Week 15 of frugal living

This week I found out that all the clothing stores will be hit the hardest due to the many clothing store workers who are laid off. They are mainly based in places like India and China.

The world’s trade has been severely disrupted by the pandemic, yet people still want to party out in St Kilda thinking that the pandemic won’t affect them. Well to those people I have news for you and its not pretty. One day you might not have anything left. One day the vulnerable people might have no food because everyone has taken it all.

This week has been really hard both mentally and moneywise. I am not eligible for Jobkeeper anymore because my industry is back up and running. So I have no idea when I’ll be paid. I still have money in my account, but I worry when the money runs out.

All the small businesses are feeling the pinch and they rely on people to keep them alive. They rely on people to buy online.

A family member has died and we can’t go to their funeral because they are in another state and they haven’t opened their borders to Victoria yet.

This week we had spag bol from the freezer, stir fried noodles, homemade vegetable soup with the canned beans that we had in the pantry. Oh and I had my English muffins with beans and sausages (poor Englishman’s food). The English muffins were from the freezer. We stockpiled on plenty when they were on special.  We’ve been growing our our own broadbeans and snowpeas so we had those for a few meals.

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