The shocking truth to food waste

We throw away lots of food. We waste about 10% of this. The average American wastes $2000 on food each year. About 40 million people in America live in food poverty. The average Canadian wastes about $31 million as shown here. Olio will help us with this. You get to share your food with others.Continue reading “The shocking truth to food waste”


Is Uber Eats ok

We ordered through Uber Eats just this once and they have this pickup option. In the past few months they gave away some free vouchers so I thought we’d try. There’s been a lot of backlash about them especially from businesses who don’t get a lot of money from them. Their delivery drivers earn aContinue reading “Is Uber Eats ok”

Daily Yoga

This is an app to help us all out and find our inner mojo! Yoga helps you to relax and destress after each day. Finding the time was hard. I downloaded the app from Google Play. It was voted one of the best apps on Healthline. The app is for Android phones only. Myfitnesspal saysContinue reading “Daily Yoga”

Fit Bit app by Akira

This is only for people with the Fit bit. This app is really easy to use and it tracks your exercise. Here it will tell you how many calories you have burnt throughout.  The app synchronises the Fit bit so you’ll know when the battery is low. It is easy to use. When you signContinue reading “Fit Bit app by Akira”

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