Does Social Media isolate us

I got the idea from Unfuckwithable, who says that it does. We have many people around us during this pandemic, yet we are isolated in our own houses due to these lockdowns. This is partly how mental health problems have started and have increased in 2020

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A study done in 2017 by Primack says that the more time you spend on social media, the more isolated you are. They try to use social media to increase their social circles.

On social media, we can make it all look pretty, but we are down in real life. We can have all these glamourous pictures of places that we went to and the things we did. Right now, I am feeling sad that I can’t visit loved ones and can only spend an hour or two on Zoom.

On Facebook and Instagram, we can have thousands of friends, but how many do you have in real life? Do you ask yourself that question?

For some people that want to lose weight, social media can affect the image, and people think that you have to look like that person to be happy. What they don’t realize is that they are airbrushed to look pretty.

Social media does not give you real hugs or warm soups when things are tough. In fact, it is the other way around- it distances us. Occasionally we get some love but not much.

In our 14 days of social media break, we learned that being kinder to people is a good thing. Whilst we can’t be going out right now, you should check in on your neighbors. Unfuckwithable says that it is possible to go on a detox, and they list all the benefits in their post.

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