Keeping your skin dry with QV skincare

It is almost summer in Victoria, and summer for us means that it will be hot and dry. In Victoria, we have to wear a mask when we are outside of our home. This will be made mandatory for all of the summer until we can find a vaccine.

Many people, including myself, get dehydrated skin underneath the mask. When it is hot, we sweat a lot and become really dehydrated. One way of looking after our skin is to drink lots of water, but most people don’t like this idea of drinking 2-4L of water. In the summer, we should be drinking about 4L of water. 1 L of water can be found in our fresh fruits and vegetables, depending on how you cook them.

But then there is QV skincare. They are for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. You can find them at Chemist Warehouse and other good pharmacies. I have been using them for a while now. My skin has been moist, and I have no rash. My skin is sensitive.

Most people use disposable masks, which I find dries out their skin really easily. I use the best cotton ones.

Now that you have to wear masks a lot, it’s best not to wear any makeup under the mask. You are beautiful, just as you are.

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