Coffee cake for International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day was on the 1st of October. Whilst we couldn’t be together in a cafe (well in Victoria anyway- it’s still takeaway coffees) we thought of a coffee-flavored cake that you can enjoy with your coffee at home.

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the world’s most loved thing and that’s coffee. Its a day where we recognize the efforts of those that produced and made our coffees from the coffee growers to the baristas. It first started in Milan in 2015 and from there it has grown steadily. Many coffee chains give out free coffee. But we chose not to support them this year because of the Coronavirus and the fact that the small hole in the wall cafes are losing out. The hole in the wall cafes has already lost money due to the virus.

As Melburnians, we love our coffee and our cafes. We also love to sit and drink our coffee with our friends. Like the British, we enjoy it with cake and biscuits.

For those that have Nespresso, you can try out their recipe. I love their coffees and they are in Emporium. Whilst they are not open now you can buy their machines online. Their coffees are just like the ones made in a cafe.

We first heard about it last year when things were pre COVID 19. Its all about celebrating all things coffee. This cake is any cake flavoured with coffee. Earlier on this year we did do a chocolate cake. It is similar to that except you add coffee instead of chocolate.

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