The benefits of drinking organic coffee

We explain the benefits of drinking organic coffee vs the normal stuff

We bought Organic coffee from Aussie health products and now we want to try and see if it’s worth the price paid. The jar cost us $14.95 online. Normal coffee is twice as big and it costs about $10-$15 per jar depending on the brand and where you buy it.

The Clipper Coffee that I had is awesome. This is a ground coffee which means that it is grown sustainably. It’s clean and it leaves no mess and I love the earthy and fruity taste of the coffee. The coffee also smells really nice. It’s strong as well. It also has a lot of energy as well which we need.

I ran much better times this week with 30kms in four hours. I normally complete it within 5 hours.


The normal coffee is just your plain average one that does not do much. Coffeeandteacorner says that Instant coffee is not real coffee beans.¬† They don’t support the farmers growing the beans. These beans are grown in unsuitable conditions says And the normal coffee uses fertilizers to get rid of the pesticides which for some people can lead to a lot of health problems. According to Instant coffee has a thing called acrylamide which is potentially harmful. Acrylamide is a food contaminant known to cause dysfunction of the nervous system.

The normal coffee that I have sometimes tasted like petrol which is bitter and burnt. The ones I have at home are of poorer quality.

Organic coffee grows in much more sustainable conditions such as under trees. They are grown in much smaller farms. The organic coffee is free from pesticides and is free from health risks. It is sustainable for the farmers according to thenibble. Great coffee beans grow from great soil and these beans are easily compostable.

They have a higher caffeine content which might explain why I could not sleep some of the time. I found it difficult to fall asleep.

Yes, the organic version is pricier than the nonorganic one but this is so much better. Do buy the organic version if you value your health more than anything. And yes you can’t drink too much of this