Thanks to Siim Land for recommending this.

Skillshare is a website that allows you to learn some skills for $20 a month. It is free for the first two months and then it’s just $20. Many people are out of work now and need to upskill.

They have lots of self help classes as well as classes on how to master Instagram and other business essentials. It was lots of fun learning about self esteem and it was easy to use.

The lectures were short and easy to hear.

Do try Skillshare for yourself.

Some music to listen to via Spotify

We talk about Spotify the free app!

Ever since the lockdown began we have been listening to music on Spotify.

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Spotify is really easy to use and free to install. You can install it via Google Play or iTunes. It is free for all to use. But premium members can pay an extra price for more music. You can organize your music on there. They have some nice tunes on there, spite the times. There are so many tunes.

You can go premium for $36 for three months. You get a free trial to see if you like it. And then if you like it then you pay. You can listen to 80’s tunes on the go (though I don’t recommend this on the train and tram as you can’t see what’s going on), but a cafe with friends is ok. In solidarity is fine too.

If you don’t want to pay by credit card you can buy gift cards at your local convenience shops.

You can add your own playlist and its so much fun to do so. Here you just add the songs that you like. I love funky upbeat music but you can download whatever you want on there and go crazy.

They also have podcasts, but I hadn’t had a chance to listen to those yet.

Listening to Spotify music can be so relaxing even in lockdown.

Staying connected

During the coronavirus staying connected is important for mental health and wellbeing. We are social beings that love to talk and stay connected. Staying isolated is not our thing.

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You might be lucky to be living with people. But for some of us we are isolated from everyone.

Ring your friend

Many phone companies offer free minutes if your friend is with the same company as you are.

Going out

Just check your states restrictions on going out and being socially distant. Don’t go out if you do not need to. Also check your states restrictions on visiting people.


It could via What’s app or Instagram, Wechat, Facebook etc. Or you can start a blog and write about stuff each and every day. This way you can connect with people all around the world.

On Facebook you can video call them.

On Instagram you can tell stories and people reply to your stories. Pre Covid19 I never needed to take photos of myself. But now due to the restrictions in place I did that just to let people know that I am ok. There is Tiktok but I haven’t tried that.

You can also volunteer in many charities online. Many of them are asking for donations to help their Covid19 causes. And some of them have some sort of challenge (ie cooking challenge) that you can do to pass the time.

Fitness First Fitness at Home

This is a free workout app for Fitness first members only. Most of the members have been impacted by the gym closures hence there is this app. You would have been sent an email about it. Here this is just a webpage detailing the workouts. They will add more as time passes by.

You need a password to access it which is in your email. If you join they will send you free weekly check ins just to see how you’re doing.

They have a Facebook page where members can go there for support from other members. Here we talked about the bikes and other workouts. And its here where the personal trainers can post their favourite workouts.

Their Facebook page has been busy and its good to see.

Do join Fitness first at home if you are a member of the gym.

Les Mills on Demand App

Les Mills has an app for those that want to work out at home. Les Mills is a well known group for their world class, calorie burning exercises. They started in New Zealand and are going strong. Today many gyms have their workouts.

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There is a free trial for those that are new and the app is appropriate for these times during the Coronavirus where the gyms have closed

This app was easy to install on my phone and they have it for Android . You can also do the workouts from your desktop. The app cost me $25 for the month but I get the workouts that I want. Some of the workouts require equipment and others don’t. RPM requires a bike.

The workouts are easy to understand and as someone studying RPM the app is great for practising with. They also have some sample weekly workout plans for those that want to lose weight. The workouts were easy to get on my phone

There is a Facebook group in which you can join for support along the way. I have seen many posts about those doing it for the weight loss.

I did my first Body Combat and was so uncoordinated. That happened in my first Les Mills RPM class at the gym. But I know that I will get it eventually with lots of practice just like RPM. I didn’t get the leg movements but I got the boxing. I will get there eventually, just keep on practicing.

The app saves your workout so you can come back to it later.

Do try the Les Mills On Demand as you’ll be happy with the amount of workouts on there and you don’t have to step foot into a gym. Of course when it opens you’ll want to go in just for the social side.

Eat club-the cheap way to save

Eat Club is an app where you can save money! Here you download it and you can redeem deals! There are 50% off deals, free food deals and other things. I have enjoyed their free food deals at many places including Co Hanh (a vietnamese place in the city)

The app works on all smartphones. Here you can opt to be notified about your favourite restaurants and whether or not they have deals. You also get emails from Eat Club every week outlining the best deals in your city. The deals are only valid for a certain time (ie from 2pm-5pm on a certain day).

I haven’t used their takeaway feature yet but they do have one.

Do download Eat Club and save. You can download it from Google Play or the iTunes store.

Why I should keep a health journal

A health journal is important as it can help you track your food, vitamins and how well your body is performing. For ladies this is more important as we have hormones and our periods. Sometimes certain foods don’t always agree with us.

A health journal tells us about what our body needs and how much of that thing we’re getting. It will also remind you as to what you are allergic to so that you don’t eat it the next time.

And it’s easier for you to tell the doctor and personal trainer what you ate. Then the doctor can diagnose your condition easily particularly if you got food poisoning. It is easier for the personal trainer to see what sort of foods that you are eating and why those foods make you put on weight

There are apps such as myfitnesspal and other apps where you can record everything you ate that day. You can also write down how you felt when you ate that food as food and mood go hand in hand. One day you might be feeling happy and then the next you are quite sad and you decide to have comfort food

A health journal also holds you accountable for any exercise that you do and it can remind you to move more. It can also remind you to do your 150 mins of vigorous activity and two strength sessions a week.

Do keep a health journal to track your health not your calories. And do keep one to track your moods and your sleep.

The shocking truth to food waste

We throw away lots of food. We waste about 10% of this. The average American wastes $2000 on food each year. About 40 million people in America live in food poverty. The average Canadian wastes about $31 million as shown here.

Olio will help us with this. You get to share your food with others. You get to connect with people. People offer their food and you can opt to receive it. So far there’s about 30 Olioers in the whole of Melbourne. But we have been trying to get the word out about this new free service which you can download as an app.

Sometimes they’ll offer a non food item.

Instead supermarkets all over the world should offer free food items after a certain time to those that are poor. What they could do is have those people show some sort of low income card to be able to access these. We see too many poor people in Melbourne that could benefit from some food. I know that Foodbank gets some of these donations but I think its about half of them.

Olio is a good chance for those people that have food to spare to offer it up to those that are homeless. Do sign up to Olio today if you would like to join the revolution.

Snacktracker the App

We were invited to the launch party at The Ascot Lot.

They are an app in where you find the trucks that are closest to you. This is good for when you are hungry or wanting some fried food.

Here you sign up and I signed up via Facebook and they tell you where all the trucks are each night. But there is one problem with the app and it is that it keeps stopping and crashing whenever you want to see the menu.

Here at the launch party i got a free vegetarian pizza, donuts and cheese jaffle. The donut was gluten free but the rest wasnt. The wait for pizzas was about half an hour and the service at nicolettes was very unorganized. They had no idea as to whose pizza was whose.

There were a few people and dogs. I got to pat a few dogs. Oh and there was a huge platter of canapes inside where the main bar is!

You order and pay and then they call your name when the order is ready.

The donuts were quite nice. They were sweet but not sweet

The jaffles were the first to come and they were really cheesey which was nice.

After a thirty minute wait and a few times of asking, my pizza did arrive and it was yummy. It had artichokes, pesto, feta, tomato, mushrooms and onions. The base was heavenly. The made it using a wood fire oven.

Do download the app from Google Play and iTunes

Is Uber Eats ok

We ordered through Uber Eats just this once and they have this pickup option. In the past few months they gave away some free vouchers so I thought we’d try.

There’s been a lot of backlash about them especially from businesses who don’t get a lot of money from them. Their delivery drivers earn a commission from each delivery they do. It’s been said that they eat some of their customers food. This is why businesses are opting out of Uber Eats as its expensive and people complain about it.

The app was easy enough to use and ordering your food was easy. Its just like ordering things on Uber itself. You order and it comes within a few minutes. They tell you how long your order will take.

We tried a pickup approach and they do pickup now. We did the delivery at Coles which is really close to where I work. I got everything I wanted. I got a gluten free Museli bar, orange juice and a protein bar and liked all. When they didn’t have my orange juice they were honest and rang me.

I think we’ll stick to cars thanks. But if we were to do Uber Eats we’d do the pickup option only and at businesses close to work.