Three ways to spread kindness online

This is an ad supported by the Red Shield Appeal I was inspired by Creative Impact Co to write about spreading kindness online. During the Covid season millions of people have lost their jobs and charities are stretched to the brink with needy people. So here are three ways to spread kindness Compliment someone. AContinue reading “Three ways to spread kindness online”


AIME’s new hoodie

AIME is a not for profit organisation that helps young people get on their feet. They are about helping the wider community for the Greater good. They help the poor with education and entrepreneurship and growth mindset. During the Covid19 many people have lost their jobs and now are struggling to pay the rent. SoContinue reading “AIME’s new hoodie”

Live below the Line Challenge

We wanted to do this Live below the Line challenge this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the fact that most people have lost their jobs. The foodbanks are pretty darn busy and are trying to ask for your support during these trying times. As health bloggers we don’t just deal with weight lossContinue reading “Live below the Line Challenge”

Why you should donate to the Salvos online Red Shield Appeal

The Salvos do their Red Shield Appeal in May and it ends at the end of June. They normally get volunteers to donate their time using the red tins and people put money in them. This year things will be a little bit different where there is an online Red Shield Appeal. This is aContinue reading “Why you should donate to the Salvos online Red Shield Appeal”

The WHO’s campaign

The WHo has a campaign about not spreading the COVID19. The COVID19 is a huge health pandemic that we are all working towards stopping the spread and finding a cure soon. I got this idea from The Nutrition Guru and the Chef. The WHO has called upon Media, brands and influencers and they can submitContinue reading “The WHO’s campaign”

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