COVID19 misinformation

  1. “We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.”
, Director-General of the World Health Organization

“There are so much misinformation and fake news about COVID19 on social media” (Song, Elisa. “Coronavirus (COVID-19): What a Pediatrician Wants You to Know.” Integrative Medicine, vol. 19, no. 2, InnoVision Health Media, Inc., Apr. 2020, p. 28.). We have seen how damaging that is when we saw the Social Dilemma. This is so much so that the fake news is called an Infodemic.

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I actually like the curfew, the masks and going shopping by yourself! These should stay Reposted from @juliettepowerauthor We ARE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER. I refuse to participate in government and media lies and manipulation by proven liars. I will not live through lies and tyrannical politicians (you may have noticed. 😂) Nup. Nah. No way José. Ain't doing it! 🤣 Prior to March 2020 I steered away from posting political or controversial content. 2020 pushed me, as it has many others. We have a choice: accept Gov and pharmaceutical marketing spin, or call it out. Thier lies shine brightly for anyone to see. If they choose to. The image is by @chriskirckof His words reflect how I feel. Good work Chris. How do you feel about 2020? #corona #charade #circus #campaign #covid #cult #hoax #scam #marketing #agenda21 #salesslogans #salespitch #allinthistogether #maskup #washyourhands #staysafe #socialdistancing #slaves #tyranny #dictatorship #directives #laws #rules #lockdown #martiallaw #government #corruption #isntitobvious #melbourne #freevictoria

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These days, we are spending way too much time on social media because we are all at home. We use it to watch the news that people share online. The WHo mentions that there is so much misinformation out there about a cure.

People online say that COVID is a hoax and encourages others not to wear face masks and go about our normal business. I had seen many posts before I went on a 14-day detox. These days I am still seeing them.

Pennycook (2019) says that fighting these fake news and misinformation is a challenge. And it is a challenge now that we have the pandemic going.

How can we fight this misinformation?

Stay informed by listening to actual Government advice on things. The actual Government things are on the nightly news and in the newspapers. Also, read lots of online scholarly articles and books rather than the trash you find on Facebook.

As professionals, we should stay akin to the latest developments on COVID19 and flag articles and inappropriate things.

Together we can fight this misinformation online and stop the spread of COVID.

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