will dry out and we will be in a drought. We use more water than weContinue reading “100 Gallon challenge”

Australia’s health and how we can deal with the Coronavirus

Right now in Australia there are nearly 6000 cases. Most of these cases are from NSW. But can we be healthy and learn from the Coronavirus outbreak. All over the world Spain, Italy, France and other countries have lost a lot of people due to this pandemic. People were not prepared. Also America has lostContinue reading “Australia’s health and how we can deal with the Coronavirus”

Our March stats

March was a very busy month with the Covid19 going on. The death rate was going up and up. So this time I got about ten new followers on WordPress. People were in lockdown and they got really bored at home. They also wanted quick fixes to their problems. And we got about 351 viewsContinue reading “Our March stats”

Now that Coronavirus is here: has the Internet usage gone up

The Coronavirus has kept many people indoors and people are bored. So we wanted to see if the Internet usage has gone up at home. According to the latest 2019 report about 9000000 people use Instagram and more use Facebook and We Chat. Now we want to see if people are using the Internet moreContinue reading “Now that Coronavirus is here: has the Internet usage gone up”

What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?

We’re not talking about the toilet paper business! Instead we are talking about the rest of the businesses that are impacted by the Coronavirus! The Coronavirus is getting worse by day. Italy and Spain are in lockdown at the moment. People are scared to go out and eat. The economy has gotten worse due toContinue reading “What happened to the economy now that the Covid19 is here?”

Why donating to the Salvos this year is important

We have set up online donation page at everydayhero. This year more than ever the Salvos are busy with the fallout of the Coronavirus and bushfires. Even though the bushfires are long gone, people need money to rebuild their lives. Due to the Coronavirus things are becoming more and more expensive and harder to comeContinue reading “Why donating to the Salvos this year is important”

Coronavirus and the no need to panic

People in Australia and all over the world are stocking up on essentials, due to the Coronavirus. People buy more than they need to, leaving the poor, disabled and elderly people behind. Some of the supermarket shelves are left bare, especially of toilet tissue. Now Coles and Woolworths, along with Aldi have put measures andContinue reading “Coronavirus and the no need to panic”

Flabbergasted:Melbourne doctor accused of seeing patients when he has Covid

This week we found out that a Melbourne doctor was accused of seeing up to 70 patients a week in his Toorak Road clinic. He was accused by health minister Jenny Mikalos, who made it public. The doctor had flu like symptoms and he flew in from the US on February 29th at 9:30am. TheContinue reading “Flabbergasted:Melbourne doctor accused of seeing patients when he has Covid”

Our February stats

This month we supported the Chinatown businesses as well as doing Febfast. This month has been quite busy for us with RPM instructor trainings. I one day hope to be a great RPM instructor who does all their classes online and post videos of it. I also one day hope to do the American HealthContinue reading “Our February stats”

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