How to help the community fight Coronavirus

We want to eradicate Coronavirus altogether from our communities but we need everyone’s help to do this.

Educate yourself on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly disease which is infectious and contagious. It is a wild and very rapidly spreading disease. Anybody can get it and people do die from it. The WHO has a lovely website about the virus.

When you go shopping

Make sure you wear a face mask. In Victoria you have to wear one. Don’t be like those anti maskers who refuse to mask up and then boast about it on Instagram. Always sanitise your hands as much as you can. Some stores will ask that you wear rubber latex gloves and they will have some there for you.

And whilst wearing the mask don’t touch your face.

Most stores operate online, so if you can please shop online at home before going in. Also many stores are card only now, so please don’t forget your card

Shopping for others

If you want to shop for others, fine. Do check the government’s regulations on this. Some may only want you to do this within 5km of your home. Many elderly and vulnerable live alone. Do let them know as ask them to write you a list to leave on their door. When you pay for the goods ask for the receipt and then put it in one of the bags when you drop it off. Do ask that they transfer the money to your bank account (most bank accounts you can send money to that person’s mobile phone if they have the banking app).

After you finished shopping and before you drop it off, do clean the products and the bag. Many people would have touched the products in store.

Don’t believe in the hype online about there being no virus

There is a lot of hype online about there being no virus and a lot of anti maskers. They believe in all these weird religious things about Coronavirus being evil. If you do so, you will get caught by the police.

Just do the right thing and we’ll all get through this together. The community will thank you for it.

Aged care and the Coronavirus: is the Government in Victoria to blame for this mess?

Right now the aged care sector in Victoria is in a mess. We have about 450 aged care homes in Victoria and over 900 people in those facilities have Coronavirus, some of which are staff. Staff have to go home to isolate but what about looking after the residents?

The government is partly to blame because they did not provide enough PPE or the staff early on in the pandemic. The Government could have also let the elderly go home and live with their children. The adult children are very concerned for their parents.

The government has provided some ADF support but it is too little too late. The staffing levels at some of these nursing homes were terrible.

I also think that the management of this sector is to blame for not providing enough food for people. A few of the residents that were isolating were neglected. At St Basil’s there has also been some miscommunication between the staff and the resident’s family. They would say that someone is fine but in actual fact, they are not. The management at some of these aged care facilities should have learned from Syndey’s Newmarch house.

Lets hope that the aged care sector gets better within time. It is devastating when people die. People should have been fed properly and looked after as well as being assisted within a timely manner.

Our blog stats

We talk about our blog stats which has taken a small tumble from the last month.

Our WordPress views are 75 views down from last month where they were 426. Most people were from the COVID hit U.S. Most people looked for ways to save their money and mental health as we have a COVID recession. Many people were looking at frugal living and DIY.

With the COVID cases high in Victoria, many people looked for ways to cure their mental health. Mental health has really taken its toll on people.

We got about 30 followers on Instagram which is good. Most people were being bored with staying at home. With the treasurer’s announcement of Jobkeeper and Jobseeker staying for a while and the economy looking bleak many people took to Instagram DIY ideas. We started reposting and sharing business posts which seemed to get a lot of traction. Not sure about the business though. The businesses have been on the slow side of this pandemic no matter how many times we repost. Your “Diet is a bank account” picture got 88 likes. The burger picture got 14 likes. The two Les mills body combat videoes got 36 views. The Philippines Les Mills Body Combat video got 25 views. The iced coffee video got 34 views. The run around Essendon and Strathmore got 11 likes. The satay picture got 18 likes. The breakfast bowl got 24 likes. The pink high tea got 17 likes. The big burger from Pattysmiths got 25 likes.

Twitter has been ok. People on Twitter blasted Daniel Andrews about not having stage 4 sooner.

What are our hopes are for next month?

We hope to see Coronavirus cases decline and everyone doing the right thing.We hope that there no more COVID fines. Hopefully the money from those fines will go to something more useful ie: a foodbank of some sort as people are doing it tough.

Face coverings (and DIY)

Everywhere in the world you would have to wear a mask or face covering at some time. In Victoria Melbourne, we now have to and the shops are going crazy over this. Some places sold out really easily. You would get fined $200 for this

You can wear a proper mask or you can wear a face-covering such as a scarf or a bandana or a runners buff.

You don’t have to wear a proper face mask as they are very expensive to buy. A pack of 10 costs somewhere between $10-$20 at the shops. But you can use an old t shirt or some leftover material and you can make your own at home.

Video courtesy of Jan Howell

They will take some time to get used to. But you need to wear it properly too so that no germs can get on to your face.

No paid leave for healthcare workers

The ABC reports that people that work in healthcare are being exposed to the virus every single day. Healthcare workers in aged care and hospitals have to work throughout the pandemic even though they are not well. These people earn the lowest income. They are usually on causal with no paid sick leave. The Government has pledged $1500 hardship and so far a few people got approved.

pensive grandmother with granddaughter having interesting conversation while cooking together in light modern kitchen
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We have seen skyrocketing cases in Newmarch and other aged care facilities. Our concerns are with those residents with whom they work with. Aged care is a face to face job. If it was online it would have been no problem. I have volunteered at aged care in Year 9 and it was a lot of fun but hard work on their part.

The aged care workers have to lift things and help people with daily living tasks. Its the same in the hospitals.

The healthcare workers have to wear masks but its the close proximity to people that they are exposed.

Some of them have to work in two ore more aged care residences in order to meet their living needs. If they have the virus they could easily spread it to residents. We have seen a few elderly die in nursing homes due to the outbreak.

To the operators please do something about the aged care homes before somebody else gets put at at risk. Oh and please offer your healthcare workers some paid leave so that they can work in one aged care home and not two or more.

Plastic free July

This year trying to go plastic-free is important. Whilst we are in a COVID environment, we try not to waste plastic. The average household generates 67 million tonnes of garbage each year. About 130,000 tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans each year.

photo of plastic bottles
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In a COVID world packaging is important but can it be done by paper or reusable plastic? We wonder what would happen if it is! In a COVID world nurses and doctors have to use a lot of gloves and face shields. So we wonder would there be such a thing as reusable gloves the public to use? The public can wash these sorts of gloves at home and then sanitize for use. The answer is yes and the Glove company has them.

There are reusable masks which are made from cloth and you can rewash everytime. But other than that no.

Speaking of masks, people have been dumping disposable ones everywhere in the park. Now that can be a biohazard for both humans and the environment alike. They contribute to landfill along with gloves. They take a long time to decompress. We are talking years.

So please for the love of the environment don’t buy disposable masks and gloves unless you really to. If you have these items and you used them, please dispose of it properly in a plastic bag or at home.

Social isolation and COVID for older adults

Older people are more at risk of getting the Covid19 and they should not go out as much. Jackson and Brooke said that the risk of mortality is higher for this population. They said that there is a higher risk of death from Covid19 for the elderly.

action adult affection eldery
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Older adults are more prone to this social isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has hit them much harder than other groups. They are often stuck inside their homes with very few visits from friends and loved ones. Friends and loved ones don’t want to give the COVID to them as it is deadly.

They often feel lonely and isolated. Sometimes the nursing home will neglect them or they may not have all the protocols to look after them during COVID.

In days we have seen an increase in the cases in nursing homes. So that prompted me to do some research around this topic. We know that COVID will stay with us for a while. The WHO has done some research on the elderly in April 2020 when the Covid was just beginning to hit its peak. Already we have 35 deaths from the elderly people in Victoria.

The elderly can’t go out as much as they used to due to the fear getting COVID. Hence they are not getting as much physical activity as they should. Their brain activity is heavily declining.

So what should we do to protect our health for when we are older?

  • Exercise- start the habit in young age and keep going from there. Build your habits. Good exercise habits will result in stronger bones
  • Build good friendships in the nursing home. That is to protect our mental health just in case we can’t see loved ones for a while
  • Find some other means to contact loved ones throughout a crisis. If you are the daughter or son, teach your parents how to contact you online. This could be via Whatsapp or facetime.
  • Make sure that the nursing home knows how to look after their residents. Research some really good ones and make sure to get people’s recommendations before enrolling them.

Coronavirus and public housing

Whilst Melbourne towers are locked down, it begs me to ask the question: “Does public housing affect the rate of Coronavirus and the spread of it in those towers?”

street with modern high buildings on sunny day
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We have seen a rise in cases over the past few days and its come from people living in those towers. It’s happened in Singapore before, so why doesn’t the Government take some notice and house people in better places?

The public housing is often unclean and there’s usually no sanitization process in place. Most of the people are in poor health meaning that they need certain things. The public housing units mean that people are cramped in there like sardines. They are often overcrowded.

With the towers in Melbourne being in lockdown, its time for the Government and local councils to take notice and house people in better places immediately. Or let them leave and do a really deep clean of the flats and provide lots of sanitization stations on every floor. The residents could live with other people for a few weeks.

There needs to be more education around this Coronavirus and the conditions that public housing face around this in other languages other than English. There needs to be more of them so that there is no overcrowding and everyone can be healthy.

Our stats for June

We talk about our stats for June.

We got about 426 views on our website and 426 visitors which is great. Here everyone is impacted in some way or another by the virus so they look to us for inspiration. Most of our visitors come from the US where it is the worst hit. Most people are bored and frustrated by the lockdown. We got about 2 more followers for the site. The most popular posts are the losing weight ones.

Hence it’s also why we have 40 new followers for Instagram. It is a really big number so we thank you for following us on Instagram. The spanakopita got 20 likes as people wanted to dine out again. The Garmin watch got 15 likes as people wanted to exercise again. The Carosello picture with the calamari got 12 likes. The social distancing video in the park got 22 views. The Little Mylk Bar video got 41 views. Fitness first video got 26 views as people needed to be able to exercise. Another Body Attack one of mine got 40 views.

Mental health has been a really big issue for everyone as the numbers in Coronavirus cases surge. As such Black lives matter was really popular during June and the video from 7news on Instagram got 29 views.

Hopefully during July things will pick up again and we might be able to live normal lives. Hopefully the hospitality and fitness industry will be able to recover from this small setback (yes, we are in lockdown again!) soon. With all the reposting online that’s going on, the hospitality industry may be able to reclaim some of their lost profits and return to normal by the end of the month. But who knows.

The WHO’s stance on Coronavirus

And why we think that being socially distant is important.

The WHO has declared that Coronavirus is a huge health pandemic and an emergency at that. Right now the USA is on top of the Coronavirus list with about 2300000+ cases worldwide.

Each day the number of cases worldwide increases about 100000-1600000. We now have over 11 million cases worldwide. Today was one of our saddest days. Most countries are in their second peak as they let this get away from them. We as Australians are in a good position. But that does not mean that we can take our good position for granted and think that this is all over. Its not. We still have to take all those social distancing measures into account and into place.

We still have to practice social distancing and staying home when we can. I know that its boring but it must be done.

If we all keep our distance and stay home if we can and just be patient for a vaccine then one day it will be over. Till we find that vaccine which is some 12-18 months away we must be patient and find that new Covid normal. It will take time to find and adjust to the new Covid normal.

If we all keep our health in good shape then we can limit the spread of the virus.

We also know that research into a vaccine takes time and money. Hence we are asking people to be patient.