Our COVID safe guide to picnics

Here is our COVID safe guide to picnics. In Melbourne, we are allowed to have picnics within a certain distance of our home. We can only have this with no more than 5 people from two households.

So here are some tips for enjoying your picnic safely.


Make sure that you are wearing a face mask.

In Melbourne, everyone must do so, and you can be fined for this.

Buy all your picnic needs from your local Mercato (or corner store).

By buying from there, you support small businesses and help them pay all of their costs. Usually, the corner store is open at certain times and on weekends.

Don’t wander around to other picnics.

You are supposed to stay 1.5 meters away from the other groups. The other groups will not be happy with you.

Throw your mask out properly

Don’t litter in the park. It’s not cool, and there are fines for this. Plus, if the birds eat it, they could choke on the loopholes. It is an environmental hazard

Wait until you get home to throw your mask out. Before throwing away, make sure that you cut the loops off

Make sure that you have some hand sanitizer

You can buy some small hand sanitizer online, or you can buy them from a local store. The small hand sanitizer should fit in your bag or basket.

Wear an adult nappy

The queues to the toilets might belong, and sometimes it may be dirty. If you wear an adult nappy, you can go in there, and it doesn’t matter as there is no smell. I love the Tena nappies that you can buy from your local pharmacy. For a small price, it is worth it. It is more hygienic that way

Don’t get too drunk

Yes, picnics have alcoholic drinks, but that’s no excuse to get drunk. Know your limits. If you get drunk, you might accidentally wander off to somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

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